Cactus Things

This object, so interesting it’s practically an objet d’art, is unusual in 3 ways.

Montana Lodge Pole Pine Three-Candle Holder Cactus

1. It’s a cactus but it’s made out of forest pine.

2. It’s a candle holder but it’s made out of flammable pine.

3. It’s from Phoenix, Arizona but it’s made out of Montana pine.

I think you should order one on Black Friday so you’ll be ready for christmas with just the right present for just the right person. Possibly your neighbor Jess.

Small Fuzzy Cactus

Opuntia microdasys “Aurea” is also one of the infamous Bunny Ears Cactus. Infamous because of the story that was told in the Old West…

It was a long time ago, in Utah this story was told, in the old country near the old hot springs. Sam Pine came to town but he wasn’t known to the good people of Rusty Saddle as Sam back then; he came to town with the name and reputation of the famous “Big Bill” Biggens. When all of a sudden, Saucy Susie served him a platter of homemade waffles and thick cut bacon….

…Stay Tuned for the next episode of Saucy Susie’s Waffle House on the Prairie. Coming soon to a Cactus Blog near you.

Giant Sandy

Tokidoki’s Cactus Friends have gone mainstream. Giant Sandy is in the mall.

We knew them back before they were popular. But now they’ve lost their indie street cred. What to do…

My Newest Creation

It’s a mixed succulent glass terrarium tray planted in layers of sand and soil.

With cast iron army man.

Random Cactus Video

This random cactus video with the french music has 2 blooming christmas cacti in it and a view of the snow on the ground out the window. So you know it’s seasonably appropriate and enjoyable to watch.

Cactus Costume

Christie stopped by to show us her costume, a rare orange-flowered spineless prickly pear.



Cactus Trucker Hat

Through the miracle of The Google, we have received this image of a cactus trucker hat from zazzle.

Why a trucker would want to wear a cartoon cactus on a hat is beyond my pay grade.

And why would a cartoon cactus stay in a small confining pot when with a little bit of ink it could have legs?

Questions, people! Huge questions.

San Francisco Gardening

Annie, of Annie’s Annuals of nearby Richmond, gets the profiled treatment in San Francisco Magazine. It’s all about the seeds, according to the article. But is there one tip from Annie that I want to quote?

Sure there is!

Why is October the best month to plant?
You save water, because the rainy season is just around the corner. The plants will put down big, healthy roots and will be really well established. By spring, they’ll put out a lot more foliage and blooms.

That does make sense. So come get your plants right now and plant them. In the dirt!

Cactus Cookie

Here’s a cactus cookie recipe.

3-3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1-1/3 cups (2-2/3 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
1-1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
Green Butter Cream Icing
Royal icing flowers (about 1 per cookie)

What makes it a cactus cookie? Read the directions!

….Cut out the cactus shapes with a cutter…

I suppose that would make them cactus cookies. But wait, there’s more!

…To decorate frost the cookies with the darker green icing….

Now you know it’s a cactus cookie – dark green frosting.

And here’s a cactus cookie jar.

It’s vintage, and 13″ tall and there’s a little chip on the flower.

Wedding Succulents

Lots of weddings are featuring succulent centerpieces these days, some have succulent bouquets, and there are even plenty of succulent wedding favors too.

Trust me, we know all about it. We do succulent wedding centerpieces and bouquets all the time now.

But succulents in your teacup? Won’t there still be soil in the bottom of the cup when you remove the succulent to have your cup of after dinner coffee?

More Stuff With Cactus

A place to hang your hat? Do cowboys still hang their hats on a cactus?

The detail is remarkable! In fact if you look closely enough you can see an entire map of the Mojave desert on the underside of the shelf. Actually, what I meant was that the cactus without roots kind of look like pickles. You could easily imagine these are pickle cowboys of the old west during pickle arm-wrestling season.

I imagine the pickles need the guns while they’re arm-wrestling because there’s always the threat that one pickle might try to cheat the other pickle, and then a gun battle ensues.

Maybe I should consider them to be cactuses again and then we can discuss why do the cactus need guns anyway since they have natural spiny defenses. Just sayin’.

Cover Your Outlets with Cactus

They look dangerous enough to scare the kids away.

