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  1. PATSP was lucky enough to snap a photo of his cacti caught in an amorous position. In Iowa!
  2. Far Out Flora has ants. And pitcher plants. Now there’s a combo!
  3. This link is for Keith: Good to Grow has a hot air balloon. Or at least photos of one taking off from a New Mexico parking lot.
  4. Danger Garden found a place on Etsy where you can buy a 2″ cactus for the low low price of only $12 each! Now that’s a deal. Plus, they tell you that it will absorb radiation from your computer screen. Excellent!
  5. Jardinagens has an adorable little Huernia flower. The beetles must be so excited!
  6. That’s just not right.
  7. A Photographer’s Garden Blog has had problems with his squash, so a lineup of the guilty parties ensued.
  8. And finally, Whippet Snippets has found that an adorable hiking whippet has hit the big time. Unfortunately it’s in a dreadful and mean cracker commercial.

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