Euphorbia Happiness

We’ve been taking cuts for spring recently. Can you identify this unusual Euphorbia that we’ll hopefully have some rooted plants for sale this spring? We’ve been growing this one plant for 6 years before taking our first cuts.


Farm Animals Love Succulents

Our latest Safari Minis are in, and they’re…. Farm Animals! Let’s see what we have here today.


Pig. With Oxalis “Coppertones”.


Chicken. With Aeonium lindleyi.


And the best of all is the Sheep. With Sempervivum, Crassula and Sedum.

Feral Cat

The local feral cat has moved into the back. I suppose the black nursery tray was warm in the sun.


Field of Blooms

Echinopsis bonkerae have a lovely candy colored bloom. I expect we’ll sell a lot of them this weekend if its hot enough for them to open in the afternoons, like it was by 4p yesterday.


Freaky Google

Google took pictures inside the nursery months ago and now they’ve finally got a walk though of the nursery up.

View Larger Map

Interesting. Now all you people not in the Bay Area can see who we are. Freaky.

Friday Whippet Blogging (Plant Edition)


Aeonium “Whippet” is our own cultivar from Aeonium atropurpureum. It looks a lot like A. “Schwartzkopf” this time if year, but it us lower growing, faster growing (hence the reason for the whippet name) and much branchier too.

Frog in the Greenhouse


It’s the VERY LOUD little Pacific Chorus Frog in the greenhouse, trying to poach flies from the carnivorous plants. #cute #frog

Photo by Rikki

Full Up With Organic Veggie Starts


If you haven’t started your organic garden yet this spring, today is the perfect beautiful day to start. Hap’s at home planting ours.

Garden Art

Our current art exhibition looks great out among the plants at the nursery.

Suzanne Long.

Garden Art

Another one of Suzanne Long’s pieces on display at the nursery:

Garden Art

One more shot of the garden art we’re featuring this month, by Suzanne Long.

Garden Art

Only 2 more weeks left, and then Suzanne’s coming to take her art back and send it off to a proper art gallery. I like pretending we’re an outdoor gallery.

Suzanne Long

Garden Party

Did I mention the garden sculpture? Party this Friday? 4-6pm?

Suzanne Long Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture

We’re having another art exhibition, opening this Friday Sept. 19, 4-6pm. Cheese, wine, party-like atmosphere, all in an outdoor garden setting at the nursery.

Suzanne Long Garden Sculpture

I’m busy putting together the postcards. Here’s one image, but really, you have to see these in person, they’re fantastic.

Garden Sculpture Leads to Fantastic Party

I don’t know what that headline means. All I know is we’re haveing an opening night party tomorrow for our latest art exhibition at the nursery.

Suzanne Long Garden Sculpture

September 19 – October 31, 2008

Opening Night Party September 19, 4-6pm

See you then, OK? Good.

Glass Waves


A special purchase we have right now. Made in the Bay Area, down in San Leandro.


They look good with the tall cacti. Sweet!


We’ve had Godzilla out for a few months now, and thru the holidays, but no sale. Maybe I should take him home.


My garden may be too small. Maybe in the turtle pond? Would he scare the turtles?

Google Cactus

So here’s the weird thing, we were on StreetView on the first day it went up 3 1/2 years ago. I blogged it at the time, and you can check the dates to see that blog entry was the first week of StreetView.

Now the google photographers are coming by today to take inside photos. We’re going to be in the first group to go live with this new feature! Anything else google wants us to test for them?


Did you know the giant National Hardware Show in Las Vegas has a huge Lawn and Garden section? Well, so that means we’re off to Vegas, baby, this morning to run through the show as quickly as we can, since we have to get back to the store before the gremlins attack.

Have Agave Will Travel

It’s a tequila agave, a variegated tequila agave, going out the door.

Agave tequilana variegata.


Heart Shaped Succulent

It must be February because we’ve brought out the small, single-leafed Hoya kerrii’s. Normally we only have these in large hanging baskets with giant vines and hearts all over the place. But this year we brought in a supply of smaller plants. Really just the hearts. Right in time for some mid-February impulse purchases. They are pretty. And if they don’t sell we’ll grow out the vines, OK?

Hot Day

I can see it’s going to be a slow day at the nursery, mid-week mid-october and hot. So here’s the deal. Come by the nursery today only, and mention this blog post, and we’ll give you…

Double Punches on your Frequent Buyer Card!

25% off Terrarium glass bowls and all watering supplies – wands and hoses.

OK, so it’s just me and Ian here, so I better go let Ian know I’ve just made this offer to you.

Now if you know anything about me atall, you know this is outrageous behavior for me. I’ve never done anything like this before! Oy.

Houseplants at Cactus Jungle

Our houseplants are fully stocked, ready to go! Online, in the shops, and here we are at the Marin store! Have you been to our store in San Anselmo? Come by, stop and check us out. We are open! We are delivering locally!

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