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  • Echeveria “Berkeley”

    1 to 2ft. rosettes, pink-edged powdery-blue leaves in sun, shade-tolerant.

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  • Sedum “Blue Spruce”

    (Blue Stonecrop)

    S. reflexum “Blue Spruce”
    S. rupestre

    Vigorous, mat-forming groundcover succulent, long blue stems.

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  • Darlingtonia californica

    (Cobra Lily, California Pitcher Plant)

    Temperate Carnivore

    Native Californian carnivore that grows best outdoors with cool roots and night time temperatures. Keep pots sheltered from hot afternoon sun. Grow in Carnivorous Plant Blend or long fibered sphagnum.

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  • Bletilla “Yokohama”

    (Chinese Ground Orchid)

    Hardy Orchid

    Bloom stalks grow tall over the foliage, to 18″. Pale pink flowers. Well drained soil, regular water during growing season. Cut back in fall, dies back in winter.

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  • Pachypodium horombense

    P. rosulatum v. horombense

    Large varied caudex, irregular, freely branched. Rich green leaves. Yellow flowers.

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  • Monstera “Peru”

    Monstera karstenianum

    Vining to 8ft with glossy green leaves. Slow growing, can handle low watering. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil.

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  • Aloe hemmingii

    (Mosaic Aloe)

    Shiny green leaves with white spots and marginal red teeth. Rosettes to 10″.

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  • Gymnocalycium anisitsii

    Small flowering barrel to 4″dia., pink flowers

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  • Crassula plegmatoides

    C. arta

    Small greyish columns of stacked rounded leaves with an almost felt-like soft appearance. Winter-growing, very low water.

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  • Crassula ovata “ET”

    (ET's Fingers)

    Small, shrubby Jade Plant to 3ft. Montrose tubular leaves, red-tipped in full sun.

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  • Pachyveria “Cornus”

    (Jeweled Crown)

    Pachyphytum x Echeveria

    Thick blue-green leaves with orange-red edges in full sun.

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  • Opuntia polyacantha

    (Plains Prickly Pear)

    Fast growing to 2’h, prominent aureoles with 4 to 5 spines 2 to 4″ long. Variable flowers, yellow, orange and pink. Many cultivars named for the natural flower color variations.

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  • Gasteria marmorata fa. variegata

    G. nigricans ssp. marmorata fa. variegata

    Small rosettes to 6″, variegated spotted leaves. Readily forms small clumps. Western Cape of South Africa. Can be years before they bloom.

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  • Mangave “Lavender Lady”

    Manfreda x Agave intergenic hybrid
    Mangave Bloodspot (Agave macroacantha x Manfreda maculosa) x Agave attenuata

    Soft lightly spotted silvery-lavender leaves with a moderate terminal spine. Rosettes to 20″ wide.

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  • Myrtillocactus geometrizans “Elite Monstrose”

    (Monstrose Whortleberry Cactus)

    New form from the M. “Elite Crest”, has lost the crest but is now a fa. monstrose. This form seems to be stable as a monstrose, and will not crest or revert to species. Blue in full sun.

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  • Athyrium niponicum var. pictum

    (Japanese Painted Fern)

    Deciduous fern can be grown as a houseplant, bright indirect light is best. Fast draining soil, moderate (distilled) water but prefers not to sit in water.

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  • Echinopsis leucomalla

    (Cob Cactus)

    Lobivia leucomalla
    Echinopsis aurea

    Large showy yellow flowers. Covered in dense spines. Generally solitary with occasional basal offsets. 3″ diameter x 6″ tall.

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  • Mangave “Moonglow”

    Manfreda x Agave

    Soft silvery-blue-green and purple spotted leaves. Rosettes to 18″ wide

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  • Anthurium “Fingers”


    A. pedatoradiatum

    Large, deeply lobed bright green leaves. Tropical Houseplant prefers bright indirect, little to no direct sun. Fast draining soil, moderate water but prefers not to sit in water.

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  • Haworthia emelyae v. major

    Small star-shaped rosettes, tiny hairs on leaf edges of triangular shaped outward-curving windowed leaves, striking purplish color. They prefer very bright light, a little direct sun. Forms tight clusters.

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  • Cotyledon pendens

    (Cliff Cotyledon)

    Develops many trailing branches, pendant to 2ft. Thick fleshy paired leaves with red edging.

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  • Greenovia aurea

    (Green Rose Buds)

    Aeonium aureum

    Solitary rosettes to 10″, winter-growing open in winter, tightly packed in summer, with bright green leaves. Dormant in summer if it is too hot, give them some shade.

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  • Rebutia marsoneri

    (Crown Cactus)

    R. krainziana

    Clumping barrels to 2″; dark stems, white spines. Yellow-orange to red flowers. Red flowered plants used to be called R. krainziana.

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