Garden Design

Photos of some of our Bay Area Garden Installations.

Cactus Jungle provides complete Garden Design and Installation services for all of our drought-tolerant and low-water plants – Succulents, California Native Perennials, Cactus, Low Water Groundcovers, Bamboos and more.

In Berkeley and Oakland, Marin, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area we are situated in a beautiful Mediterranean climate with summer drought and winter rains in normal years. Temperate weather means year-round gardening, However our current California drought means we have less water for use in our landscapes than normal. Cactus Jungle’s Gardens are all custom designed for you and your particular local Bay Area micro-climate. All of our designs are drought-tolerant and require very little water, if any at all, after the plants get established within 1 to 2 years.


Alley_San_Leandro3San Leandro Succulent Garden

Bowen_Oakland2Oakland Perennial and Succulent Garden