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Now I wouldn’t normally post a commercial, even if it does feature a cactus, unless it’s not a US ad. This one is not a US ad. And on top of that it features not a cactus but a “cactus kid” so it’s freaky enough to deserve a looksee.

24" Boxes

Aloe “hercules” and Yucca elephantipes and Cereus cv monstrose.



It’s 5pm and this Fockia crispa is ready to get out of here

9th Street Succulents


Lola on 9th St in Berkeley has little succulent pots hanging out at the side door.

A Cactus Grows in Oregon

From the Corvallis Gazette Times we find out the truth of this claim.

A prickly pear cactus at Oregon State University bloomed this year. The flowers, which lasted only about a day each, were at their peak earlier this month. (Photo contributed by Jim Weldon)

Pretty! Well, I’ll be. A cactus does grow in Oregon.

Or does it…???

Now that I look at it, there’s no proof in the photo itself. Do we trust the Oregon State Beavers to give us the straight story on the growth of cactus in Oregon? Do they even have a horticulture department? These are the question that I respectfully demand answers to before I will accept this claim that a cactus grows in Oregon.

Oh, and this too.

A Cactus Thingy

Carole sends along a link to this thing that has power and cactus and outlets and fun!

I love the description, too

Power Cactus, the Best Multi Plug-In Device

Italian brand Manifattura&Design proves creativity has no limits! The original power device is both aesthetic and functional because it adds some “atmospheric” lighting to your room. Wouldn’t you like to have an ‘electric cactus’ in a flower pot instead of a white, common, plastic multiple plug-in?  In fact, Power Cactus can complete the statement of a house or improve a room’s decoration and give the feeling one is looking for. The designer said that it functions as in a perfect embrace, the light winds its thread around the Cactus to find the power in the trunk of the tree. (Italics added)

I love a copywriter who would say that “Creativity has no limits!” with an exclamation at the end! The awesome power of the copywriter.

A Pointed Position

The Christian Science Monitor has an article about wintering your succulents. Here’s a pretty photo and caption that went with the article.


Succulents – with their wide range of colors and textures – are perfect in containers. (Photo courtesy of Betty Earl.)

True enough, but what does that have to do with overwintering the plants?

Achillea Lawn Mow

Well now, that’s nifty.

I don’t know who took the photo. It was sitting on the desktop of the computer.

[Update: Lawn and Photo credit: San Marcos Growers.]

Seems like a good drought-tolerant meadow solution.


This looks like an ad, but I don’t know what it’s using the Euphorbia tirucallii to advertise. The lampshade? Chair? Pot? Elephant?

Who knows!

That’s what I love about the internet, the shear non-sequitorial randomness.

Agave Place Settings

I don’t know what makes this line of porcelain plates and settings “Agave” but I like them, so what the heck, here you go. You can see the full line of plates here.

Sugar Bowl


They do say this about the name and the style:

Agave evokes the class and charm in every moment of the day.

Now it all makes sense.

Agave! Agave! Agave!

It’s a needlepoint agave rug, of course; what did you think it was?

But wait, don’t invest your money and needlepoint time yet! There’s a description of what you get:

Remarkable scale and boldness of color. Terrific canvas for either a rug or a presentation for a wall. Canvas measures 26″ x 38″ and is available as a 14 mesh Zweigart canvas. Wool or silk threads are available, though we are partial to silk for this canvas. We are happy to pull appropriate thread colors to help you complete this grand rug.

OK, now you know the full details of wyhat it will take to turn this into a rug. Good luck.


I see that aHa! Modern Living has featured the Perch Campy Planters that we’ve been featuring and also planting with succulents.

Here’s one we have at the store with an Echeveria agavoides in it. We like to display them at a slight angle.


Air Plant Terrarium

These are cute little stacked rock glass that is probably supposed to be used for a triple bud vase, but I used it for a Tillandsia terrarium. So there. Apparently I’ve come to love the tiny holes.

It’s hard to get anything but the thinnest of the Tillandsias in there. I used a couple tiny T. ionantha and some very thin T. recurvata. It was easy enough to get the sand in each of the rocks and then I tore tiny shreds of the some bright green preserved reindeer moss and stuffed them in as far as they would go. The tillandsias got added last.

It’s a good thing I have some sturdy and thin and long tweezers, or maybe I have tiny fingers.

Aloe Blue Elf

I see the Aloe “Blue Elf”s are looking good.

I just thought I would share that with you.

Aloe Drinks

I see my local fast food Chinese is serving aloe drinks.


Aloe in the Garden of Eden

Apparently there was aloe in the garden of eden, according to this Biblical Garden terrarium.


I can see it in there! Right in front of the aloe tag! You can get this beautiful thing, but no plants are included, only seeds. So the odds of success are lower than you would like for this kind of price.

I shouldn’t be so hard on them. It’s beautiful, indeed.

Aloe Leaves

So earlier this morning I mentioned it’s the time of year to take your final cactus cuts. And I thought I should also mention that it’s OK to take some succulent cuts all the way into winter.

For instance, Aeoniums. And Aloes, too!

Fun fact: Did you know that the stoma of the aloe leaf are often sunken, and surrounded by well-developed lobes?


Portion of Vertical Section of Aloe Leaf

1. Stoma                            5. Vascular Bundle
2. Cuticle                          6. Water Storage Tissue
3. Upper Epidermis     7. Palisade Tissue
4. Palisade Tissue         8. Lower Epidermis

And from Aloes: The Genus Aloe By Tom Reynolds




I’ve never seen this before. (The tall plant that Hap is standing next to.) We’re going to start carrying it in 5 gallon size.

Furcraea macdougalii

Furcraea macdougalii

It’s supposed to get to 20 ft. tall, and with the onset of a trunk the leaves start spreading outward. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Amplified Cactus

I don’t have much to add to this notice from Chronogram Magazine.

Brooklyn-based quartet So Percussion… sound like all-acoustic techno music. “Percussion,” of course, does not necessarily mean drums. Ethereal bells, glockenspiel, bowed marimba, and toy piano also qualify—as well as aluminum pipes and an amplified cactus.

The Chamber Arts Festival of Marbletown runs on two weekends, from May 23 to June 1, at SUNY Ulster’s Quimby Theatre. (845) 687-2687

If you get to go to the concert to hear the amplified cactus, and get to record it, then do pass it along to the rest of us.

Anecdotal Evidence

I’ve been reading the real estate ads recently to see how far the value of our house has dropped, and I noticed a strange thing – the ads that feature gardens out front of the house do not get repeated week after week while the ads that feature only interior shots do.

From this I have determined that gardeners make better home owners.

Do with this anecdotal knowledge what you will, but be gentle, please.

October 2021

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