Cactus Candy

I see the Cactus Candy Company has new single serving size packaging.

Now you can buy 1 small hard candy all by itself. And they will ship, too!

Does this look delicious to you? Why should I post a link to a candy company without offering my readers the yelp-like opportunity to review the product first, right here, in the comments. And since you probably haven’t tasted this single piece of candy in it’s own package, all you can review is the packaging of course. So much packaging for one little piece of candy!

Have at it.

Cactus Car

Apparently there’s a whole subgenre of postcards detailing disasters in the desert, including dessications and dromedaries.

This card is a cactus careening into a car, a career-ending caper if ever I cared.

From Brain in a Jar.

Cactus Cards

Cards Direct offers this lovely cactus card for the holidays.

They’re not cheap, but they are made out of papery goodness.

Cactus Cartoon

Have you noticed how most cactus cartoons aren’t funny? I wonder why that is. Maybe the desert makes for dry humor.

Cactus Chairs

I could tell you they come from an interior design blog that looks to inspire people to better design, but then you would have to assume that there is something about these cactus chairs that is inspirational and clearly that is not so.

This one is yellow. That is an inspirational color for modern home decor? You could have a yellow stove top to match or a yellow kitchen table?

This one compresses when you sit on it. Maybe it’s not so inspirational for your interior design but it is very inspirational for your photography. I think I like this photo of a headless man squishing a cactus ottoman. I’m now inspired to take headless photos with squishy objects. Yes!

Cactus Cheese

Jalapeno Cactus Cheese Dip

1 (8 ounce) container dairy sour cream
1/2 cup jalapeno or French onion sour cream dip
1/2 cup (2 ounces) shredded cheese
1/4 cup diced canned jalapenos, drain
2 tablespoons diced canned cactus
1-1/2 teaspoon dried chives
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper


Cactus Clip Art

Public domain cactus clip art for the masses! Print it out and paste it on your notebook, and you’ll be the coolest kid, trust me.


Cactus Linda

Cactus Coat Rack

Carole sends along a link to this remarkable Cactus Coat Rack.

CACTUS by Guido Drocco, Franco Mello
Decorative piece in expanded polyurethane functioning as a coat-stand.
Surface treated with green Guflac paint.

Can I comment on this? I mean, it is my blog and all. But will you be offended? No? Oh, thank god. Because that is the ugliest 4,000 euro cactus coat rack I have ever seen. Oy.

Cactus Comics

These are kind of old, if you’re keeping track. Anyone have any newer cactus comics?

Cactus Cookie

Here’s a cactus cookie recipe.

3-3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1-1/3 cups (2-2/3 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
1-1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
Green Butter Cream Icing
Royal icing flowers (about 1 per cookie)

What makes it a cactus cookie? Read the directions!

….Cut out the cactus shapes with a cutter…

I suppose that would make them cactus cookies. But wait, there’s more!

…To decorate frost the cookies with the darker green icing….

Now you know it’s a cactus cookie – dark green frosting.

And here’s a cactus cookie jar.

It’s vintage, and 13″ tall and there’s a little chip on the flower.

Cactus Cookies

Denise shares a recipe.

I have made frosting by mixing a few tablespoons of fresh-squeezed prickly pear juice into confectioner’s sugar. It makes a nice magenta-colored glaze when dribbled over oatmeal or sugar cookies and has that subtle flavor.

Sounds easy and delicious.

Cactus Costume

…for your video game character.


This is from a site, Tabula Rasa, that seems to create costumes for gamers. I like calling them costumes, whereas they probably like to think of them as characters.

Cactus Costume

Christie stopped by to show us her costume, a rare orange-flowered spineless prickly pear.



Cactus Costume

Reader Jayne sends us pictures.

I thought you may enjoy seeing this costume that I made my son for this past Halloween. Unfortunately, I just got the pictures developed!

That is fantastic. Much better than any other cactus costume I’ve seen. In fact, I’ll bet we get requests for it next October.

Cactus Costume

Is it October yet? Can I start posting about cactus costumes yet?


This one is a professional mascot costume, which means it’s expensive and probably not what you would want for Halloween.

I’m not particularly clear on who would want a cactus mascot costume, except maybe a cactus store. That’s us! In fact, I’ll bet Keith would love to dress up in this as the store’s mascot, and hang out on San Pablo Ave. waving down potential customers.

Cactus Costume

Well, it’s finally October, and the cactus costumes come out to play. But what do you do if you want a cactus themed dress-up party, and you don’t have inflatable cactuses (inflatable cacti?) available for inflating up as decoration?


Why, you go to the Inflatable Cactus Page and buy one, for only £5.86 each. Uh oh, I guess that means you need to be in Great Britain.


Cactus Costume for Hire

You can’t buy this costume, but you can rent it from Angel’s Fancy Dress in London.

I have to warn you though, that they consider this costume to be both a cactus costume and a pickle costume, so you might have to tell people what you are when wearing it.

Cactus Costume for Phish

Danfun tries to win Phish tickets from Glide magazine with this cactus costume.


No, he did not win.

A simple enough costume, if you can keep your arms up all day long.

Cactus Costumes

It’s a student in recycled materials cactus costume in Marin. That’s local!


