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  • Hoya obovata

    (Wax Flower)

    Green oval leaves will show some silver speckling. Keep warm for best growth. Bright indirect light with a bit of direct morning sun is best. Pinkesh-red flowers. Vines 10+ft long.

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  • Oxalis fabifolia

    (Pealeaf Shamrock)

    O. flava v. fabifolia
    O. fabaefolia

    Long strappy leaves, lemon-yellow flowers. Small bulbs, summer dormant.

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  • Bulbine mesembryanthemoides

    (Window Plant)

    Also Bulbine mesembryanthoides

    Small fat windowed green leaves with translucent tops. Grows in rocky soils. Winter growing. Goes dormant in summer, often down to the ground. Flowers in spring. Easy to grow in fast draining soils.

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  • Crassula “Green Pagoda”

    Tightly stacked pairs of green leaves form pagoda-like mini towers. Red tipped in full sun. Small pink and white flowers.

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  • Ferocactus histrix

    (Electrode Cactus)

    Widespread throughout Mexico. Large barrel to 24+ inches across, will eventually form a column to nearly 4ft tall. While once considered sacred, they are now harvested as a part of the candy industry.

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  • Oxalis palmifrons

    (Palm-Leaf Shamrock)

    Winter growing bulb with light pink flowers. Amazing palmate leaves. Will go dormant in the summer heat.

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  • Peperomia incana

    (Felted Peperomia)

    Soft, large, round light-green leaves, almost silvery. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate (distilled) water but prefers not to sit in water.

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  • Dudleya palmeri

    (Palmer's Liveforever)

    Found on rocky slopes and cliffs along the Central and Southern California coasts. The pale to bright green leaves form medium rosettes with flowers of yellow to pink-red in Spring and Summer.

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  • Tephrocactus articulatus v. papyracanthus

    (Paper-Spine Cactus)

    Papery-spines w/glochids. Globular stems, readily propagate by popping off at the joint and rolling away, root easily.

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  • Bulbine aff wiesei

    Green narrow leaves. Yellow flowers. Winter growing.

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  • Aloe maculata

    (Soap Aloe)

    A. saponaria

    Agressive low pupper, shade tolerant, brown edge teeth, red in full sun

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  • Eriosyce chilensis


    Beautiful golden spines on 5″ dia. cactus that can grow 2 to 3ft tall. Rose pink flowers with yellow centers in summer. Keep dry in winter.

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  • Calathea “Beauty Star”

    (Prayer Plant)

    C. ornata “Beauty Star”

    Variegated green leaves with yellow, white, silver, and red. Tropical Houseplant can handle a variety of indoor light conditions, bright indirect is best. Fast draining soil, moderate (distilled) water but prefers not to sit in water. Occasionally mist the leaves.

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  • Matucana madisoniorum

    Stems flattened globose to 6″. Thought to be ethnobotanical. Orange-red funnel-shaped flowers. Endangered in habitat. Sometimes spineless.

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  • Haworthia reinwardtii

    Haworthiopsis reinwardtii

    Narrow and upright spotted leaves with pointed tips. 1½” rosettes elongate to 6″ tall. Freely pups at base; shade tolerant. Readily hybridizes.

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  • Aloe “Safari Orange”

    Mid size clustering aloe, thick toothy leaves. Striking bloom stalks rise above from summer thru winter with orange-red flowers.

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Port of San Francisco

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