Utah Succulents Link of the Day

A+C: Succulents wants to know if Aeonium “Schwartzkopf” will grow in her neighborhood in Utah. One commenter has suggested they’re annuals there.

A photo shows them interspersed with blue fescues, possibly growing in Utah, but hard to know for sure.

A Shrink and Her Cactus

A blogger on Psychology Today has a very personal relationship with her cactus. Here’s a snippet.

The one live plant in my office is a cactus… we have developed a relationship…

Despite my desertion, it lived…

At a weak moment, I felt guilty…

Not that I’m bitter…

It has the power to inflict pain….

Here’s the rest of it.

Most Popular

I was wondering what the most popular CactusBlog entry is. So I looked it up and it’s this one from 2008.

What’s sad about this is that isn’t even my photo. But apparently google loves it, so what can I do?

Updating WordPress

I’m updating the blog to the latest version of WordPress, due to some security flaws in the last version, and we just had our first glitch – the blog was down for half an hour. But we’re back! Hopefully, the rest of this update will be smoooooth sailing all the way.

Link of the Day

Danger Garden picked up some Aloe Yucca hybrid that may be called Yucca aloifolia or Aloe Yucca.

To the google! And… Yucca aloifolia it is, also known as Spanish Bayonet, and it’s not a hybrid at all.

Here’s a photo of an impressive clump via Floridata.


Maryland Succulents

From the Baltimore Sun’s Garden Variety Blog by Susan Reimer, we find out that Debra Lee Baldwin has been inspiring succulent lovers all over the country.


Photo credit: Baltimore Sun/Susan Reimer

Try keeping container gardens alive on my deck during the heat of July and August and you will find yourself a convert to succulent container gardens, too.

That’s how I spent the weekend, assembling this collection of glazed pots and the very few varieties of succulents I could find in my quadrant of Maryland….

I have been enchanted by the idea of succulents in containers since I wrote about Debra Lee Baldwin’s new book, “Succulent Container Gardens.” These plants look soooo exotic.

Old Pots

Lara, at enidlifestyle.com has been collecting vintage pots to fill with succulents. See the results, on enidlifestyle.com. There’s some really nice vintage glazes.

I’m not so sure about the owl, though.

Balloon Cactus

You know I am often amazed what one can find on the web. Here we have a balloon cactus.

Cactus' insides on Twitpic

Now what does this mean? I mean, you know, like, 500 years ago someone in Rome first got a sample of a cactus from an explorer who had recently returned from the Americas. Maybe from Columbus himself. And now look what happens; google, twitter, and balloon cactuses. Oh my.


Jenny at J Peterson Blog has a tree trunk photo. Oh, and it’s covered in caterpillars. Oh Nos! I’ll bet they’ve already stripped those leaves bare.


I see that Mr. Subjunctive is planning for the zombie apocalypse by buying plants. An excellent strategy, indeed!

He has a number of excellent succulent choices, including the ever fascinating Pedilanthus, and some other houseplant thingys too. I think he should also add astelia to his list. And you? What are you doing to prepare for the zombies?

Blooming Agave

Debra Lee Baldwin’s Agave potatorum is starting to bloom, as told on Gardening Gone Wild.

She wonders what to do with all the plantlets that will result. Any ideas of how she can share them, maybe while on her book tour?

Hokkaido Seedlings

My twitter friend @kotemaro grows succulents in Hokkaido, and has some new seedlings growing on his website. No english, but lots of succulent pictures.

This is the caption below the photo of the seedlings:

ちょっとー何これ♪ 可愛いんですけどー!

So go check out the picture, and see if you can figure out what it is. Then come back here and let me know what you’ve come up with.


Idora design had trouble picking paint colors, so they hired a colorist. They should have hired me! I do color selection, too you know. What, you don’t know?

Despite the fact that I attended fancy-pants art school, we ended up having to get a colorist to help us pick paint for our house. It’s embarrassing, but it really worked out. If anyone has a purpose for quarts of some wierd colors I bought pre-colorist, I’m your girl!

They also linked to us at the cactusblog in this post, so a link back seemed like the least I could do.

Blooming Epiphytes

Far Out Flora has some very clear photos of tillandsias, even in bloom, and even quite beautiful. So many epiphytic bromeliads, so little time.

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