Friday Whippet Blogging

From Whippet History Reference we get a picture of a plate in an 18th century French book of plates of whippets and such.

Le Whippet

And yet Whippets were not bred until the mid-19th century in Great Britain. So these are not, cannot be, whippets. They are certainly very whippet-like. It’s titled “Le Whippet”. So now what? Have all my books that tell me that Whippets were bred in the mid-19th century in Great Britain from Greyhounds and Terriers been wrong?

Friday Whippet Blogging


Benjamin is my dog. He likes to be tucked in under blankets. Who doesn’t! But you may not like to sleep on a nursery cart. Benjamin does. A nursery cart! He’s crazy. I love my dog.

Friday Whippet Blogging


Whippets in the winter sunshine.

Have you noticed that most of my whippet photos are of whippets lying around? We get some action shots too, but mostly the two whippets are lounging.


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