Madagascar Aloe


Aloe bakeri
Small, shrubby, spidery arms, shade tolerant
  Hardy to 40F 
  Full Sun to Part Shade
  Cactus Soil
  Low Water

Golden Sedum


Sedum hispanicum “Aureum” – Tiny Buttons – is the limeiest of the sedums yet.


Gold to chartreuse color depending on sun conditions. Great for rock gardens. White star-shaped flowers.

  • Hardy to below 0F
  • Sun to Part Shade
  • Cactus Soil
  • Low to Moderate Water

Paper Cactus


That’s a very nice paper cactus, by Jordan Shone whose website refers to her as:

I am a paper engineer / set designer currently living in the South West. My work brings together my obsessions with collecting, detail and colour in the realms of 3D.

Flip and Tumble

They’re right up the street from us!!! And they came and visited and took pictures and blogged and everything.


So how did we find out about their product? Did we walk right up the street and take a look? No! We went to a trade show in New York and found them there. And then back home here.

What do you think of their stuff?

Around the Tumblrs


Found this random photo of a garden planted in a re-up-cycled meter box. I wonder how many of these are now available since the advent of the smart meter?

The original artist is Andrew Manocheo from Chicago and the piece was featured in Sprout Home in case you don’t want to re-up-cycle one yourself.

Easter Cactus

People ask us – is the Cactus Jungle open on Easter? Yes! And then they ask if we have blooming cactus? Yes we do!



Fancy Succulent Planters

I wonder what you would think of fancy succulent planters? Would you always like them, like some of them, or hate them all? But wait, don’t answer yet! What if I told you that they were fancy Troll succulent planters and fancy Brick succulent planters. What then?

You say you would first have to see a picture???


Here they go…


Trolls get Spiked!

The bricks have some Echeverias and a Haworthia too. The trolls are mostly planted with Haworthias, and a Euphorbia too.

Cactus Cupcakes


Random Cactus cupcakes posting. My sister posted these to my Facebook timeline but I don’t know the original source. Are they for sale? I don’t know! Is there a recipe? Still don’t know. Delicious? I assume so.

Since my sister is vegan, do you think that means these are vegan? Since they were posted on facebook do you think that means they’re viral? Since they’re Cactus do you think I can name all the species?

Berkeley Cactus


It’s my own tree cholla from South America. Opuntia subulata, or more precisely Austrocylindropuntia subulata.

And by mine, I mean Cactus Jungle’s.


Common names vary. And yet some just stand out.

Plants are also given names that are sometimes derogatory. Who names them? We don’t know but they become popular! Sansevieria is known as Mother-in-law’s tongue because the tip of its succulent leaf is so prickly…. The pink flowers of Pseudobombax ellipticum resemble a shaving brush and it’s called the Shaving brush flower… Then, there is Crocodile bark, Elephant apple, Monkey’s earpod, Fried egg plant, Bullet wood, Bleeding heart, Bottle brush, Sandpaper, Devil’s tree… it’s a growing list.

Good to know.

Cactus Lizard

Apparently renowned Skeptic Michael Shermer photographs lizrds on his off time, and this time that lizard was found to be eating a cactus. A cholla, even. A very spiny cholla. I hope it didn’t hurt it’s tongue.


Cactus Cookies

Denise shares a recipe.

I have made frosting by mixing a few tablespoons of fresh-squeezed prickly pear juice into confectioner’s sugar. It makes a nice magenta-colored glaze when dribbled over oatmeal or sugar cookies and has that subtle flavor.

Sounds easy and delicious.

Cactus Furniture


I see the famed Studio Swine has a standing lamp that is somewhat cactus-like but is not called a cactus lamp.

cactus table

However the same collection, the Sao Paolo Collection, does in fact include a cactus table that is called the “Cactus Table” so you know they had cacti on the mind when they designed the cactus lamp that is not a “Cactus Lamp.”

In case you were wondering those table bases are Cereus.

Thanks to Carole for passing this along to her favorite Cactus Blog.

Cactus Costumes, Part 2

More Cactus Costumes from the internets! I don’t own these! Not the costumes and not the pictures! I don’t sell them either! Enjoy!

cactus costume4

Holy Cow it’s the same costume as yesterday, but in Adult size! And this time we have a link to a website that sells them and has it in stock. For a very reasonable $90. Well, maybe reasonable is a relative term.

I think we could get that one for Keith to wear at the store on a regular basis. At least on the weekends.

cactus costume5

Burda Style’s cactus costume comes with a story.

When I asked my son what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said, “a saguaro cactus.” ?? Sure, no problem 😉 lol! It took a whole lot of fiberfill to stuff the channels. A big hit though, he loved it! Only one person asked him if he was Larry the Pickle from Veggie Tales.

Good Job!

cactus costume6

Finally we have another little kid in a cactus costume. A baby! And the costume is available for sale on ebay. Quality!

Every year I see the quality of the top cactus costumes in the country gets better, so if you want to be featured in next years post, or maybe in a November followup, send along your photos ASAP!

More Cactus Socks

Did you wonder where a George H.W. Bush might have gotten cactus socks from yesterday’s post? I don’t know. But here are more cactus socks for your perusal and these are for sale online too. Not from us so I can’t vouch for them.

cactus socks

Special extra Lizard Socks after the break… Read More…

Hairy Goldenaster


Heterotheca villosa
California Native
Herbaceous Perennial

Sun: Full Sun
Water: Low
Size: 1ft

Low growing native perennial with grey-green leaves and hairy stems. Bright yellow flowers in summer. Makes a great groundcover for dry areas! Hardy to below 0F.

Kalanchoe Flowers

Here are a couple of Kalanchoe flowers that were hard to photograph. I did the best I could and I think I captured their tiny little petals fairly well. However the chartreuse colors below were particularly difficult.


Kalanchoe eriophylla has soft grey fuzzy leaves.


Kalanchoe orgyalis has leathery brown leaves.

It's a Cactus Mug

Do we carry cactus mugs? No. We do not. But here, I’ve found one anyway.


They come in sets of 6.

I would buy them for myself but I don’t like raised designs on my drinking implements.

Quick ID

Hi Peter

As we discussed on the phone, may I ask you to help identify the attached
species .. perhaps an Echeveria …I appreciate the help.



Your plant is a Kalanchoe marmorata. Nice!


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