(Christmas Cactus and Cat Picture) Link of the Day

Mandalas & More likes her christmas cactus but wants to know why it’s called “cactus” since it appears to be a succulent.

Her readers seem to think it was a marketing decision.

Well, the answer is simpler than that. It’s called a cactus because it is a cactus. In the cactaceae family and all. Not to get all botanical on you, but it’s in the Cactoideae Subfamily and the Rhipsalideae Tribe. Now you know and you are thus now an expert. Share your knowledge wide and especially with your family this year at Christmas.

Also known asĀ Schlumbergera orssichiana.

And it’s also a succulent, too! As all cacti (except the lovely Pereskia) are succulents.

I think that’s enough info about the Christmas cactus on this blog for this year.

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