Cactus Puppet

Southwestern Cactus Puppet is a 17″ tall fleece, foam-based puppet with hard plastic mouth that has an elastic strap and gripper for ease in operating the mouth. He has a lower back entry and black arm sleeve. The black hat is detachable. If you order the peach lady, she would have a flower on her head and different eyes with big eyelashes.

If you do choose to click the link you’ll see that there is no other reference to the peach lady on the page, so that addition to the description for the cactus puppet is really a mystery. But I like it! Not the puppet, the mysterious reference to a peach lady on a cactus puppet page.

If we got one for the nursery we could have kids days at the store where we have puppet shows and we could get an above ground swimming pool out and have swim days too and then we’d have to hire a lifeguard, although I used to be one for summer camp when I was much younger but I think we’d have to hire someone who is currently certified and then we could put out oreos and bologna sandwiches and everyone would have a great time!

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