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Garden Rant is pimping out easy to assemble raised beds. They’re giving them away now too! If someone wants to send me a free easy to assemble raised bed, I’ll pimp ’em out too.

And they have a post about searching for plants online, featuring Loree’s [added: And Megan Hansen. and Patricia Cunningham, see comment below] newest tool, Plant Lust. I didn’t know! Now I do.

Weather Report Blogging

We were forecast for hail this weekend, but it held off in the Berkeley area. Apparently they got quite a bit in Davis, as reported by Gerhard of Bamboo and More. Click through to see the Hail! and the damage to Gerhard’s succulents.

We covered all the soft succulents at the nursery Saturday night, so we were prepared. Now, we had a whole bunch of hail storms this winter that we weren’t prepared for, so we were lucky this time.

As Seen on Flickr

Click through for all the pretty photos on Flickr.

  1. First up we have a peachy Echinopsis with not one but two flowers from Annibel.
  2. Secondly, we see there was a “Happy Cactus” for Cinco de Mayo. I’m not happy about it at all. From Shaire.
  3. Lastly we find a round of cactus and succulents on a bench from Robert Miles Design. From the left going clockwise, Mammillaria, Parodia, Espostoa, Ferocactus, Astrophytum, Echeveria, Pachyveria(?), Pleiospilos.

That was it for flickr today, nothing else new there. I wish people would upload more photos.

Link of the Day

Besides the link to the bees and beetles below, that is.

A really nice blooming Pediocactus simpsonii photo taken in Colorado, as found on flickr. Candy colored flowers. Did I mention the colors look like they could be made into spun sugar ribbon candy?

Cactus Taxes

Good to Grow asked their experts about taxes and plants, and Expert Ed had an interesting answer.

Expert EZ Ed Johnson:

Q. If plants were considered “people” like corporations are considered to be “people,” which plant or tree do you think would find the most tax loopholes to pay the least amount of taxes?

A. It’s hard to squeeze anything out of a cactus.

Did you get your taxes in on time? Or did you have your cacti handle it all for you?

SF Garden Show on the Blogs

The first of the Garden Show reviews.

Googly-eyed Cactus by Sproutopia at the SF Garden Show, via Far Out Flora with Sproutopia’s Dinosaurs via Garden Wise Guy.

Focusing on the structures from Garden Porn, including the succulent wall panel shed.

I’ll update as more blogs post their reviews, so let me know as they appear.

Toronto Goes Insane

From a magazine apparently called Candy and Cactus, there’s a store in Toronto that sells plants and toiletries interspersed in the aisles.

Here’s some Haworthia and an ice cream case:

An orchid among the shaving creams:

Photo credits: Mikaël Lavogiez

What is up with a magazine called Candy and Cactus anyway?

Tea Cup Cactus

Old Brand New likes to put cactus and succulents into dinnerware, especially if they have handles. It makes it easier to water the plants. I hope Old Brand New isn’t over-watering the plants since the dinnerware doesn’t look like it has drain holes in the bottom.

Blog Roll Updates

It’s that exciting time of year when I update the blog roll! Yay! I added some garden blogs, some gardens, and I also cleared out some dead links. So go ahead and click on the links to your right with abandon!

I’ll also link to some of their posts as we go in the weeks ahead.

And if I missed any blogs I should be linking to, including yours, let me know in comments, please, OK?

Link of the Day, Portland Edition

San Francisco’s Paxton Gate Nursery has a Portland branch office, now, so it seems. This comes to us via words and pictures and links from Danger Garden who happens to be in Portland, so they are probably a reliable source for this.

Check out the fully dormant and named Desert Roses they have. I thought we were the only ones to put out leafless succulents.

Link of the Day

Garden Adventures has a photo of the inner working parts of a Cereus peruvianus flower. Hard to tell what it comes from in the photo, so we’ll just have to trust the ID.

Echeveria Elegans

365 Days has finally found succulents, and it only took 11 months of the year. At least the clump of Echeveria is in full bloom.

Did you know that Echeveria elegans is from Mexico? All Echeverias are from Mexico, or maybe a little further south.

Tortured Shrubbery

Danger Garden has spotted a carwash with some tortured shrubbery in the shape of Saguaros, also known as “Arborvitae Saguaro” – quite the fancy name for such as that. Impressive!

Almost Ready

All Andrew’s Plants has some Echeveria and Aloe blooms that are full and colorful and were almost ready to open this past weekend. Maybe they’re already open!

Chicago Style Succulents

Sprout Home Chicago puts them in dancing pots.

I assume that refers to the rounded bottoms. I wonder how well they drain?

More photos at Sprout Home.

Blog Links

  1. PATSP was lucky enough to snap a photo of his cacti caught in an amorous position. In Iowa!
  2. Far Out Flora has ants. And pitcher plants. Now there’s a combo!
  3. This link is for Keith: Good to Grow has a hot air balloon. Or at least photos of one taking off from a New Mexico parking lot.
  4. Danger Garden found a place on Etsy where you can buy a 2″ cactus for the low low price of only $12 each! Now that’s a deal. Plus, they tell you that it will absorb radiation from your computer screen. Excellent!
  5. Jardinagens has an adorable little Huernia flower. The beetles must be so excited!
  6. That’s just not right.
  7. A Photographer’s Garden Blog has had problems with his squash, so a lineup of the guilty parties ensued.
  8. And finally, Whippet Snippets has found that an adorable hiking whippet has hit the big time. Unfortunately it’s in a dreadful and mean cracker commercial.
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