Cactus Mittens

Google don’t fail me now. 

And it’s a hit! Cactus Mittens!

It’s a pattern for making mittens that look something like a saguaro. From Jess: Knit Climb Java

Teh Google really can improve our world in so many untold, practically unknown, verily unimagined ways.

Cactus Muffins


They’re not really muffins, they’re cupcakes. But I like the title Cactus Muffins better than Cactus Cupcakes.

Photo taken from Amy Sedaris’ instagram feed, for some reason, though I suspect she did not make these nor even photograph them. That’s my guess! I could be wrong!

Cactus Pajamas


I saw some very classy Cactus Pajamas on sale here in Sydney, Australia. Nice! #notnice

Cactus Pattern on a Piece of Fabric

…and then cut into the shape of a skirt. It’s Cactus Maxi Skirt by Nasty Girl.

Now sold out, so you’re too late. But here’s a closeup of the pattern. You can export this and then make a wallpaper pattern out of it if you like. Not that I’m giving you permission, since I don’t own the rights to this, but if I did I would.



Cactus Peephole

I’m not sure what to make of this fascinating object from Amazon. It’s a peephole with a painted cactus surround. I don’t know if the cactus goes on the inside of the door or the outside. I wonder who this is intended for.

I wonder why the peephole is located at that point on the cactus and not another.

I wonder how it’s attached to the door.

I wonder whether anyone who has bought this object bought it for themselves and not as a gag gift.

I wonder if anyone who has received one as a gag gift has installed it on their door.

I wonder if anyone who has installed it on their door has ever peeped through the cactus peephole in their door.

They do say it’s…

  • Designed with attention to detail
  • Includes mounting instructions

Good to know.

Cactus Pendant

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s a lovely selection of solid gold cactus, and other materials too.

217695_1185550256 al7013m-350 jewelry-silver-gold-plated-cactus-pin-pendant-sp306-373big

Cactus Photo of the Day

Today’s Cactus Photo of the Day comes from the band King Kahn and the Shrines. I don’t know much about this band except what they say themselves on their site:

“WHAT IS?” the exile Canadian Enfant Dingue, KING KHAN, inquires platonically as well as categorically through the brand new LP from the SHRINES and snatches the master question right out of the astonished community’s mouth.

After reading that, I still don’t know anything about the band. However, the song No Regrets on their Hazelwood page is pretty good.

So here’s the picture of King Kahn and a beautiful cereus:


Cactus Picks

Apparently nobbly guitar picks are called “cactus picks” and you can buy them pre-nobbly-ed in 3 packs.

You never know where the word “cactus” is going to take you on the interwebs.

Cactus Pie for the Dessert/Desert (It's a Pun!)

Nopalito Pie from RecipeZaar

An unusual dessert from Margarita C. Hinojosa of Benavides, Texas, famous in the Rio Grande Valley for her Nopalito Pie as published in the Texas Highways magazine. Her creation is reminiscent of the taste of apple pie, especially if served warm and topped with a gorgeous vanilla ice cream (whipped cream works well, too).

Cactus Pillows

Have you ever used a cactus as a pillow? Have you ever wanted to?

No? Oh. Never mind.

Just when you thought it was safe to google… Cactus Pillows! From BM Images. I think that Danish company doesn’t know how to name their company for the American market.

Can anyone name the plant for me? I will start off the guessing with Opuntia violacea.

I guess I just answered my own question. Oh. Never mind.

By the way, I didn’t actually google the phrase “cactus pillow” to find this. The company saw on the blog that we featured interesting cactus products (“great cactus art creations”) and decided it was safe to email me a link to blog for you. Do you think it was?

Cactus Pinball

How many cactus-themed pinball machines are there?

Here’s one called Cactus Canyon.

This one is Cactus Jack’s

And the cacti are not just painted on the back, but there are 3-d cactus on the bumpers too.

And here is Dogie’s. Clearly from an earlier era than the 2 above. I like it!

These all come from IPMD, the Internet Pinball Machine Database. Nice!

Any cactus pinballs that IPMD missed?

Cactus Poetry Alas

Tis true that most cactus are spiky

So too is my nephew named Mikey.

When walking to school

He fell into a pool

Filled with cactus, so he screamed out “krikey!”

