New Cactus and Succulents for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Cactus and Succulents


September smoke season is now a regular feature of our California lives. We’ve closed a few days already in August and September, so if it’s smoky out you might want to call before coming in to make sure we are there and open – we are trying to keep our crew safe! Socially distanced, masked, and now smoke…

But we’ve got a lot of new products up on our website for Local Delivery! So you can still shop from home even when PurpleAir tells you to stay home. Stay safe, let us bring plants to you.

All my photos were taken before Wednesday’s orange skies, but they still had a strong red tint to them when I got back to process them, so there was a lot of filtering out the reds and oranges this month. I hope you like it. It’s as if we were clear skies again!


We require masks in our stores and social distancing at all times. We are pretty strict! Please bear with us.

Cheryl M. on Yelp:
“Offering contactless pickup, local delivery and taking safety guidelines seriously without comprising customer service! Walked in, quickly welcomed and mentioned if we needed any assistance to let them know…staff wearing masks and adhering to the 6ft social distance”


We are still doing free local deliveries near our 2 stores. Our online store is here. We are delivering plants, gifts, soils, pots. Soils are back in stock, well-stocked! More items are being added to the website all the time.

Expanded Delivery Zones
Deliveries are usually in 1-3 days but may take up to 1 week, Tuesday thru Friday. We will call to let you know when we will be by before we come.

Berkeley Area: Free Delivery (by Zip Code) includes Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, Piedmont, Rockridge, Temescal, Uptown, Montclair, Kensington
San Anselmo Area: Free Delivery (by Zip Code) includes San Anselmo, San Rafael, Ross, Kentfield, Greenbrae, Larkspur, and Fairfax
San Francisco: $15

Extended Areas:
$10 East Bay:
$10 includes Oakland (where not listed above), Orinda, El Cerrito
$15 East Bay: $15 includes Richmond, San Pablo, Alameda and San Leandro
$10 Marin: $10 includes Corte Madera
$20 Marin:
$20 includes Mill Valley (Please note this only includes Mill Valley proper)

Please note that as circumstances change, our delivery options may change as well.


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Current Hours: Open Wed-Sun 11-5


Ross Valley Nursery and
Cactus Jungle, Marin

130 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
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Current Hours: Open Wed-Sun 11-5



Opuntia ellisiana is the low-spine prickly pear with edible pads, yellow flowers and a striking name, “Tiger Tongue.” I don’t know any tigers so I suppose it’s possible that a prickly pear pad could resemble a tiger’s tongue, but honestly I doubt this. This seems like a takeover from the Tiger King netflix franchise trying to get you to participate in that mishigas.

Pedilathus bracteatus is the Slipper Plant with funky red flowers.

Pedilanthus macrocarpus is also a slipper plant, but some call it the Lady’s Slipper so let’s go with that instead.

Agave multifilifera is very pokey, lots of white threads, stays small, but vigorous red terminal spines.

Agave salmiana v. ferox “Variegata” is a large agave with wide and striped leaves.

It’s prickly pear season as they are full and spiny and grown up nice in their pots by the end of the summer. The recent heat has helped!

Opuntia basiliris v caudata is funny looking with the areoles for spines, but no spines. Like freckles! or dimples? Or is it more like a pointillist painting from 1903?

Opuntia “Baby Rita” is a small-padded O. santa-rita cultivar. People like the small pads, somehow it’s “cute” I guess, but it is a spinier cultivar too, so that makes it more cute? Looks like spikey hair on top. I have a friend named Spike because she had spikey hair many years ago. Hi Spike in Pittsburgh!

Opuntia pycnantha is just too horrible, too dangerous, too coated in spines and glochids to be handled reliably. I don’t recommend it at all. But then, oh you know, that’s gorgeous…. I have to have one…

Opuntia “Kelly’s Choice” is a long time classic here at the jungle, so I don’t have to tell you about it at all, you already know everything there is to know, I’m sure.

