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  • Aeonium “Jolly Green”

    Low growing staying under 1 foot tall with each stem ending in tight 8 to 10 inch wide green rosettes. The summer flowers are pale greenish yellow.

    Name seems to be used for a variety of low-growing green Aeoniums, with narrow or rounded leaves.



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  • Lewisia “Little Peach”


    L. longipetala “Little Peach”

    Prefers very fast draining soils. Dead-head to get them to rebloom spring through fall. Apricot-peach to pink flowers.


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  • Sansevieria patens

    (Snake Plant)

    Thick spear-shaped ribbed green leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light. Underground 1″ rhizomes.

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  • Cereus fa. monstrose “Ming Thing”

    (Ming Thing)

    C. validus fa. monstrose “Ming Thing”

    A blue cactus with short and lumpy monstrose growth, to 12″ tall. Do not overwater, it is slow growing and likes to be dry.

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  • Astrophytum myriostigma v. nudum f. variegatum

    (Bishop's Cap)

    Rare form – smooth variegated skin with shades of green, yellow, or orange.

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  • Copiapoa hypogaea var. barquitensis

    (Lizard Skin)

    Small round solitary barrel will eventually grow vertical to 5″ tall. Very slow growing. Yellow flowers in summer.

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  • Aeonium “Emerald Ice”

    Soft green leaves with creamy white margins, flattened rosettes to 8″d. Winter grower, bottom leaves may blush pink in spring before dropping off for summer.


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  • Dionaea “Red Dragon”

    (Venus Fly Trap)

    D. muscipula “Red Dragon”
    D. muscipula “Akai Ryu”
    Perennial Carnivore

    A stunning red-trapped cultivar of the classic fly trap. Deep burgundy in summer. The petioles can reach 6″. Allow to slightly dry between waterings. No fertilizer.

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