Halloween is coming soon, so I better pack in a few more cactus costumes for fun before it’s too late. I wonder if you’ll notice next year if I reuse some of these?

This one is frightening, indeed. A cactus head in a buffet! What, no sausages?@?!


And I see that Misty Garrick Miller has uploaded her cactus costume photos onto flickr finally. Who’s Misty? Why, she’s the one in the costume below. A very clever use of yarn to simulate cactus flowers.


And in case you were wondering, here’s a picture of Misty at work in her costume.

You know, it might be easier if you just googled cactus costume images yourself. You know, cut out the middleman. Hey, wait, that’s me! I’m the middleman in this transaction. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving away my secrets that easily. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone about the magic search engine called google, OK?

Cactus Costumes

So we’re coming down to the wire here, and if you haven’t already made your cactus costume for Saturday then you’re probably not going to be making one at all if you’re honest with yourself.

So this picture here of a prickly pickle costume is just for fun.


Although, they do claim it’s a cactus costume, and they even supply instructions for how to make it, a veritable recipe, if you will, for a cactus costume that looks like a pickle.

So maybe you might still have just enough time left to assemble the ingredients and make your own.

Cactus Costumes

You didn’t think I forgot my yearly post on the latest and the greatest in high tech cactus costumes, did you?

I would never forget!

We feature only the tastiest cactus costumes. The razzliest and dazzliest cactus costumes. The pastiest and brassiest. On to the costumes!

Up first:

Student in recycled materials cactus costume. Horizon School, Marin (CA).

And this one is an adult dressed as a cactus with a tail, as brough to to you by Coca Cola.

Finally this is a homemade Saguaro costume that is more cute than you all deserve. MORE CUTE!

Cactus Costumes, Part 2

More Cactus Costumes from the internets! I don’t own these! Not the costumes and not the pictures! I don’t sell them either! Enjoy!

cactus costume4

Holy Cow it’s the same costume as yesterday, but in Adult size! And this time we have a link to a website that sells them and has it in stock. For a very reasonable $90. Well, maybe reasonable is a relative term.

I think we could get that one for Keith to wear at the store on a regular basis. At least on the weekends.

cactus costume5

Burda Style’s cactus costume comes with a story.

When I asked my son what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said, “a saguaro cactus.” ?? Sure, no problem 😉 lol! It took a whole lot of fiberfill to stuff the channels. A big hit though, he loved it! Only one person asked him if he was Larry the Pickle from Veggie Tales.

Good Job!

cactus costume6

Finally we have another little kid in a cactus costume. A baby! And the costume is available for sale on ebay. Quality!

Every year I see the quality of the top cactus costumes in the country gets better, so if you want to be featured in next years post, or maybe in a November followup, send along your photos ASAP!

Cactus Couch

Chris sends along a link to some cactus seating.

The Canapé Cactus sofa and matching Tattoo ottoman feature a graphical print of the spiny succulent on bi-elastic fabric. The seating set is made of high-density structural polyurethane foam over an internal steel frame.

So that’s a couch. Really!

Ottomans are interesting too, especialloy if you scatter a few of them around your empty room.

While you might think twice about taking a seat at first, I think it actually looks pretty cushy!

By Maurizio Galante for Cerruti Baleri.

Cactus Cupcakes


Random Cactus cupcakes posting. My sister posted these to my Facebook timeline but I don’t know the original source. Are they for sale? I don’t know! Is there a recipe? Still don’t know. Delicious? I assume so.

Since my sister is vegan, do you think that means these are vegan? Since they were posted on facebook do you think that means they’re viral? Since they’re Cactus do you think I can name all the species?

Cactus d'Art

This object is hard to figure out from the small photo – you need to click it to better see what’s going on here.

Yes, that’s right – it’s a cactus decoration holding cheese and other appetizers, hopefully including meatballs and mini hotdogs.

Just so you know it’s not very expensive, and it is available for purchase now. I dare you to click that link and order one and see what shows up in the mail just in time for your holiday party.

Cactus Doll

It’s a 14″ tall plush cactus doll. Very nice!

Final Fantasy: Cactaur

I don’t know what this has to do with Final Fantasy, but it is probably the nicest 14″ plush cactus doll I’ve ever seen. Do they have plush cactus dolls in Final Fantasy?

Cactus Dress

Last week I posted a picture of a cactus skirt by a company called Nasty Girl, although they were out of the skirt. Now this week we see that a company called koshka has a cactus dress for sale and its in stock! and it turns out that it is the exact same fabric!

Nice use of fabric. I wonder who the fabric designer is, and where we can buy the fabric, and if we bought the fabric what we could do with it – would you buy a cactus print muffler from us? a cactus print finger warmer? a cactus print fabric square? a cactus print laptop bag?

(Thanks to Angie for the link)

Cactus Farm

HeThing from Denmark has built a new cactus farm, one presumes in Denmark.

But no, it’s in Minecraft, so it’s a game thing not a real thing.

But you can click through and see the pictures of the virtual cactus farm and the virtual walkthrough video of the virtual cactus farm. By HeThing.

The photos are from a few weeks ago, so it may have grown larger since then.

At least now with this news, you know you can do the same thing too if you want.


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