Actually, that’s not true at all. At the store the kids want to touch all the cactus all the time. So maybe you shouldn’t put a cactus around your outlets or your kids will be inexorably drawn to the power outlets and get a bit of a shock.

Awesome Cactus Object of the Day

I present this without comment.

Except for this one comment. This is the most ironically composed combination of pewter and jade-like blob featuring a cactus that has ever been featured on Cactus Blog. I’m so proud!

Cactus Doll

It’s a 14″ tall plush cactus doll. Very nice!

Final Fantasy: Cactaur

I don’t know what this has to do with Final Fantasy, but it is probably the nicest 14″ plush cactus doll I’ve ever seen. Do they have plush cactus dolls in Final Fantasy?

South African Succulents in South Africa Gardens

It’s complicated, I know, but sometimes you find South African succulents in the gardens of South Africa, like these Aloes and Euphorbia trees.

Waterwise: A colourful spring border of African daisies, aloes and stately euphorbias at the entrance to Gariep Plants, a specialist succulent nursery in Pretoria. Picture: Michael Marais

And no, this is not an Ironic Post. That last sentence may have had an ironic sentence structure, what with the capitalizing of the word ironic, but the rest of the post is not ironic in the least; except maybe this run-on sentence which may be ironic in the least.

To The Google!

I see that Faith took our Cactus Google Challenge and had a remarkable success!

It’s Cactus Toilet Paper.

And this is what she found on the Google.

With a little bit more digging, I also found this cactus toilet paper myself:

Not quite as threatening, but still a very successful foray into the wilds of the Google today.

Cactus Birdhouse

This is quite impressive, and all in a package about 6″ across.

I suppose it’s an Echinocactus of a sort, and the hat is a cowboy hat of some type. Amazing how naturally that cactus wears that hat.

If you click through, do make sure to check out the other birdhouse option there, the cow birdhouse option there. It makes me wish we were a cow store instead of a cactus store so that we could have a cow blog just so that I could post a picture of the cow birdhouse. But no. I will be satisfied with my wonderful opportunity to post a picture of a cactus birdhouse instead. But still…

Aloe Blue Elf

I see the Aloe “Blue Elf”s are looking good.

I just thought I would share that with you.

Cactus Toy

Auntie Rachel got us a cactus timer. I wonder what we’re supposed to be timing the cactus for.

Ohhh, it’s an egg timer. Shaped like a cactus?



Rooster in Berkeley

From Berkeleyside comes this hidden chicken on a roof in Berkeley.


Now we here on the various garden blogs don’t care about chickens. It’s all about the plants. And if I’m not mistaken you can see behind the chicken, just barely and a little bit to the left, a small plant. My small plant ID senses are tingling. Might it be a Sequoia sempervirens? A California coastal Redwood? I’m not sure, the photo is a bit foggy and the plant is hard to discern. Let me peer in a little closer.

Fun with The Google

What words can you google with “cactus” and come up with something interesting? I do this every now and then and post the results. But really now, is there nothing you can’t find on The Google?

Today’s test is can I find a Cactus Hat Pin?


Here’s one on ebay.

Cactus Coat Rack

Carole sends along a link to this remarkable Cactus Coat Rack.

CACTUS by Guido Drocco, Franco Mello
Decorative piece in expanded polyurethane functioning as a coat-stand.
Surface treated with green Guflac paint.

Can I comment on this? I mean, it is my blog and all. But will you be offended? No? Oh, thank god. Because that is the ugliest 4,000 euro cactus coat rack I have ever seen. Oy.

Sourcing Fake Succulents

I found a catalog featuring PVC succulent wall hangings. I won’t be carrying these at the store but I took a photo of the catalog because I find this interesting. Sociologically speaking.


Cactus Song

Tori Amos’ latest is a song about Cactus.

I have no idea what this is about. Any practices about cactus would be about eating a cactus, not drinking a cactus. This is very mysterious.

Also, I don’t like the song, so there’s that.

Here’s some of the lyrics.

Let’s resynch my world
With a harmonic defiance I’ll face this

I’d like to induct you into
The drink of the cactus practice



Will you induct me into
The drink of the cactus practice?


Are you saying I’m

Reactive but I can work with a doll face


April 2021

US Constitution


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