Fiesta Sombrero & Cactus Party Light Set

I don’t have anything to add to the heading above. It is the perfect description of what we are looking at. And yet as your faithful blogger it is my job to type something or other every day so here I go about to try to do justice to this remarkable artifact.

You are having a party tomorrow and you need your summer decorations up for your barbeque will fail without a happy summertime party atmosphere and so you look through the offerings of the party based web and this is what you spot – and just in time to order before your party! What luck! A happy time is had by all!


Reina de la Noche

It’s a french lithograph of a Selenicereus grandiflorus, also one of the many known as Queen of the Night.

Apparently this picture can be yours for only 35 euros.

Cactus Stamp

Cereanee cactus in flower, engraved by Jean Miermont (1915-1973), and issued by Monaco on June 1, 1960

This is kind of a beautiful drawing of a cactus. I really like this.

Cactus Candy

Prickly Pear Gummy Cactus Candy
…Oddly enough, the candy is shaped like a Saguaro cactus, although the juice is harvested from the Prickly Pear variety…

That is odd! Deliciously odd. Actual cactus in a cactus candy.

If I had better command of the full features of the blogging software I’m sure I could have a candy tag to help you find all the other cactus candies on this particular blog, but I don’t so instead here’s a set of links to all the other cactus candy entries on this here cactus candy blog.

Here’s one.

Oh, here’s another. Nice!

This one looks delicious.

I like this.

I’m having fun, are you?




Etsy Cactus

It’s a giant rubber stamp Opuntia in bloom, as seen on Etsy, by AlohaCowboy.


This is a very large wood mounted rubber stamp of a flowering Prickly Pear Cactus. It is #2156 by CO-MOTION STAMPS in Tucson, Arizona. The wood block measures 4 & 1/2″ x 4 & 1/2″ and the design is approximately 3 & 3/4″ x 4″.

Griffin Blogging


My friend is visiting from Pittsburg and this is her nephew who goes by the name Griffin “Cactus” Spike. He likes cactus.

Cactus Puppet

Southwestern Cactus Puppet is a 17″ tall fleece, foam-based puppet with hard plastic mouth that has an elastic strap and gripper for ease in operating the mouth. He has a lower back entry and black arm sleeve. The black hat is detachable. If you order the peach lady, she would have a flower on her head and different eyes with big eyelashes.

If you do choose to click the link you’ll see that there is no other reference to the peach lady on the page, so that addition to the description for the cactus puppet is really a mystery. But I like it! Not the puppet, the mysterious reference to a peach lady on a cactus puppet page.

If we got one for the nursery we could have kids days at the store where we have puppet shows and we could get an above ground swimming pool out and have swim days too and then we’d have to hire a lifeguard, although I used to be one for summer camp when I was much younger but I think we’d have to hire someone who is currently certified and then we could put out oreos and bologna sandwiches and everyone would have a great time!

Succulent Spurges

Here’s a couple of unusual Euphorbias for your perusal and enjoyment. Please don’t eat them though since they’re poisonous enough if you eat them or get the latex sap on you.

Euphorbia loricata has old bloom panduncles still on the stem from last year. I just made up that word. Maybe Rikki knows what the correct word is. Or you can look here and figure it out for yourself. For instance, they list a Euphorbia’s cyathia in an umbel.

And then the more popular Euphorbia anoplia since it is a very scenic plant. Scenic in the architectural concept of things and such stacked up around each other.


Have you ever looked closely at the Mexican flag? The crest in the center has a cactus, with an eagle and snake or something sitting on it.

Judging by the flowers and the shape of the pads, I’m guessing the cactus is Opuntia cochenillifera.

Check out the picture here, and more here, to really see how closely that illustration matches this cactus.

Salt and Pepper Airplant

So here we have the perfect example of our own sheer madness. It’s a Polar Bear Salt Shaker SnoGlobe from Gamago that we’ve gone ahead and turned into a Terrarium.

That’s nuts. I do not approve. Someone should take the store away from us before we do real harm.

By the way, that’s a Tillandsia neglecta in there, should you have taken an interest in the stuff that we do.

In case that wasn’t enough to turn your stomach, here’s the Polar Bear Pepper Shaker SnoGlobe Terrarium version for your edificationary substantive productional edutainment. The airplant in that there one is a Tillandsia ionantha “Peach”.

Please don’t tell my mom.


The latest from the fine folks at Gamago – we’re now carrying their LED Light in the shape of a Crane. An origami crane! I know how to make that out of paper! Gum-wrappers! Anything. But an LED light? Those folks are geniuses.

Cactus Jewelry

Today on our Cactus Shopping Channel, brought to you by Hasbro! we have a lovely charm from Thomas Sabo, perfect for your silver pendant with the Cowboy Boots Charm already on it!

Now this charm is yours for the low low price… but wait! don’t order yet, let me tell you what else you’ve won behind curtain number 17. Why, it’s an elephant! Wa-Waah.

