Book Learning

From sitting-looking, who took the picture from a Harpers from 1897. That’s awhile ago.

I see prickly pear cactus and bicycles, a standard combination for men with guns back in the 19th century.

BBQ Succulents

Sweetstuff Sassy Succulents has found a new use for old Father’s Day Gifts gone awry – make a hanging succulent wall unit out of it. In this case, it’s a BBQ grill cage stuffed and planted and hung.

Bernal Heights

My Back 40 has been walking the Bernal Heights neighborhood recently and took a lot of pictures. Did I say a lot? I mean A LOT. Don’t click over unless you have a few minutes to stroll through the photos. Some nice succulents mixed in among all the other crazy plants and stuff.

Irises, Echiums, Aeoniums, Agaves, and a really giant Fremontodendron…

For some reason there’s even a Pittosporum.

Enough photos that all you people who have never walked through the gardens of a San Francisco neighborhood will get a really good idea of what that’s like.

The Latest Trend

What’s the latest trend in gardening? Growing your vegetables in the airport.

From Our Little Acre, pictures from O’Hare including ripe red tomatoes.

So do you agree that this is a trend? Am I on top of the trendspotting? Airport gardening?

Danger! Garden!

Loree from Danger Garden came and visited us on her trip to the SF Garden Show, as well as squeezing in the time to visit other local Bay Area nurseries like Flora Grubb and Annie’s Annuals, so you know she was busy.

Here’s her visit to Cactus Jungle on her blog.

And if you must find out what our competitors locally are doing, you can see Danger Garden’s visits to Flora‘s¬†artsy settings and Annie’s growing grounds too. Click away!

Still Outsourced!

I must be doing something very important today that I feel the need to outsource my blogging all day.

Here, have another link. Water When Dry has a beautiful branched Aloe ramosissima just recently planted.


I’m outsourcing my blogging today.

Here’s a link for you to go visit. Andrew would like help identifying a potential Aloe purchase, although the consensus is it’s an A. “Carmine”.

Blogroll Additions

1. Our first tumblr! Mark is a customer who documents his succulents in lots of photos on I Can Stop Tomorrow, which means, I think, that he really can’t stop tomorrow. You can start here with a non-succulent post, because his Protea was starting to bloom in October! So early for a “Late Mink”.

2. Candy “Sweetstuff” recently lost a large Opuntia that bloomed like crazy. Check out her trip to the Huntington greenhouses.

3. Plantgasm was already on the list, but I thought I would bring your attention to this post of pirates and succulents. Why? Because there aren’t enough posts about pirates and succulents in the world. Google it yourself and see what I mean!

Cactus Cuts

Liza at Good to Grow has had some cactus problems recently and asked us for some help. Hopefully everything will be fine with her cactus cuts going forward.

Blog Visitors

Xeriscape Ninjas came and visited the nursery recently and lived to blog about it.

Jason appears to have been well behaved while they were here.

Photos ensued. Go check it out already!

Succulent Shutters

The Morton Report has Succulent Shutters.

“Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Designs tucks succulents into repurposed shutters in her contemporary, urban garden.” City chic indeed.

Urban verbiage too!

Today in Random Links

Alessi is discounting their cactus line of teapots, mugs, bowls and more, 20% off through the end of the month.

Also, enjoy this article about a cactus-y sculpture made out of coffee stirrers called the Hyperbolic Coffee Cactus.

All Andrew’s Plants has some new rain-dripped hardy spurges in Canada. How hardy? He’ll find out this winter.

Ant Plants

Ant Plants, live from Indonesia! With photos of ants and plants, and ants in the plants.

(In case you were wondering, we’re talking Myrmecodia and Hydnophytums here).

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