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  • Adenia venenata

    Tree-like caudiciform 2 feet around and can grow 10 feet tall. Palmate leaves.

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  • Euphorbia stenoclada

    (Silver Thicket)

    Succulent shrub to 20ft.

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  • Pachypodium succulentum

    Large caudex to 12″, thin-stemmed spiny branches to 24″ with strappy leaves on top. Pink flowers.

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  • Senecio peregrinus

    (String of Dolphins)

    Fascinating little diving dolphin-shaped thick ovoid leaves leaping all over the long trailing stems. Rot-prone, keep dry. Bluish hue with more sun.

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  • Opuntia “Sparkles”

    (Prickly Pear)

    O. polyacantha var. hystricina, O. utahensis

    Low growing, spreading prickly-pear cactus. Purple spots develop in cold weather. Brilliant carmine-pink flowers spring through summer.

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  • Dudleya greenii “Anacampa”


    Dense colorful 6″ rosettes with low stems, pack in tight. White flowers in Spring. Hybrid from Santa Barbara native.

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  • Aeonium spathulatum

    Shrubby stems, very small rosettes, lightly fuzzy green leraves get a hint of red, almost blush color in fulll sun. Many yellow flowers.

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  • Crassula spiralis

    C. “Estagnol”

    Small tight stacked leaves spiral as they grow outward. Green with a hint of golden red in sun.

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  • Echinopsis “Paulina”

    (Peanut Cactus)

    x Chamaelobivia “Paulina”
    Echinopsis chamaecereus c.v. “Paulina”

    Tight clumps to 12″, lots of small hot-magenta flowers

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  • Agave x leopoldii

    (Hybrid Agave)

    A. filifera x A. schidigera

    Hybrid to 18″; dense clumps of filiferous leaves.

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  • Aeonium “Fiesta”

    Dense clumps of brightly colored variegated green, yellow, and red rosettes with a blush color spreading along the edges with more sun. Yellow flowers.

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  • Leucospermum pattersonii “Brothers”

    (Red Nodding Pincushion)

    Evergreen Shrub

    Mounding shrub with red pincushion flowers in spring. Excellent cut flower. Lime-green new growth ages to a soft grey-green. Leaves have a felt-like texture. Prefers fast draining soils.

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  • Cotula lineariloba

    (Brass Buttons)

    Evergreen Perennial

    Huge 1″ round yellow button flowers sit well above the 2″ groundcover foliage. Plant 1-2 feet apart.

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Gasteria batesiana

Weird flowers, kind of bulbous, on your friendly local Gasterias. Fun!

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String of Dolphins

Also known as Dolphins Necklace. It’s a cute little trailing succulent that is all the rage all of a sudden. First it was hot in Japan and now it is hot in the US too. I blame Instagram. We’ve posted it on instagram too, of course, because of course. Senecio peregrinus String of Dolphins SW… Read more »

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Monkey Hand Tree

X Chiranthofremontia Common Name: Monkey Hand Tree Origin: California Hybrid: Chiranthodendron pentadactylon X Fremontodendron “Pacific Sunset” Large, broad, showy intergenic hybrid. If provided space in a garden, this centerpiece plant will be covered in golden flowers in spring. No water once established. Characteristics: Temperature: Hardy to 25°F Sun: Full Sun Water: Low; Summer Drought Size:… Read more »

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