Link of the Day

Love Thyself grows native succulents. Native to South Africa, that is. Well, there are a lot of native succulents if you’re in South Africa – it’s not even fair!

No Flies on Me

Julie has some disgusting photos of flies on stapelia blooms. I wonder why flies on blooms is disgusting? Bees on blooms are adorable, and we all love butterflies. I wonder why we don’t like flies? Maybe because they are fooled into thinking it’s a rotting carcass. Stupid stapeliads.

Link of the Day

Hunting for the Sun has taken very good care of cactus for years and yet there weren’t any blooms!

Until now…

Nice photo. I think it’s a Rebutia.

New-Succulent-Planters-Make-the-Street-Come-Alive Link of the Day

Ned Raggett ponders the succulent gardens planters at his favorite coffee and shares a picture.

(O)ver at the Gypsy Den, my regular coffee house haunt, they took out the old plants in the planters and replaced them with new succulents…. the more colorful arrangement is a nice touch.

I’m sure the fine people over at the Gypsy Den appreciate the appreciation. I wonder what city we’re talking about?

Chicago Cactus

Carnwrite went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and cactus show and shared some photos. Nice melocactus, and the dioscorea is to die for.

Link of the Day

Janice found a tile cactus on the side of a building in the Sunset, in San Francisco. I had no idea it was there. Now I know. It’s at 48th and Noriega, in case someone wants to go by and also document the find.

Link of the Day

John Bokma posts photos from his family’s hike to the cactus garden south of Chilac, near Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca. There they captured scorpions on digital film. And there’s a lovely photo of beetles mating on a prickly pear too.

How to Prove a Point

In this blog entry I link to another unnamed blog that references a Swiss study, without links, that proves that having a cactus beside your computer screen makes you healthier and happier. Since I agree with the very premise, I have no need to link to the blog post, find the Swiss study, or show my data at all. Well, OK, here’s a quote for you:

If you place a cactus in front of your computer screen it will lessen fatigue and headaches that may occur from extended computer use. This was proven at a Switzerland company when a cactus was placed in front of each employee’s monitor and the employees admittedly felt better.

Now that you know the truth, you too should buy yourself a cactus. Right now. Come on by the nursery, I always say.

Link of the Day

Dustpan Alley has a picture of an upside down baby mannequin head with a Crassula ovata growing out of it. Angelina thinks succulents have secret lives. I suppose the pictures help to reveal them.

Link of the Day

Saipua has been mixing plants for clients. Here’s a picture of a peony and a Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi and some other stuff too. A very particular style results.

Link of the Day

Danielle’s little nopal grew an arm, as documented on Danielle’s Garden Blog. It’s very precious, so be careful not to disturb it, or the whole thing may break off and then where would we be?

Flickr Photo Find Link of the Day

Moonjazz took a very popular photo of a cactus bloom. Everyone on flickr seems to like it, so you may too, not that I’m making any assumptions about you and your aesthetic tastes. After all, you’re on this blog and I have my own aesthetic, which is different from moonjazz’s, so you may not like it like everyone else on flickr likes it. OK?

Link of the Day

Somebody does something unfortunate to some cactus or other. It looks like a Japanese game show. I don’t know what to add. In fact, I’ll just say that you shouldn’t click the link because that would be encouraging bad behavior.

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