Friday Whippet Blogging

Did I mention that we have whippets? They love to chew on rawhide bones, of course. Who doesn’t?

Sometimes Jason won’t finish his bone and then he’ll try to hide it from Benjamin, who has finished his bone. Whippets are smart though. Benjamin will try to trick Jason into leaving the bone behind. But Jason will figure it out after a few times and then Banjamin will have to come up with a new trick to get Jason’s bone.


Hap won’t let them have the flavored rawhide bones since they leave stains behind. Seems smart.

Their favorite bones of all, though, are the pizza bones.


Friday Whippet Blogging

Wolfhound Edition

The lanky Scottish Deerhound who was the surprise Best in Show winner at Westminster Dog Show now has a litter of puppies ready to trot in her footsteps after retiring from the ring.

The five-year-old champion, known as Ch Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, made history as the first of her breed to win the competition in February – and now tails are wagging for her adorable first litter of nine.

Playing with the seven-week-old pups on a 50-acre farm in Flint Hill, Virginia, Hickory is already giving her brood lessons in how to become top dog.

Sighthound puppies are very cute. Awwww…..

Friday Whippet Blogging

I’m back, and tired from my week-long break.

So we’ll start back with a classic whippet shot from a couple of years ago, at the beach in Pacifica.

Benjamin and Jaxx.

In case you were wondering after all these years of Friday whippet pictures, Benjamin is our dog and Jaxx is his cousin who lives near Santa Cruz. Other regulars on the whippet blog include Jason with the champion-pedigree who we rescued last year, and Amica who is Benjamin’s favorite sister and also lives near Santa Cruz with Jaxx.

Now you know!

Friday Whippet Blogging

I did some research and found Jason’s parents.

It’s exciting!

Jasons Dad

This is Rion, also known as CH Karasar’s Orion at Jaama JC, also known as the “Dad”.

jasons mom

This is Dotty, whose longer and more formal name is Windsong JJ Stars in my Eyes, aka “Mom”.

Man, these are some beautiful parents that Jason has. Who knew? He could have been a champ, he coulda been a contenda.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Benjamin’s on vacation in Santa Cruz. No pictures today. Come back next week, and we’ll see what we can do.

In the meantime, here’s a Whippet Composite by Mick Cawston for sale on Whippet Prints.


Friday Whippet Blogging

From Whippet History Reference we get a picture of a plate in an 18th century French book of plates of whippets and such.

Le Whippet

And yet Whippets were not bred until the mid-19th century in Great Britain. So these are not, cannot be, whippets. They are certainly very whippet-like. It’s titled “Le Whippet”. So now what? Have all my books that tell me that Whippets were bred in the mid-19th century in Great Britain from Greyhounds and Terriers been wrong?

Friday Whippet Blogging

Benjamin is still in Santa Cruz with his sister Amica and cousing Jaxx. When he gets back maybe we’ll have some group portaits for you. But not today.

Here, have an engraving to hold you over.


“Othello and Desdemona” Artist: P MacQuoid. Engraver: R Josey

I wonder what that other non-whippet dog is? Maybe a terrier. A dachshund? Eh, whatever, this is friday whippet blogging and that’s a very pretty whippet with a bow there.

LATE UPDATE: Benjamin and Amica, photo by Dani!


Friday Whippet Blogging

We think we might have found some of Benjamin’s progenitors.

benjamins other graddad

Teddy is a grandfather.

benjamins granddad striker

As is CH Surrey Hill’s Strike the Gold, or as he’s better known, Striker.

benjamins greatgrandmom penny

Penny is Teddy’s Mom, and thus is Benjamin’s great grandmother.

Benjamins uncle timmy

And here we have the irrepressible Timmy, Benjamin’s Uncle. Uncle Timmy!

He’s a cutey.

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