Dallas Succulents

If you don’t live in or near Dallas you may not know that there is not only a Dallas Magazine, D Magazine, but there are at least three more Dallas magazines to boot: D Home, D CEO and D Weddings. What, no D Fish Markets?

Anyway… back to D Home we find that a writer there has too many succulents. So many, in fact, that she can’t even take a vacation anymore.

In fact if you added up all the money I’ve spent feeding my succulent addiction over the past couple of years, it would be enough to pay for my family of four to go on a pretty spectacular trip… overseas. I do not exaggerate friends. It’s a bad scene.

Interesting. I do feel like her friend after reading the article, and I think if she stops this addiction and gets a vacation together she should invite ALL her new friends along. Her name is Joslyn, so now you too can be her friend.

Here’s a photo she included, and it’s got some nice succulents in it, so we can understand her ongoing lack of vacations.

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