British Cactus

Easy Cactus sells cactus throughout England and the EU, by post. The prices look reasonable. The selection is odd, random even. And they also sell live mealworms. Odd, but true. They sell cactus and carnivorous plants and orchids and live mealworms. Check it out if you live across the pond.

They have a survey of your favorite cactus, and the winner is…. not a cactus at all!

They also keep older latin names, not having updated in what appears to be decades. For instance, here’s a lovely Echinopsis backebergii they offer for sale under the name Lobivia wrightiana.


British Humour

You’d think the BBC would have fact-checkers and editors, and that the British people in general would be pedantic about getting the names of their plants right. At the Taunton Flower Show we find this lovely cactus.


Apart from flowers, visitors could also see a wide range of cacti – this is called Noto Cactus Magnificus.

OK, so what do we see wrong with this? What can be fixed if we want to be as pedantic as we imagine the BBC to be? Why, to start, it would be “Notocactus,” one word. And the species name “magnificus” would be lower case – if we were to get all pedantic on the BBC.

More importantly for you pedants out there, and I’m certainly not talking about myself, because I am no pedant, don’t you know for I fear no run-on sentence, but the genus Notocactus has long been retired and replaced with Parodia. So there.

Bush Mallow


Malacothamnus fasciculatus

Our lanky mallows are blooming. They were suppose to be yellow, but as you can see, clearly they are not yellow.

Also, they look more like M. palmeri to me, but our source has told us they were locally collected seed in southern cal., and definitely from Malacothamnus fasciculatus, so who am I to argue? All the native mallows here are so pretty anyway.

Busy Day

We’ve got 2 employees out sick with the flu. Oy.

We got a new shipment in of solar glass from Allsop. Nice!

How can a glass topped garden stake be solar, you ask? Come back after dark and I’ll show you…


Butterfly Photos

I have six pictures of the curly parsley without the fast moving butterfly.

Stupid butterfly.


Buy a Cactus for your Game

Apparently you can now buy a cactus for your game of Farmville.

The Saguaro costs more than the Barrel Cactus.

I wonder if you can buy tweezers from the game to get the game-sized spines out of your game hands.

Looking further into this, we find you can buy Farmville dollars from Target.

Hey you kids, Get off my lawn!

Buying Plants for all the Wrong Reasons

We like the Apartment Therapy blog, and have found some good stuff there, not to mention they’ve featured us a couple times too. But this is not right. They’ve found some cheap succulents at a national chain (Trader Joe’s) and figure they’re going to die anyway, so who cares.

Then we spotted these adorable succulent plantings. At $6, they’re inexpensive enough to replace if our notorious black thumb has its way.

Consumerism is just so disposable that even lifeforms are seen as disposable. Plan it out in advance – how to kill your new plant in two easy weeks.

Now I’m all grumpy – see what you’ve done to me, Ap’t Therapy!

Cactus Advertising

Any idea what this is advertising? I don’t know what Plant Vigor is, but it seems to make cactus lose all their spines except for one small ring at the top.

If you have courage, you can click through to this video, but be warned – not safe for work or home or kids or adults. Plus, I still don’t know what the product is.

Cactus and Needlepoint

You can buy a lovely and ornamental cactus needlepoint at Pastimes Needlepoint online, featuring a Saguaro with ribbons and what looks like an Echinocereus in bloom. Plus some rocks and mountains and stuff.

Kate, now you know.

Cactus Architecture

I’m not sure what to say about this. I know the architect, I know the part of Culver City, and I know the cactus.

Architect Eric Owen Moss continues his makeover of Culver City’s Hayden Tract with 3585 Hayden, an adaptive reuse of two old warehouse structures. He’s connected the two buildings and added a twisty tower at the eastern edge of the property, on Hayden Avenue, but standing literally out above the rest of the project is the Cactus Tower, a renovation of a 60-year-old steel frame structure that once housed an industrial press, according to the architect’s website. The tower was stripped down to its frame and the firm put up a grid of Mexican Fence Post cacti, housed in steel drums that “form the vertical, compressive members of a series of trusses that span the tower. The top chords of the trusses are the T’s, the bottom chords, the cables, and the planter drums are compressed between the two.”

Do you have any thoughts to add since I’m a little stumped? Besides adding a species name to the cactus, Pachycereus marginatus.

Cactus Art

St. Olaf College has some cactus art.<br /><br />There is only so much we can do when writing sentences like that last one. It is full of information, densely packed tight, and yet I have no idea what it could mean. Shall I read the article to find out what it means? Or pass over it and regain a few minutes of my life lost to the reading of that enigmatic sentence.<br /><br />Well, here it is if you should care to find out more, after the break…<br /><br /><br /><a href="">Continue reading "Cactus Art"</a>

Cactus Art

“Cactus & Cowboys: The Art of William Spencer III.” is opening April 2 at the Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Sedona.

You might think it is a traditional art, with a name like “Cactus and Cowboys” but you’d be wrong. There’s a lot of color in those desert paintings – it’s not muted.

