New Cactus, Succulents and Houseplants for the SF Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Cactus and Succulents


This month we are not just featuring lots of new plants, we are also getting ready for the holiday push, and we have so much that is new coming your way throughout the month. Right now we have a beautiful crop of new and very rare houseplants, new and very rare Haworthias, and coming very soon we have winter blooming bulbs, Christmas Cactus, and by the time you read this our Succulent Wreaths should be ready and out! Ornaments too.

Now many have been asking about the wreaths this year, and due to supply chain issues we have a very reduced number of wreaths, and only in one size. We’ll fill in with some non-succulent wreaths, but for those who are used to getting our wreaths shipped – we won’t be shipping this year since we are trying to make sure we have enough to stock the 2 stores, in-store! I will have them on the website for local delivery too.

A lot of new product will be added to the website between now and Thanksgiving, so check back often!

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Aeonium ciliatum will grow tall, around 5 feet! Which is tall for an Aeonium, though there are some that will get 8 foot tall too, though not this one. This one is special because of the fuzzy red edged leaves. In full sun. You can see it a bit in the picture, but not too much since these are also some of the more shade-tolerant of the succulents.

Crassula conjuncta “Pagoda” is a tightly-stacked paired-leaves succulent. There are many crassulas that meet this description, and are called Pagoda Plants, but this one is the namesake type. Actually, I don’t really know. This came to us as Crassula Pagoda and Pagoda is the common name, and it looks like C. conjuncta, and there are many crassulas with Pagoda in the name too, so is this one Crassula “Pagoda” or not? I do not know. Did someone cultivate this exact cultivar and name it exactly “Pagoda” to match the common name of Pagoda? Others have done similar so it’s possible. But I do not know.

Crassula ovata “Sunset” on the other hand is well known to us, a very colorful jade plant indeed.

Echeveria cante may be out of stock already, for all I know. We had a good size crop and I took a picture and then they started selling so here’s to hoping there are one or two left… It’s so pretty…

Echeveria “Eliza” is a new velvety cultivar. Nice color, good texture, wonderful bouquet. I like it! 93 points.

Echeveria “First Lady” has also gone by the name “Dick’s Pink”. I’m not sure why they changed the name on us. Very ruffuled leaf-edges.

Echeveria “Hercules” has very subtle coloring.

Echeveria “Lipstick” has very aggressive coloring. Red tips pouring down the sides of the leaves. This one looks almost like “Ebony” but they tell me it is “Lipstick”.

Echeveria setosa v. deminuta is a small fuzzy echeveria that stays flat on the ground. No stems to speak of.

Kalanchoe millotii has the very flat thick fuzzy leaves. Will get a bit silvery in full sun. Or as I like to call it, gray. My first new car (Honda CRX) was silver, or as I like to call it, gray.

Mangave “Red Wing” is mostly a dark red but it also has spots, and pointed leaves, and a rosette that will get 18″ across. Very similar to some other Manfreda x Agave hybrids, but all are subtle and special and unique.

Orbea lepida is halfway to rare, but our rare section is overflowing this month, so we will put it with the regular succulents for today. It’s still inside next to the other rare plants if you come by to buy one. Starfish flowers. Very stinky.

Othonna “Ruby Necklace” is full and thick and ready to spill out over the edges of your hanging planter. If you’ve been to the Marin store you’ve seen the bright purple trailing succulent on display – that’s this one!

Pleispilos nelii is a Living Stone that is easier to grow than the Lithops. Also, they’re pudgy.



Parodia leninghausii is not really new this month, but I needed some cactus to feature too so you get this one. Insight into my work methods: If I don’t have something new then just feature something old!

Rebutia pulvinosa are new! And the smallest of the rebutia stems, but the same large (for a small cactus) flowers! These have been growing out for almost 2 years to get that full in the pot. Cactus are slow!

To fill out the sparse Cactus section, here have a Stapeliad. Stapelia gigantea is another one of our stinky carrion flowers. This one is the giant one, the one with the biggest and stinkiest flowers. Actually, it’s not as bad as some smaller ones, it has a bit of a sweet stinky odor. You can see the terra cotta pot there I use to lift the plants up when photographing them. Usually that doesn’t make it into the photo, but that flower was so stinking big…



Euphorbia ornithopus is called the Bird’s Foot succulent because someone thinks the flowers look like birds feet. I chose not to share a flower pic here, but check them out if you want to know for sure.

