Friday Whippet Blogging

Ian has worked hard to make the blog. It’s been awhile. But he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams – he has made it to Friday Whippet Blogging! Huzzah!


He had to lie down on the gravel to get that angle.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Jaxx, Benjamin’s cousin who spends summers with us, is in the hospital. He was gored by a buck, and punctured a lung. The surgery went OK, but there is still some leaking, so we are waiting to see how he does. He looked strong to me, but he may need more surgery.

Here’s a picture from this summer of Jaxx (on the right) and Jason.


Friday Whippet Blogging

Jaxx is a good boy. He’s spending the summer with us while his Moms are in Michigan. So for the summer while in the city, he has a new city name – Jackson!

Friday Whippet Blogging

<img width="432" hspace="5" height="324" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/whippets/benjamin_and_amica_turn_5.jpg" /><br /><br />Benjamin and Amica at Pt. Isabel last week on the occasion of their 5th birthdays, before the storms moved in.<br /><br />

Friday Whippet Blogging

We’re fostering a whippet.


His name is Chase, and he’s a little skittish, but a good boy.

You know, we used to rescue turtles because we have a turtle pond until that got over filled. And crested geckos, until we had so many babies. And tortoises. And a parakeet that came to our pond and wanted to be brought inside cause she was cold and lonely.

And now I guess a whippet, but that’s it. No more. Unless you have some baby chicks, that is, cause we’d definitely take in some baby chicks. And maybe a pygmy goat, but that’s it, just the one. Unless we got a farm up in Sonoma and then maybe 2 or 3 pygmy goats. But that’s it. No more than that. Unless it was well fenced and then we’d have to rescue a big tortoise if someone asked, but only if they asked. But that’s it. No more than that.

Friday Whippet Blogging

<img width="432" hspace="5" height="370" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/whippets/lulu.jpg" /><br /><br />Benjamin met another whippet, Lulu, at the park. She was fast and in motion. She’s pretty.<br /><br />

Friday Whippet Blogging

It’s started getting colder. Maybe a bit warmer next week? Anyway its jacket and blanket season for the whippets.



Friday Whippet Blogging

Special Potato Skin Action Edition

Benjamin likes potato skins.


First he smells it to make sure we really are giving him a potato skin. He can hardly believe its true.

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