San Francisco Bay Area Succulents

Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden
is a retail nursery and garden center in Berkeley and San Anselmo, California. We offer many different types of cactus and succulents, low-water grasses, summer-drought bamboos, California natives and more at our local Bay Area stores.

  • Grown in the East Bay and Marin County
  • For San Francisco, Oakland, North Bay and the SF Bay Area
  • From around the world

Founded in 2002

Owners Hap Hollibaugh and Peter Lipson have been growing in the San Francisco Bay Area succulents and cactus for over 30 years.

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Yelp Reviews

“Knowledgeable staff. Organized inventory. Glad yelp helped me find this place as I would have never find this on my own.” Jessica T.

“The employees are extremely knowledgeable. They seem happy to answer questions, and offer little manuals on how to treat the plant you are purchasing. They also do a free transplant if you happen to pick out a pot as well as a plant together. They also have a beautiful selection of just about anything you may be looking for.” Dave K.

“Cactus Jungle might be by far the best in the area if you’re looking for fancy house plants.  They have variety of air plants, succulents, and even beautiful insectivorous plants.  It’s so much fun just to visit and walk around the place!  All staffs are very knowledgeable and helpful too.  I tend to go crazy when I see pretty house plants or planters in general.  I recently discovered the joy of making small terrariums and I’ve been spending lots!  The good thing here is that they have point system.  When you spend, you gain points.  And eventually you can get to use it.  Works for me!” Y T.

San Francisco Chronicle, Cactus Jungle in front page photo.

Our plants have been used by:
• Look for us and our Succulent Wall Panels on the DIY network TV show Bath Crashers clip
• Mythbusters – Episode about chile pepper myths, features our cactus in the background. A short clip is here on the blog.

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San Francisco Bay Area Succulents