Beautiful barrel cactus here, Ferocactus gracilis. Nice form, nice spination, easy on the eyes, not too vicious on the feet. But don’t step on it please.

More prickly pears? This is the Grizzly Bear Cactus, a very spiny California native with stunning pink flowers. Sometimes they’re yellow instead. Dealer’s Choice! Opuntia polyacantha v. erinacea.

Opuntia santa-rita “Goldie” is one of the yellow flowered santa-ritas, one of the purple padded prickly pears, which is all of them, but then this one is different because, well I don’t know, someone picked a yellow flowered santa-rita and called it Goldie. I give up.

Opuntia rhodantha “Grand Mesa Peach” is the last of this month’s prickly pears, and that’s a lot of new prickly pears we bring out for you, today, well not today (Friday 9/11) we’re closed due to the smoke today (Friday) but we’ll be open tomorrow, I hope, we all hope.

That’s a Boojum Tree! Beautiful fat spiny and Baja California native too. I don’t think they have this much smoke down that far south. I think it dissipates below Pismo Beach on the coast. Have you ever stopped at Pismo Beach while driving up or down the coast? It’s not that special, but you should stop anyway, because they have a yearly clam festival. Not this year, of course, it was cancelled, but maybe next year?

Cardón Grande is native to South America. Not Pismo Beach, nothing is native to Pismo Beach. Maybe crab grass. oooh Burn!

Denmoza rhodacantha is a very nice barrel cactus that is more closely related to the tall white Cleistocactuses than to the Ferocactus barrels. Hoiw can you tell for yourself? It’s the flowers, the weird unpleasant tubular flowers are the key. Beautiful cactus though.

Banksia ericifolia has large orange cone flowers, large cones, beautiful. These are Australian so you know they can take the heat and the smoke.

These are a very nice crop of Espostoa lanata, Old Man of the Andes. These are the type that grows very big too.

Blue is the main color they use to cultivate new Echeverias, sometimes pink but mostly blue. Echeveria “Blue Atoll”

Mangave “Bloodspot” is one of the original intergenic Agave x Manfreda hybrids, and still as classic today.

Mangave “Lavender Lady” on the other is soft, softly sweetly sugary and palatable. That’s a string of words! What do they mean? I think you knew when you read them, but did I know what I was typing? No! You got me there! I’m gaslighting you trying to sell you a Mangave with sweet sugary words. What…….

Echeveria Aquarius is one of our most popular ruffly leafed succulents this year, this year, ah, hmm, oh

Echeveria subrigida is a big plant, grows wide and colorful.

Echeveria cante is also a big echeveria, but in full sun this one gets pure as the white ash falling on the ground.

Echeveria gibbiflora is for the rest of you. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, we have Pachypodiums on the website for online sales too, local delivery!

In high demand are the Monstera Minimas, and we are growing them in house so we have a nice crop of 4″ plants ready right now.


Facet Cone Pots! These fine glazed pots are 8″ and come in 4 or more colors. And other sizes might also be available too, never sure what I’m doing here, so yes, definitely available in the Berkeley store in other sizes. But not online. One or the other, your choices are clear. The smoke is getting to me.

6″ Tall pots, terra cotta, set of 3 is up online, but you can buy them singly in the store too. It’s been hard keeping terra cotta in stock with the world wide terra cotta factory closures for covid. But we have some!

5″ white strawberry pot is fun! Unusual and easy to plant up with succulents in the pockets.


It’s a black trough and it’s a white trough, and they are 6″ long so you know they can fit a lot of small succulents stuck in there tight.

Concrete cylinders are in high demand, so they may not last long at the stores.

Glazed Bowls! I don’t have anything to say here. They are glazed bowls. 2 sizes, 3 colors.

And finally we have a gift item here on this page too, a 2-pack of quality Northern Lights scented candles for those dark smoky nights stuck indoor with the windows closed.