No really. Actually the Cactus charm is a bargain, if you check out the cowboy boot and elephant prices too. Would I steer you wrong?

It’s Friday afternoon and now I feel like dancing. (Oddly enough the dancing cactus is also by Sabo. Maybe a different Sabo, but I don’t know for sure.)


This looks like an ad, but I don’t know what it’s using the Euphorbia tirucallii to advertise. The lampshade? Chair? Pot? Elephant?

Who knows!

That’s what I love about the internet, the shear non-sequitorial randomness.

Cactus Couch

Chris sends along a link to some cactus seating.

The Canapé Cactus sofa and matching Tattoo ottoman feature a graphical print of the spiny succulent on bi-elastic fabric. The seating set is made of high-density structural polyurethane foam over an internal steel frame.

So that’s a couch. Really!

Ottomans are interesting too, especialloy if you scatter a few of them around your empty room.

While you might think twice about taking a seat at first, I think it actually looks pretty cushy!

By Maurizio Galante for Cerruti Baleri.

Sale on 2012 Succulent Wall Calenders

I see the 2012 Succulent calendars are on sale at Etsy. From $30 originally to $25 now. That doesn’t seem as discounted as I would expect for April.

Cactus Advertising

Any idea what this is advertising? I don’t know what Plant Vigor is, but it seems to make cactus lose all their spines except for one small ring at the top.

If you have courage, you can click through to this video, but be warned – not safe for work or home or kids or adults. Plus, I still don’t know what the product is.

Photo Blogging


This photo has nothing to do with this blog, but at least there’s bamboo in the background.

Orchid Cactus

Here we see that our Epiphyllums are not yet in bloom.

But boy are they close. That’s a lot of buds just about to burst open. A lot of the buds have dropped already, as is the nature of Epi’s in my experience.

Too bad it’s such a crappy cell phone picture. I promise I’ll get a good quality photo when the flowers open.

Cactus Statue Marked Down

Reader JBot is looking out for you. Recently he brought to our attention that there is a cactus statue available for sale in Richmond. Awesome! Now he wants to make sure you all know that it is still available, and has been marked down from $200 to $75. That seems like a good price. But wait! JBot says,

I bet y’all could get it for $50 or less now…. You know you want that crazy thing!

He must be right about at least one of you out there; you know who you are and you know you want it.

Thanks JBot for the update!

Dallas Succulents

If you don’t live in or near Dallas you may not know that there is not only a Dallas Magazine, D Magazine, but there are at least three more Dallas magazines to boot: D Home, D CEO and D Weddings. What, no D Fish Markets?

Anyway… back to D Home we find that a writer there has too many succulents. So many, in fact, that she can’t even take a vacation anymore.

In fact if you added up all the money I’ve spent feeding my succulent addiction over the past couple of years, it would be enough to pay for my family of four to go on a pretty spectacular trip… overseas. I do not exaggerate friends. It’s a bad scene.

Interesting. I do feel like her friend after reading the article, and I think if she stops this addiction and gets a vacation together she should invite ALL her new friends along. Her name is Joslyn, so now you too can be her friend.

Here’s a photo she included, and it’s got some nice succulents in it, so we can understand her ongoing lack of vacations.

Around the Craigslistosphere

Awesome Craigslist find by reader JBot.

Giant Eye-catching 9 foot Cactus Statue. Very very cool.
Must be Mascot for some Advertizement, not sure.
Metal skeleton with I think fiberglass exterior.
Very Sturdy. Very good shape.

I think it may still be available if you’re interested. Don’t contact me, click through to the Craigslist page and contact the owner of this fine specimen.

Succulents Inspire Pillow Designer

San Francisco is a nice place to stroll the streets looking for inspiration from succulents. L.A. too, but the new store is in San Francisco so there’s that.

It’s not unusual to find textile designer Andrea Bernstein, founder of Los Angeles company Millworks… strolling her block with a camera and sketch pad ready to capture inspiration for her hand-painted, retro-inspired pillows and bedding.

“I walk around my neighborhood and look at the colors in… succulents, and I just start painting,” says Bernstein.

And what succulent inspired items has she designed?

I don’t know, I don’t see any succulents in those pillows.

Why did I blog this?

Cactus Spiders

Helena from Australia passes along her cactus story.

A man from South Australia an avid collector of succulents visted South America, he brought a cacti back.

he used to go out and just give it a slight spray of water once a week, then he noticed, really strange! the cacti was shaking! it stopped, but made a point of watching it the next time he sprayed it, the same thing happened! he decided to ring a friend who was also a collector, explained where he had got the plant from, his friend said I’ll ring you back, 1/2 hr later he did, said take your family out of the house , next thing these firefighters in protective suits turned up, next door neighbours had to be evacuated, fire men round the back, then “whoosh” all over! the cacti was full of huge spiders deadly!!! growing inside this cacti, and every time i water it I think:-)

Interesting… That sounds like an urban myth. Nice!

Wreath Flowers

A touch of the spring flowers on one of the succulent wreaths.

Kalanchoe delagoensis


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