Cactus Fern

A maidenhair fern growing out of the bottom of a Carole’s rhipsalis pot.

Cactus Flower

Did you know that Benjamin Moore sold a paint called “Cactus Flower”? It’s number BM1335, if that means anything more to you than the name.

Oh yeah, and its a hideous color, not good for anything but the underside of a bathtub.

I fear even showing it here on the blog, so you have to click through to see it. Read More…

Cactus Footstool

Carole with Greenscape Associates sends along this unusual photo of a Cactus Footstool.

It’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on. Here’s a Tiger Footstool in the same line.

And the whole line.

Does it make sense yet? Here’s what they say about it.

Flexible seating or footrest in the shape of an egg (tato) or a sphere (tatino) in CFC-free flexible polyurethane, with internal anatomical rigid structure and plastic base. Original photographic images printed on the bi-elastic technical-fabric cover. Once the cover is fit, the image becomes three-dimensional.

If you want to buy it you have to request a price quote first, or get your architect to order it for you.

Cactus Furniture


I see the famed Studio Swine has a standing lamp that is somewhat cactus-like but is not called a cactus lamp.

cactus table

However the same collection, the Sao Paolo Collection, does in fact include a cactus table that is called the “Cactus Table” so you know they had cacti on the mind when they designed the cactus lamp that is not a “Cactus Lamp.”

In case you were wondering those table bases are Cereus.

Thanks to Carole for passing this along to her favorite Cactus Blog.

Cactus Glasses

Cactus Tumbler


Colorful and fun – these tumblers are created from the bottom of the popular Mexican Sol beer bottle. Perfect for summer picnics or evenings on the patio!

I don’t have a clue why they call these tumblers “cactus.” They don’t look like cactus; they aren’t spiny like cactus; they aren’t colorful like cactus. It’s a mystery to me. In fact, I may just sue them for word infringement. On the other hand, I have borrowed the photo without permission, so maybe that’s not such a good idea.

But  since they are recycled glass, that’s a point in their favor. OK, click the link if you want, and you too can own some fine “cactus” tumblers.

Cactus Hat

I’ve been practicing my google skills. And today we find that you can buy a plush cactus hat in the hot times fiesta party decorations group from the american balloon company.

Do you want to see what it looks like? It’s awesome…. Read More…

Cactus Horse

I wonder how many horses are named after a cactus? Maybe there was a famous stud named Cactus. Here’s a horse that has won,

the prestigious First Citizens Gold Cup on Boxing Day.

Now that’s exciting news for the horse, Cactus Amour, who seems to race out of Trinidad and Tobago.

Cactus in a Can

While looking for more porcelain cacti, instead I found this interesting product reviewed on a few different sites, but I can’t seem to find a place to buy it, or who manufactures it. I think it may be so last year (or even as far back as 2006), and is no longer available.


Cactus in Context

In the middle of an article comes this quote having to do with cactus. I think it stands on its own, and there’s no reason for you to read the rest of the article, so I’m not linking to it at all.

Price said Schaer was the first patient he has seen with a wasp sting on his uvula, although he once treated someone with a cactus spine in his uvula.

OK, here’s the link in case you think I’m making this up.

Cactus Jacket

Well, not really a jacket, more like a safety vest.

Keith found this and wants me to get them for the crew at the store. Then they will be really visible whenever a customer needs help. Fluorescent colors are the best colors.

But most of all it’s the tie that makes us respect the cactus.

Cactus Jam

It’s the Muddy River String Band playing their ever popular “Cactus Jam”.

Download here.

And what’s most remarkable is if you listen closely, they’re actually singing a recipe for cactus jam, both the cactus type of cactus jam and the musical jam type of cactus jam. Oy, the irony.

Cactus Jelly

From the biggest Pistachio Growers in New Mexico, the Eagle Ranch. I’ll bet they have a really nice roadside farm stand.

It looks delicious, but all I know about it is the packaging, just like you. What you see is what we know.

I’d like to spread a little bit of this cactus jelly on my crackers. I’ll bet it’s especially delicious on crackers.

I think I’ll have to research these products a little more before I post them next time. Maybe I should buy one and taste it and then report on it? Maybe I should buy a case of them and sell them at the nursery. Maybe I should make my own prickly pear cactus jelly and share it with all of you. That would be nice.

Cactus Jewelry

Today on our Cactus Shopping Channel, brought to you by Hasbro! we have a lovely charm from Thomas Sabo, perfect for your silver pendant with the Cowboy Boots Charm already on it!

