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Did you know that chameleons can’t turn blue? I didn’t. Until I saw this photo (Nat Geo). Now I know. And you do too.

Hah ha ha! That’s the way rumors get started! You saw the picture so you believe me, but is it true? Do you know for sure? Can chameleons not turn blue? Or is it just the Florida chameleons that can turn blue?

Now you may also choose to ask what this has to do with cactus and a blog about cactus, and the connection is that when cactus were first being cultivated for the trade in the 1920s in England, the lead nurseryman, Sir Albert Frosher, was also a chameleon fancier, and so ever since cactus and chameleons have been paired. It’s traditional!

California Mountain Lilac


Ceanothus “Joyce Coulter”

These grow low and wide. How wide? Maybe 8 feet wide. They will mound to about 3 feet high when mature.

You really want to make sure you have sun if you’re planting them on the coast. But the good news is they can handle some coastal clay soil.

In the mountains they can be hardy down to 10°F.

Part 2, The Story Continues

A few months ago I wrote the beginnings of a story about cactus in the Old West called Saucy Susie’s Waffle House on the Prairie. Now, finally, we have part 2…

It was a warm afternoon in Utah and the Waffle House on the Old Prairie was hopping when Saucy Susie grabbed a pitcher of Iced Tea and poured ole’ Greg “Handstands” Jaspers a tall glass….

Stay tuned for part 3.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a Ferocactus surrounded by Agaves.

I don’t know where that picture came from. It was just sitting on my harddrive. Maybe I blogged it before? Who knows! I must be drunk!

More Local Cactus News

This time it’s from Edmonton, Canada. Can it be considered local if it’s from the frozen tundra of Western Canada? Sure!

Question: This year I am planning on creating living plant gifts for birthdays and special occasions. Specifically, I want to make cactus bowls and I was hoping you could give me some advice on how I could do this. Thank you for all your great advice.

Answer: Cactus planters are easy to make and even easier to maintain, perfect for those of you with a brown thumb. All you need is a dish or bowl large enough to hold some soil, a layer of pebbles and cacti….

Some cacti for you to consider for your garden:

– Bunny ears cactus

– Prickly pear cactus

– Rose pincushion

Aloe bellatula

Echinopsis oxygona

Interesting list there. Some generic opuntia options, and then a couple very specific species. I wonder why this particular Aloe? And that particular Echinopsis? Has the writer been trading in cactus futures?


I got an email from someone named Joseph, location not known at this time, asking if we wanted to buy some of his prickly pears.

This one:

And this one is said to be at least 100 years old:

Let me know if you want to buy these from Joseph and I’ll pass along your bid. These photos are for real, and so I assume the offer is for real too.

Running Out of Time

You’d like a clown fish tea light set? What, are you making fun of me?

It’s 3 already. We’re closing soon.


But I’ll wait here and keep the gate open for you.

Last Chances

Maybe you’d prefer a gnome tea light candle set.


Time Constraints

You are running out of time…

May I suggest a polar bear tea light?


Cactus Chairs

I could tell you they come from an interior design blog that looks to inspire people to better design, but then you would have to assume that there is something about these cactus chairs that is inspirational and clearly that is not so.

This one is yellow. That is an inspirational color for modern home decor? You could have a yellow stove top to match or a yellow kitchen table?

This one compresses when you sit on it. Maybe it’s not so inspirational for your interior design but it is very inspirational for your photography. I think I like this photo of a headless man squishing a cactus ottoman. I’m now inspired to take headless photos with squishy objects. Yes!

Cactus Pinball

How many cactus-themed pinball machines are there?

Here’s one called Cactus Canyon.

This one is Cactus Jack’s

And the cacti are not just painted on the back, but there are 3-d cactus on the bumpers too.

And here is Dogie’s. Clearly from an earlier era than the 2 above. I like it!

These all come from IPMD, the Internet Pinball Machine Database. Nice!

Any cactus pinballs that IPMD missed?

Jumping on Cactus

It’s inflatable, it’s bouncy, and it’s got cactus.

What more could you want for your party?

Unfortunately the website is for the manufacturer in China, not a local rental outfit. So you’d have to buy an entire container load of these just to have one special bouncy jumpy party for New Year’s.

Winter Frost Alert

It’s cold out there so dress warmly. And enjoy a cartoon over a hot mug of cocoa.

By Peter Joison. Found on google images, but no website for it.

Cactus Bathroom

I’m not sure what to say about this photo. The link was sent to me by another company hoping I would post their product on the blog, which I am, so I guess…. Success!

But, but…

This is the most bizarre marketing photo I’ve ever seen. Not only have they photoshopped their product into a picture, but they photoshopped the room in the picture together from various pieces with the end result of a log cabin floating above the desert floor.

I recommend that next time they take a real picture of their real product in a real bathroom with a real toilet, and probably not a window on the desert. That’s my two cents.

But let me add one more thing… Send me more!

Cactus Pillows

Have you ever used a cactus as a pillow? Have you ever wanted to?

No? Oh. Never mind.

Just when you thought it was safe to google… Cactus Pillows! From BM Images. I think that Danish company doesn’t know how to name their company for the American market.

Can anyone name the plant for me? I will start off the guessing with Opuntia violacea.

I guess I just answered my own question. Oh. Never mind.

By the way, I didn’t actually google the phrase “cactus pillow” to find this. The company saw on the blog that we featured interesting cactus products (“great cactus art creations”) and decided it was safe to email me a link to blog for you. Do you think it was?

Cactus d'Art

This object is hard to figure out from the small photo – you need to click it to better see what’s going on here.

Yes, that’s right – it’s a cactus decoration holding cheese and other appetizers, hopefully including meatballs and mini hotdogs.

Just so you know it’s not very expensive, and it is available for purchase now. I dare you to click that link and order one and see what shows up in the mail just in time for your holiday party.

Cactus Limbo

The cactus is inflatable and then you can play limbo all night long.

Not only that, but 2 different companies make inflatable cactus limbo games.


Of course, the first one looks more fun, at least judging by the people playing with it.


Cactus Stickers

The perfect gift for that special someone in your life – a cactus collector who doesn’t like plants at all and prefers vinyl transfers.

What a strange thing.

Cactus Farm

HeThing from Denmark has built a new cactus farm, one presumes in Denmark.

But no, it’s in Minecraft, so it’s a game thing not a real thing.

But you can click through and see the pictures of the virtual cactus farm and the virtual walkthrough video of the virtual cactus farm. By HeThing.

The photos are from a few weeks ago, so it may have grown larger since then.

At least now with this news, you know you can do the same thing too if you want.


It’s a lamp, it’s a terrarium, it’s a succulent planter.

And it’s only a thousand dollars from Anthropologie; hence the title of this post.

You’d think for that price it would come with the plants, or at least some tillandsias.


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