Friday Whippet Blogging


Whippets in the winter sunshine.

Have you noticed that most of my whippet photos are of whippets lying around? We get some action shots too, but mostly the two whippets are lounging.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Now this is a somewhat confusing picture. You may be wondering what exactly is going on. The whippets are in the office storage area on a cold day and the office is a mess, so somehow the 2 dog beds got moved out of the way and stacked on top of each other, 3 beds high, and Jason on the bottom doesn’t seem to mind Benjamin stacked on top of him.

Whippet at the Beach

Beach Day!

We took the whippets  to the beach and Benjamin got caught in a wave and came out and rolled in the sand.

So he sat awhile to dry off while Jason kept playing in the background.

In case you were wondering, whippets don’t usually get all the way in the water at the beach. They’ll wade in a little, but whippets aren’t too keen on the ocean.

Friday Whippet Blogging

It’s started getting colder. Maybe a bit warmer next week? Anyway its jacket and blanket season for the whippets.



Friday Whippet Blogging

Whippets like to rest up and watch out the window for passing bunnies.

The story of the whippet is often told in England in the pubs and pastie shops of Upper Brunswichshire. The story of the English whippet is famous throughout the British Isles, as told on the heath. For when the whippet tales are told on the heath the bunnies all cock their pink furry ears and watch the horizon for the splinter-fast racing form of the bunny-murdering hunter known as the whippet.

Oh the horror!

For the whippet can calculate the triangulated distances in the English distances of the Scottish plains along the coast of the Isle of Man. Hungry though the speedster may be, there is no whippet in Wales.

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