Now this charm is yours for the low low price… but wait! don’t order yet, let me tell you what else you’ve won behind curtain number 17. Why, it’s an elephant! Wa-Waah.

No really. Actually the Cactus charm is a bargain, if you check out the cowboy boot and elephant prices too. Would I steer you wrong?

It’s Friday afternoon and now I feel like dancing. (Oddly enough the dancing cactus is also by Sabo. Maybe a different Sabo, but I don’t know for sure.)

Cactus Jungle on TV

It’s on the DIY network, if you get that. A show called Bath Crashers where they renovate bathrooms. I blogged the shoot here. Here’s the info on when it will air. I’ll remind you right before the 20th.

Floating Waterfall Tub

September 20, 2010
9:00 PM e/p

This bathroom transformation makes its way outdoors! What was once a dark bathroom with Seventies lava rock in the tub room, dated dark floors and golden swan fixtures gets completely gutted and is opened up by taking advantage of an unused courtyard and incorporating it into this bathroom revamp! The outdoor floating tub is the main event in this “crash!” The crew takes advantage of some outdoor real estate and opens the shower room into a garden tub room, where they set the freestanding tub in a shallow pond and create a serene waterfall that cascades behind it! Throw in a ceiling mount tub filler, modern privacy panels and slate pavestones and these homeowners are blown away!

Here’s a picture of the host, who designs and renovates the bathrooms on TV.

The last time Cactus Jungle got product on TV was almost 3 years ago!

Cactus Kids T-Shirt

It’s all about the T-shirts this holiday season. I’m pretty sure that’s what all the kids want for christmas. And here we have the one T-shirt they’ll want more than any other, or so I’m told by Invisible Industries on Zazzle.

Well it sure is cute. Here, let me analzye for you why this is so cute. I know you’re thinking it’s the kid. And yes, the kid is cute, with the chubby cheeks and the puffy hair. But it’s the bandaid on the cactus from the kid, rather than a bandaid on a kid from the cactus. It’s very clever, and that’s my analysis of cuteness on this very cold Sunday morning in December.

Cactus Knobs

It’s an extra special custom knob from the Bucksnort Lodge. You too can take home a piece of the lodge for your own home. I recommend using these fine antique copper finish knobs on your dresser drawers. That would be best. But not for the bottom smaller drawers you use for socks and underwear; these knobs would overwhelm those two lower drawers.


BuckSnort Lodge B132 Designer Knobs

Cactus Lamp

A new cactus lamp has finally made it onto the market, if you live in Europe. I don’t know of any US distributors but that’s probably only because I haven’t checked for any.

Cactus Table lamp
Brand: LZF

Designer Miguel Herranz
Cactus is a likeable and elegant table lamp made of wood veneer strips. Switched off it creates an interesting volume, and switched on it increases its beauty defining interesting volume, and switchd on it increases its beauty defining interesting patterns by the superposition of the different wood strips.

And it costs 271.83 € so you know it must be most excellent, and not just “likeable and elegant” which it certainly is also of course. I would totally agree with that marketing assessment. However the rest of the description looks like it went through a bad translator. “Increases its beauty defining interesting volume” is not a meaningful phrase in the English language. Maybe it was translated from an original Swedish, but through a midpoint of Italian and then to the French before finally landing on English.

Here let me show you how that works, but starting with English and then through Swedish etc and back to English: “The fox and the dog came to London to learn a new language” through the multi-language translator stuff comes back out into English as, “Fox and the dog came to London to learn a new language”. Huh! They’ve improved the translator programming. How about that.

Cactus Lamp

Here we have a classic 20th century antique cactus lamp.


The species is Echinocactus grusonii ssp. plasticspinii

The Dealer is the renowned Robert Dickson & Lesley Rendall Antiques

It comes complete with 40 watt fluorescent bulb so that you can fully experience the 20th century glow of this fine specimen.

Cactus Limbo

The cactus is inflatable and then you can play limbo all night long.

Not only that, but 2 different companies make inflatable cactus limbo games.


Of course, the first one looks more fun, at least judging by the people playing with it.


Cactus Lizard

Apparently renowned Skeptic Michael Shermer photographs lizrds on his off time, and this time that lizard was found to be eating a cactus. A cholla, even. A very spiny cholla. I hope it didn’t hurt it’s tongue.


Cactus Lollipop

These are actually prickly pear flavored! Or available in mixed flavors. You need to buy in packs of 30, though.

I must say, it’s a dream come true. Now should I order 30, or go for 60?


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