Cactus Art

Sometimes the Cactus Art is art that is made out of cactus and sometimes it is cactus that is made out of art, so to speak. In this case, Margarita Cabrera’s show at LACMA is cactus made out of art. There, I said it. From CindyLu’s Flickr stream.

Cactus Banner

I’m not suggesting you purchase this banner image of cactus for your next banner project, for 14 credits from istockphoto, but I am letting you know that it’s available for you, when you do need it. When you do find a use for it, a banner project that just calls out for a cactus theme and you don’t want to create your own graphics and would rather purchase some clipart online.


Cactus Bathroom

I’m not sure what to say about this photo. The link was sent to me by another company hoping I would post their product on the blog, which I am, so I guess…. Success!

But, but…

This is the most bizarre marketing photo I’ve ever seen. Not only have they photoshopped their product into a picture, but they photoshopped the room in the picture together from various pieces with the end result of a log cabin floating above the desert floor.

I recommend that next time they take a real picture of their real product in a real bathroom with a real toilet, and probably not a window on the desert. That’s my two cents.

But let me add one more thing… Send me more!

Cactus Bees

Amazing photos of cactus bees and disgusting beetles on cactus from Margarethe Brummermann’s Arizona Beetles Bugs Birds and More Blog – I’ve borrowed one photo, but recommend you check out the rest of them.

Cactus Bees, genus Diadasia hectically buzz from flower to flower and dive deeply between the stamina. Males refuel with nectar, females collect pollen for the brood in addition. Often, before they fly off again, they seem to hesitate and wait motionless. That’s the moment when males will suddenly pounce on the females.

Amazing photos AND tales of bee sex too! Nice.

Cactus Birdhouse

This is quite impressive, and all in a package about 6″ across.

I suppose it’s an Echinocactus of a sort, and the hat is a cowboy hat of some type. Amazing how naturally that cactus wears that hat.

If you click through, do make sure to check out the other birdhouse option there, the cow birdhouse option there. It makes me wish we were a cow store instead of a cactus store so that we could have a cow blog just so that I could post a picture of the cow birdhouse. But no. I will be satisfied with my wonderful opportunity to post a picture of a cactus birdhouse instead. But still…

Cactus Boots

from Amazon.

I don’t think these need any comments – they really speak for themselves. And yet… I think I have to comment on the quality of the glaze, the satisfying colors of the sunset along the mountain ridgeline, the functional nature of this mug-like cactus boot, the purity of the shine of the leather.

Cactus Box

Cactus Plushy Storage Box.

From San-X!

OK, so I feel I should add a comment here. I don’t know why I should add a comment here, but that seems like the thing to do since this is my blog.

But my mind is a blank when I look at this plushy cactus box. I want to figure out what I could store in this cactus plushy box but I cannot think of anything to store in this should I get myself a cactus plushy box from San-X. Maybe you need to be Japanese to fully appreciate this object.

I did it! I commented on the plushy box cactus! Yay!

Cactus Boxes

I’m at the SF gift show and found these horrid little cactus boxes. I didn’t buy them, since I don’t think they would sell. But if you disagree let me know and if enough people think they would buy one then maybe I’d reconsider.


Cactus Bumper

This is from Nickelodeon. It’s an old cactus bumper. 

I really have nothing to say about this strange remnant video.

Instead, I’ll talk about my neighbor who we almost never see.

And then suddenly there were these news reports about a mummified corpse found in the house across the street. And the daughter is a suspect.

And in a totally unrelated case there’s Bob and Sue. We don’t hear from them very often, usually they send postcards when they’re traveling, but not much else. And then they suddenly got involved in a murder mystery involving their neighbor who died in a red house. I hear the police officer on the case was just arrested for the murder.

Cactus Cam

In Canada, someone has set up a cactus cam on their Euphorbia, which would make it a Euphorbia Cam, but whose counting.

This is supposed to update every 10 minutes, but if not, then you can go to the Canadian Government Cheese website to see the original.

Cactus can Hurt

In this video, cactus are being used improperly. Please, do not do this with your own cactus at home, it’s not fair to the cactus. Please be kind to your cactus. You know, I’m rambling, when you’ve probably skipped ahead to view the video anyway.

Now I know that you’ve finished watching the video, I can continue with my harangue. Where was I? Oh yeah, please stop harassing your cactus. We should all be kind to puppies and kids and cactus. Practice kindness on your cactus.

Cactus Candy

Looks sweet. But if you click through, the expression of the guy eating the candy makes it look a bit more tart than sweet.

Cactus Candy

Prickly Pear Gummy Cactus Candy
…Oddly enough, the candy is shaped like a Saguaro cactus, although the juice is harvested from the Prickly Pear variety…

That is odd! Deliciously odd. Actual cactus in a cactus candy.

If I had better command of the full features of the blogging software I’m sure I could have a candy tag to help you find all the other cactus candies on this particular blog, but I don’t so instead here’s a set of links to all the other cactus candy entries on this here cactus candy blog.

Here’s one.

Oh, here’s another. Nice!

This one looks delicious.

I like this.

I’m having fun, are you?





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