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Snappy’s Garden Blog from Wakefield : Yorkshire : United Kingdom has an Echeveria imbricata that has survived the Yorkshire winter! Yay!

And there were some cormarants, spring bulbs, a sister’s birthday and a landlord threat. That’s a full blog post.

Southern Cal

Fern at Life on the Balcony took a lot of photos of succulents at the Huntington Gardens near Pasadena.

It’s always a joy to walk the grounds of the Huntington, home of some of the largest succulent specimens seen in captivity, and Life on the Balcony does a good job of capturing that.

Nice Fockea.


chuck b. of My Back 40(Feet) has some big and juicy rock photos of Tahquitz Canyon outside Palm Springs. I highly recommend the photo with the little tufts of grasses poking through.

Clay Balls

From Amy Stewart at Garden Rant:

…You’ll walk into the garden center and walk around for a little while, lost and confused, until some helpful employee walks up and asked you what you’re looking for. You won’t want to ask, because it sounds so weird, but eventually you’ll have no choice but to say, “Uh—do you have—uh—any clay spheres?”

The employee will light up and say, “Of course. They’re over here.” He or she will lead you to the section in the garden center where they keep flowerpots. There, among the pots, will be these things. Clay spheres. There’s really no other way to describe them….

Actually, I like to refer to them as “clay balls” to our customers. We have them scattered around the nursery so you can see them in action. They are an oddity that some people just have to have. What are ya gonna do?

The small ones are solid, but the large ones are hollow! The glazed balls have a bottom, with a large hole.


Mulch Maven, from J Peterson Garden Design in Austin, TX, uploaded a succulent centerpiece, with bright red candle, on twitpic.

Let’s see what we can identify in the photo. I see: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Sedum spurium, Crassula nudicaulis, Echeveria imbricata, Sedum “Blue Spruce”, Sempervivum arachnoides, a Mammillaria, and some others too!

Pastilles Update

Christine from Idora Design (California Native plant designs…) came by the nursery today and brought me Cactus Pastilles! I am so excited. Unfortunately, I was not around at the time, but I have now tasted them, and they are a bit licoricey, which is good because I like licorice.

Photo 43


Idora Design Blog is featuring Arctostaphyloses today. We like manzanitas.

Link of the Day

A Desert Observer, in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, has a late blooming ferocactus, and it’s purple! Such a pretty flower. I wonder what special minerals she had to feed the plant to get that color?

Bromeliad Story

Danger Garden rescued a giant bromeliad from their office lobby, and it turns out it’s a Vriesea imperialis. Good times.

And how did they know this? Why, they saw one at Cactus Jungle! Photos ensued.

Blog Link of the Day

Seedbyte has a whole bunch of photos of a spectacular series of mixed succulent pots in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Good stuff.

Link of the Day

Garden Amateur in Sydney, Australia has some nice little succulents growing pots that appreciate the recent rain.

He’s got a cute little unnamed mesemb that we are calling a Hartmanthus. You’d think if it has found its way to Australia, the plant must be in wider cultivation by now, and someone should have a definitive name for it.

Newspaper Troubles

The SF Chronicle raised their price again, to $1, after recently shrinking the paper by 1/3.

The future belongs to the internet. Blogs rulez.

Quote of the Day

On the Gates arrest, this post by Digby is very good.  As they say in the intertubes, “what Digby says.

My personal perspective is colored by the fact that I was also once arrested for arguing with an officer, even though no laws were broken and no charges were filed. There’s no question they have power beyond upholding the law.

Link of the Day

If you’re looking for more cactus bloom photos, Water When Dry always has some really nice ones throughout the Arizona spring season. Nice Parodia.

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