Cactus Pots

Some really nice ceramic work from artist Jonathan Cross. The collection is called Cactus and Succulent, and he pots various cactus and succulents in the pots for the pictures.

Gymnocalycium. Won’t know the species until Mr. Cross posts a bloom picture, if he does that kind of thing.

Lithops, also species-less at this time, but even with a flower this would be tough to ID.

These are nice.

Cactus Pottery

Now, this is not a recommendation, mind you, since I have never seen this in person, so I am just passing this along as a service to you, my loyal readers.

It’s from Old Mill Pottery on, and they get $18 for it.

Cactus Products Run Amok

Cactus Toothpick Holder


I have to say, I am deeply offended by this product. I can’t quite articulate why, but trust me on this, if you buy it you will find yourself the victim of bad karma.

Cactus Puppet

Southwestern Cactus Puppet is a 17″ tall fleece, foam-based puppet with hard plastic mouth that has an elastic strap and gripper for ease in operating the mouth. He has a lower back entry and black arm sleeve. The black hat is detachable. If you order the peach lady, she would have a flower on her head and different eyes with big eyelashes.

If you do choose to click the link you’ll see that there is no other reference to the peach lady on the page, so that addition to the description for the cactus puppet is really a mystery. But I like it! Not the puppet, the mysterious reference to a peach lady on a cactus puppet page.

If we got one for the nursery we could have kids days at the store where we have puppet shows and we could get an above ground swimming pool out and have swim days too and then we’d have to hire a lifeguard, although I used to be one for summer camp when I was much younger but I think we’d have to hire someone who is currently certified and then we could put out oreos and bologna sandwiches and everyone would have a great time!

Cactus Rainsticks

It’s raining, again, and we’re a cactus blog, so to the google!

And up comes this interesting thing. Apparently it’s a type of musical instrument, and they’re available for purchase from the Lizard King.

Rainsticks: These beautiful & high quality natural rain sticks are made in South America from dried cactus. They have a natural tan color with yarn trim. We carry several sizes of these wonderfully soothing instruments at fair prices. The longer the rain stick, the longer the duration of sound.


Cactus Robots

OMG! Cactus Robots!

We sell cactus and we sell robots, but nobody ever told us there could be cactus robots. Until now. @SFGardengirl has alerted me to this fine new development.

from Paradis Express, a French blog about all things cactus-robot. And probably other stuff too.

Cactus Salsa

I never learned the salsa. A friend from Colombia tried to teach me and a few other architecture students when we were on semester abroad in Switzerland, but it was a hopeless endeavor. Instead we played volleyball on the slopes overlooking Lago Lugano.

Meanwhile, here’s a cactus salsa recipe.

* 1 bn Cilantro; leaves only, roughly sliced
* 4 Scallions; thinly sliced
* 1 Serrano chiles; stemmed, seeded,
* 1 ts Coarse salt
* 1 c Prepared cactus paddles; rinsed, sliced fine
* 1 c Fresh corn kernels;
* 2 tb Red wine vinegar
* 1/2 ts Freshly-ground black pepper
* 1/4 c Olive oil
* 6 Tomatillos; husked, washed,

* Step #1 Heat olive oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat….

Oy that seems complicated. You’ll have to click through to find out the rest of it.

Cactus Sandals

Now I may not know much about the sandal industry and their naming conventions, but I do know that wearing sandals among the cactus is not a good idea, and may not be the best marketing concept either.<br /><br /><img width="200" hspace="5" border="0" src="/blog/uploads/misc/6220-564156-d.jpg" /><br /><br /><a href=";entry_id=1486" title="" onmouseover="window.status=’’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Chaco Cactus Sandals</a><br /><br />However, they do look like they’d be useful at the beach, maybe in Hawaii. I hear Australia has some nice beaches too.<br /><br />

Cactus Served in Illinois

I’ll bet there aren’t too many restaurants in Illinois that serve cactus. There’s one in Plainfield, which is only 40 miles from Chicago. Pretty far outside the city for such urban fare as cactus.

La Adelita Mexican Restaurant, Plainfield

The revolucionario de asada, priced at $15, is offered in the molcajetes section and contains grilled skirt steak, shrimp, grilled cactus, mushrooms and shrimp. A treat to be sure as the combination and flavors were amazing.

Count me skeptical.


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