(Christmas Cactus and Cat Picture) Link of the Day

Mandalas & More likes her christmas cactus but wants to know why it’s called “cactus” since it appears to be a succulent.

Her readers seem to think it was a marketing decision.

Well, the answer is simpler than that. It’s called a cactus because it is a cactus. In the cactaceae family and all. Not to get all botanical on you, but it’s in the Cactoideae Subfamily and the Rhipsalideae Tribe. Now you know and you are thus now an expert. Share your knowledge wide and especially with your family this year at Christmas.

Also known as Schlumbergera orssichiana.

And it’s also a succulent, too! As all cacti (except the lovely Pereskia) are succulents.

I think that’s enough info about the Christmas cactus on this blog for this year.

A Cactus Blog Blogger

Joe is joining our blog today! Please be welcoming to Joe. Say hi when you can. Like now would be a good time. Scroll down to his first post, and comment!

And you can visit his tumblr blog too, this is 4 my blog.

A Shrink and Her Cactus

A blogger on Psychology Today has a very personal relationship with her cactus. Here’s a snippet.

The one live plant in my office is a cactus… we have developed a relationship…

Despite my desertion, it lived…

At a weak moment, I felt guilty…

Not that I’m bitter…

It has the power to inflict pain….

Here’s the rest of it.

Almost Ready

All Andrew’s Plants has some Echeveria and Aloe blooms that are full and colorful and were almost ready to open this past weekend. Maybe they’re already open!

Aloe Link of the Day

<a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1890&amp;entry_id=1721" title="http://borrego.thegardenjournals.org/?p=87" onmouseover="window.status=’http://borrego.thegardenjournals.org/?p=87′;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Borrego’s Aloe Blog</a> in Los Angeles caught a neighbor’s Aloe marlothii in bloom. It is a large and impressive plant.<br /><br /><br />

An Epi Blooms in Kansas

The Lawrence World Journal has reader blogs, and one reader found a blooming Epiphyllum in Lawrence, Kansas with a cell phone photo to prove it. This is a very exciting find, I would think. But then it’s Saturday, so what do you expect?

Ant Plants

Ant Plants, live from Indonesia! With photos of ants and plants, and ants in the plants.

(In case you were wondering, we’re talking Myrmecodia and Hydnophytums here).

Around the Blogs

Garden Rant is pimping out easy to assemble raised beds. They’re giving them away now too! If someone wants to send me a free easy to assemble raised bed, I’ll pimp ’em out too.

And they have a post about searching for plants online, featuring Loree’s [added: And Megan Hansen. and Patricia Cunningham, see comment below] newest tool, Plant Lust. I didn’t know! Now I do.

Around the Photoblogosphere

<a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1885&amp;entry_id=1714" title="http://cafejoetogo.blogspot.com/" onmouseover="window.status=’http://cafejoetogo.blogspot.com/’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Joseph Pobereskin</a> likes to take pictures of urban succulents, which by his definition doesn’t actually include any succulents.<br /><br /><img width="250" hspace="5" border="0" src="/blog/uploads/misc/IMG_1761.jpg" /><br /><br />Photo borrowed without permission, so go see the full size version at <a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1886&amp;entry_id=1714" title="http://cafejoetogo.blogspot.com/2008/02/suburban-succulents.html" onmouseover="window.status=’http://cafejoetogo.blogspot.com/2008/02/suburban-succulents.html’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Eat at Joe’s</a> along with his other urban succulents.<br /><br />

Around the Photoblogosphere pt.1

<a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1883&amp;entry_id=1713" title="http://www.harmelphoto.com" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.harmelphoto.com’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Mark Harmel</a> takes pictures of succulents. Here’s an agave mostly out of focus, but just the right parts just enough in focus.<br /><br /><img width="350" hspace="5" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/misc/20071123_stk_5227.jpg" /><br /><br /><a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1884&amp;entry_id=1713" title="http://www.harmelphoto.com/blog/?p=7" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.harmelphoto.com/blog/?p=7′;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Photo borrowed</a> without permission, so go see the original and others too.<br /><br />

Around the Photoblogosphere pt.3

<a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1887&amp;entry_id=1716" title="http://www.flickr.com/photos/gwen/" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.flickr.com/photos/gwen/’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">Gwen</a> takes some very lovely plant pictures around town. She bought this mammillaria from us.<br /><br /><img width="350" hspace="5" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/misc/2295858500_bfdf131e2c.jpg" /><br /><br />Nice. Since this photo was borrowed without permission, go see the <a href="https://cactusjungle.com/archives/blog/exit.php?url_id=1888&amp;entry_id=1716" title="http://www.flickr.com/photos/gwen/2295858500/" onmouseover="window.status=’http://www.flickr.com/photos/gwen/2295858500/’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">full-size original on flickr</a>, and enjoy the rest of Gwen’s photos too.<br /><br />

Around the Succulent Blogosphere

Plants are the Strangest People has a frog in a bromeliad.

CactGuy found an interesting planter window box with an overgrown cactus in Dallas.

Far Out Flora is back in town and visiting the Bonsai collection at Lake Merritt.

Oregon Cactus Blog has some stunning deep pink Hoya flowers. I’ve never seen them that pink on a Hoya. Photoshop trick or all natural?

Lithops Stories is repotting some gorgeous Titanopsis calcarea seedlings.

Pitcher Plant Project has a large and successful pot of Sarracenia psittacina growing nicely and photogenically.

Do you have a new Cactus or Succulent Blog or Tumblr and want to share with us? Let us know all about you in the comments. Bamboos and Carnivorous Plant Blogs welcome too.

As Seen on Flickr

Click through for all the pretty photos on Flickr.

  1. First up we have a peachy Echinopsis with not one but two flowers from Annibel.
  2. Secondly, we see there was a “Happy Cactus” for Cinco de Mayo. I’m not happy about it at all. From Shaire.
  3. Lastly we find a round of cactus and succulents on a bench from Robert Miles Design. From the left going clockwise, Mammillaria, Parodia, Espostoa, Ferocactus, Astrophytum, Echeveria, Pachyveria(?), Pleiospilos.

That was it for flickr today, nothing else new there. I wish people would upload more photos.

Balloon Cactus

You know I am often amazed what one can find on the web. Here we have a balloon cactus.

Cactus' insides on Twitpic

Now what does this mean? I mean, you know, like, 500 years ago someone in Rome first got a sample of a cactus from an explorer who had recently returned from the Americas. Maybe from Columbus himself. And now look what happens; google, twitter, and balloon cactuses. Oh my.

BBQ Succulents

Sweetstuff Sassy Succulents has found a new use for old Father’s Day Gifts gone awry – make a hanging succulent wall unit out of it. In this case, it’s a BBQ grill cage stuffed and planted and hung.

Bernal Heights

My Back 40 has been walking the Bernal Heights neighborhood recently and took a lot of pictures. Did I say a lot? I mean A LOT. Don’t click over unless you have a few minutes to stroll through the photos. Some nice succulents mixed in among all the other crazy plants and stuff.

Irises, Echiums, Aeoniums, Agaves, and a really giant Fremontodendron…

For some reason there’s even a Pittosporum.

Enough photos that all you people who have never walked through the gardens of a San Francisco neighborhood will get a really good idea of what that’s like.

Blog Link of the Day

Seedbyte has a whole bunch of photos of a spectacular series of mixed succulent pots in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. Good stuff.

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