New Cactus, Succulents and Houseplants for the SF Bay Area

New and Featured Cactus, Succulents, and Houseplants for the SF Bay Area


We’re stopping at nothing this year – holiday gifts, ornaments, living ornaments, pottery, plants, rare plants, discount codes, local deliveries, delicious sandwiches, cactus and agaves and Euphorbias, wait did I say something about sandwiches? sorry that’s a mistake, I was just hungry. Airplants, rocks and gemstones, orchids,



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Agave “Blue Glow” is very photogenic, usually. Not this month. This is the least of them. But we do have a lot in stock right now in many different sizes and lots of quantity, so let me know if you need any.

Crassula pellucida variegata is my least favorite Crassula that we carry, not my least favorite overall, just the one I hate the most of the ones we sell. Calico Kittens is a common name for it, not that I care at all. Wow, what a grump. Someone should get me a piece of chocolate.

Crassula “Sunset” has gorgeous colors going into winter. They’re a bit sensitive to frost as well as to heat, so they like the most moderate temps you can find in your home or on your property.

Echeveria “Blue Boy” is just your local neighborhood happy-go-lucky echeveria. Can’t be brought down by the latest Elon news.

Echeveria elegans is the original, the classic, the Mexican Snowball ready for its winter debut.

These Echeveria gibbiflora are very thick and tightly curly-edged. The best crop of gibbifiloras in some time. Nice color too.

Echeveria setosa deminuta is fuzzy. I think I say that every time we feature this one. I call it fuzzy. Every time! Last time? Yes. Next time? Yes. Fuzzy now fuzzy then fuzzy forever. Mmmmmmmm soft

Euphorbia ferox always looks a bit like a fake plant. I made them myself!

Euphorbia mammillaris comes in this green color, sprawls wide, lots of new growth, but we also carry the white version, but only in tiny pots right now. When not sprawling it looks very elegant.

Kalanchoe “Chocolate Soldier” is also fuzzy. Mmmm soft. So stimulating! Is someone you know asking for a plushie this holiday? Give them this instead.

It’s the Lithops! So many different species, all completely unlabeled! Mixed seed lots make for mixed lithops pots. Collect them all, take them home, look them up online, and get back to us with all your new named friends.

We just brought out a large crop of the ever-popular Mangave “Lavender Lady” so if you need to fill an entire yard just with this one plant we have the quantity for you. Nobody else does, just us.

Senecio haworthii is more white than a flowering succulent daisy deserves. They should be more of an off-white, practically a sand, or slightly more tan.

Today we feature Senecio vitalis, the green bean of succulents.


Our new crop of Myrtillocactus Crests are hefty, cresting, thick, blue-green, and just from us – nobody else grows them like this.

It’s winter so it must be time for Christmas Cactus! We have pink-flowering ones in stock now, but they are late blooming, not going to be in bloom before the end of the eyar this year.

And then we have the Mistletoe cactus, Rhipsalis baccifera. It must be December around here.

Opuntia microdasys rufida – we have three diffrent microdasyses right now, yellow white and orange colored glochids, but these are the glochiest glochids on any glochid-infested cactus in the tri-state area, so beware.

Opuntia violacea is the winter-loving purple prickly pear that gets more purple when it gets frost, which is right now, as we speak. I’m cold, I’m having trouble warming up here. I have 6 layers on. 3 shirts, 1 sweater and 2 coats, plus a scarf. I’m still cold.

Pilosocereus pachycladus is not a cactus I need to tell you about. You already know. Or maybe I’ve just run out of things to say this late in the year – so many emails have gone out this year already! It’s hard to keep up.


Adenium obesum “Picotee” is the cultivar with the extreme vibrant pink edges to the white Desert Rose flowers. They are the most. But they are not in bloom right now, so this photo is not the most. Enjoy!

Euphorbia baioensis is a spiny shrubby and more spiny succulent from Kenya where it thrives in hot dry desert conditions.

Oxalis namaquana is like butter. Buttery yellow flowers. Buttery delicious. Some Oxalis are edible, I don’t really know if these are. some Oxalis are poisonous, so I wouldn’t try. I’ve never tried them, and at these prices you should try some cheap and easy edible oxalis first before spending this much on a tiny bulb that won’t even count as a proper appetizer, no matter how buttery the yellow flowers are. But no, please do not eat. Please don’t get me in trouble, I have enough going on right now.

Senecio tropaeolifolius are in stunning shape right now. Nice little caudex, beautiful blue-green arrowhead leaves.


Billbergia “Fantasia Red” is yellow-spotted. Something something I don’t know what to say about that. I almost certainly have come up with a different name for this lovely narrow vertical bromeliad houseplant if anyone had asked me.

Epiprennum pinnatum is a favorite of the local barristas in San Juan, Puerto Rico where they grow like weeds, hence are cheap and readily available. Here they are fancy. And you know what that means. Generally known as the Dragon Tail, apparently some call it Centipede Tongavine. Uhhh

Ludisia discolor “Nigrescens” is an irridescent Jewel orchid. The flowers will be amazing too, but in the meantime the foliage is to die for.

Lots of airplants this time of year, including these single mounted Tillandsia – you get a sweet piece of driftwood with your little bromeliad friend.

Paperwhite bulbs ready to bust out blooming in no time! (Not blooming now). They have the best white flowers for winter side tables! (Note: These are not in bloom at this time.) Easy to grow, easy to get to flower by Christmas (but not now).

The Phalaenopsis orchids are in stock and cute as a moth.


Billbergia nutans is the classic outdoor hardy Queen’s Tears bromeliad. Fantastic flowers. These are nice and full.


Adorn Tumblers are handmade and they come in 3 colors. Well, four if you consider the lower white a color too.

Agate Tree Tumbled gemstones. Cute. The veining is branch-like so it fits in well with our plant theme to our nursery. Did you know we had a plant theme to our plant nursery? I only figured it out last year! I always thought we had a delicious sandwich theme. I got schooled.

Candlefy Hawaii Candles smell delicious! Our theme today is clearly a full email filled with delicious. I’m allergic to candles so I can only smell them in passing, but that’s OK, everyone else says they like them.

Carey Cherney is our favorite artist we’ve been carrying for over 15 years. Thre’s nobody like him! Straight out of West Marin County.

All the latest Danica mugs. Saturated colors are in!

Dragon’s Blood Soapstone gemstones are deep and richly colored, easy to hold in your hand and rub. Very good feng shui. Or is it that they are tactile? Can Feng Shui be tactile?

And now we get right down into the muck with our winter holiday shopping crowds – real maple syrup! I’m not allergic! Oh that’s good stuff.

More food-like products! Salt and Pepper from France, with their own grinders built right in.

We have some of the funkiest glass ornaments for your tree or if you’re jewish then for you menorah, that’s fine too. I prefer candles in my menorah, but you do you.

Polanshek greeting cards! We always bring in new cards multiple times per year, and that time is now.

Screech Owl greeting cards too. All new.

And finally we bring to you the latest blind box toys from Tokidoki. Unicorno series 11 of course is the special feature. Bambino series 2 always is the most adorable of the Tokidoki series. They have a bambino on the back of the unicorno!