Friday Whippet Blogging

When Amica came to visit, and there were more whippets hanging around than you care to imagine. (Although if you come by the store you can say hi to all of them. At once!)

At home

At work

And the End of the Break is Nigh

I’m back! And now there are 4 whippets at the nursery for the next 3-4 weeks, so come on by and say hi to everyone.

That’s Benjamin and Jason, of course, and visiting from Santa Cruz is Benjamin’s sister Amica, and cousin Jaxx. Jaxx is the one facing forward.

Everyone can now do a happy dance.

Santa Cruz Whippet Blogging

When 4 whippets walking down the street ran into 3 whippets walking down the street, a whippet fest 2012 occurred! Spontaneous whippeting!

2 of those are mine and 2 more are visiting starting today for the next month or so.

A Very Special Friday Whippet Blog

Benjamin’s litter-mate and whippet brother Whylie comes to visit from Colorado. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in 3 years.

Three whippets is a lot for one photograph. Hard to fit them all in. Benjamin is in back, Whylie is in the middle and that’s Jason in front. Jason is very happy to meet people and dogs that Benjamin knows and likes. If Benjamin knows someone Jason will act like he knows them too.

Here’s the whippet Whylie

Friday Whippet Blogging (Saturday Edition)


OK so you missed the whippet photo yesterday. Kaiju didn’t satisfy like a whippet will. So here, have an Instagram whippet photo for a Saturday in the park. You are hanging out at the park today aren’t you? I am. Well, no maybe not.

Yay! Whippets!

Friday Godzilla Blogging

Remember those photos of Benjamin in the cone of shame earlier this year and the photos of Jason in the cone of shame last year? Now we have a new T – Shirt from Gamago and it’s Kaiju in the Cone of Shame.


It’s already our best selling T – Shirt at the store ever!

Friday Whippet Blogging

Benjamin tries out our new nursery cart.

He doesn’t think it’s quite the right thing for a whippet

No, no way down. What’s a whippet to do?

Friday Whippet Blogging

Did I mention that we have whippets? They love to chew on rawhide bones, of course. Who doesn’t?

Sometimes Jason won’t finish his bone and then he’ll try to hide it from Benjamin, who has finished his bone. Whippets are smart though. Benjamin will try to trick Jason into leaving the bone behind. But Jason will figure it out after a few times and then Banjamin will have to come up with a new trick to get Jason’s bone.


Hap won’t let them have the flavored rawhide bones since they leave stains behind. Seems smart.

Their favorite bones of all, though, are the pizza bones.


It's the Real Friday Whippet Blogging

You can ignore the silly Audi post below.

These are the 2 most popular of my whippet videos on YouTube. I have videos of the dogs playing, meeting the tortoises, chasing sticks on the beach and all kinds of very exciting activities. But these 2 below are by far the most popular. And the titles on them are accurate, to give you an idea what they’re about. But don’t trust me, watch them.


For some reason people like to watch dogs sitting and doing absolutely nothing. Fascinating. Maybe it’s the music.

Friday Whippet Blogging

I see there’s a whippet fancier among the Audi TT fancier crowd.

Is this your car? Do you want to publicly identify yourself on my blog? Send me a photo of your whippet!

Friday Whippet Blogging

Wendy, a Landscape Architect in Pacifica, sends along a whippet picture of Bentley and Aston Martin.

I hope they come by and visit the store soon. Benjamin and Jason await them.

Berkeley Succulents with Whippet

Mr. Subjunctive won the contest, naming the blue-stemmed cactus, but we can’t send him any award-winning plants yet since he lives in Iowa where the temperatures are still getting below 20F.

Here, enjoy a picture of warmer California where the Aeoniums live outside all year long and the whippets run free (on leash).

And just to be clear about it, we’re getting up into at least the mid-60s today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we broke 70, not that I’m showing off or anything. Maybe a little.

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