Watering Advice for Succulents in California

General watering advice for Cactus and Succulents in Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay Area and California:

  1. When planted in the ground with good drainage, water every 2 weeks April-October for 1st year only. No extra watering once the rains start. Xeriscape: in the San Francisco Bay Area with our winter rains, no watering should be needed after the first year, when roots are established. Micro-climates throughout SF vary, so your local watering needs may vary.
  2. Indoor in pots: A rough estimate is to water every 2 weeks for succulents and every 3 weeks for cactus. A little less in winter, a little more when hot. More for small pots. More in full sun, less in shade. Succulents will often let you know when they need water: leaves wrinkle or wilt, bottom leaves drop off. Never let cactus or succulents sit in water – if the pot is in a dish, water at sink or add pot feet or pebbles.
  3. We recommend you water your new plant when you get it home to get it started on your watering schedule.

Note: These are general rules. Plants are living organisms – local conditions will vary and plants are individuals. Some types of plants are more particular, like Lithops and Jatrophas; others are more flexible, like many Echeverias and some high desert Opuntias.

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opuntia_prolifera_bloomOpuntia prolifera