Haworthia mirabilis v. badia will get a beautiful rusty red-brown color in full sun, but it is always a bit tougher to grow in full sun, so we grow them in part sun. Nice!

Haworthia springbokvlakensis is another rare South African haworthia with the translucent leaves. And a gorgeous glossy purplish red color to boot. You don’t see these every day!

Orbeanthus hardyi is very closely related to the Orbea above, but most definitely much more rare and alluring. So alluring. Those mottled stems, that cup-shaped flower. So pointy!

Sansevieria “Boncel” is the tightest of the S. cylindrica cultivars. This is very tight indeed! Look at it! Small and compact yet still recognizably Snake Plant. Also known as the Starfish Sansevieria, but not S. “Starfish” which is not a thing. My apologies for mislabeling a few plants earlier this year.

Ahhxhsh it’s the Chinese Jade Plant Sinocrassula yunnanensis! This tiny hedgehog needs some protection in winter, not from the cold since it is very cold hardy coming from some of the colder regions of China, but from the winter rains. Cold and wet is a definite no. Keep it indoor! In a very sunny window would be nice.



Some of these rare houseplants we only have a few, 1 or 2 per store. Not this first one, we are growing this one in-house and have a full crop. Stunning velvety leaves. Alocasia “Black Velvet” is my new favorite dwarf Jewel Alocasia tropical houseplant. Seems easier to grow than others. I recommend it!

Alocasia “Dragon’s Tooth” has glossy black leaves with stunning prominent white veins. Will grow tall, but still a small plant overall. They tell me that the leaf is shaped like a dragon’s tooth, but I don’t know how they would know – have they been to Westeros?

Alocasia “Quilted Dreams” is even more rare! Such thick gummy leaves. Someone has been hybridizing up a storm over at the Alocasia farms.

Stephania erecta is a succulent and a tropical houseplant! Where to categorize it?!? Anyway, our first crop is underway and the first dozen or so plants have been brought out. We have a lot more growing and will be bringing them out as they root and leaf out every month probably for the next year with this one crop – it’s a big crop! If we are out when you stop by, get on the list for the next round.

Monstera siltepecana has Wow silvery leaves, vining all over, will grow tall if you get it a trellis.

Now this is more like what is meant by Silvery. Scindapsus treubii “Moonlight” is the definition of Silvery. Or as I like to call it, Gray.



Caladium “Postman Joyner” is really really red in the centers of those leaves. You can’t stop that red. They sprout from bulbs and come in many colors, but this Caladium has just one thing on its mind. Blood.

Ficus “Ginseng” is an indoor easy-to-grow bonsai, keep them snipped a bit and there you go. On the other hand if you plant it in the ground you will get Ficus microcarpa, not just a full size tree, but an actual ancient giant tree that will grow over 100 ft tall. Also known as Chinese Banyan Tree. In this case though, the small specimens in the houseplant section can be stunted down to houseplant size easily enough. Will grow aerial roots.

It’s the Winter flowering Bulbs, out for your perusal. Paperwhites! Daffoldils! and more too.


Rare Pink Yarrow! OK, so not so rare. I thought maybe with all the rare succulents and houseplants I should maybe also feature some rare yarrows. But I don’t have any! They’re not so rare! This one is Achillea “Apple Blossom” so it’s nice, I mean, and all, you know. Enjoy!

Is this a rare lavender flowering Butterfly Bush? No, not very rare. But it is a dwarf, so that’s pretty good too. Buddleia “Buzz Lavendar”

Eriogonum fasciculatum is one of the California native Buckwheats, with subtle flowers. So pretty! But subtle. very subtle. Hardly noticeable. But when you do! Just watch where the bees congregate, they like them some buckwheat flowers.

Plectranthus amboinicus is a semi-succulent herb known as Cuban Oregano. Can you cook with it? Is it from Cuba? These and other questions will be answered on my new podcast, Succulents that are Used as Herbs from Around the World. Subscribe wherever you subscribe to Podcasts!

Senna phyllodenia has small gray leaves the better to withstand hot direct sun all summer long. Little yellow flowers later on.



I’m glad you scrolled down this far and didn’t just click past this email, but I forgot to include any Pots Gifts or More in the photo shoot. Sorry! But we have new Tokidoki, new candles, new fuzzy ornaments, new something else I forget, pots galore, also other stuff too! Thank you and goodnight.

OK, here, have a picture of the Marin store gift section.


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