New Plants Every Day…

…For you!

At the nursery we’re focusing on some new houseplants for terrariums and wall panels and other indoor uses for the winter season that is upon us. See the list of plants we have and are growing and the rest we should have available any day now at the nursery.

See anything you like? Anything important that we’re missing, since the list is so small? Let Ian know!

New Pots

We are excited to have these new small colored pots.

Well, we don’t have them yet. These were at the Philadelphia Garden Show, so if you were there you already know what we’re talking about, but if not then you are as excited as us for the preview. You are excited, aren’t you?

New Products!


Our latest soil in our Ultra Soil collection is also Anne’s first new product. It’s our Carnivorous Plant Blend. You know you want some. We’ll even ship it if you ask.

Thanks, Anne!

New Signage

Yay! The new signage is here!


That’s Hap. Good thing he finished the new bamboo rows and sign last week, because this week he has the flu.

New Succulent Terrariums

Succulent Terrarium 3

Nicole has completed a series of new terrariums using Chive Terrarium Glass and a bunch of small succulents, with adorable colored sand for all!

Succulent Terrarium 2

Succulent Terrarium 1

New Terrarium Glass


New terrarium glass arrived today! This case seems a little smooshed. I wonder if it all got broke? Uh oh.

New Terrariums for 2012

We have some spectacular new terrarium glass this year, including pieces from Roost and Chive – as featured in GQ this month! Woohoo! We’re very fashionable apparently!

Here’s one that Rikki has potted up.

She went with a bromeliad theme for this one. You’ll have to come in to see the taller piece with the orchid – it’s very colorful.

Terrariums are tough to photograph what with the reflections everywhere and all. I wish I had a setup to photograph terrariums and the like. Maybe next year.

New Website is Up!

I’ve gone ahead and revamped our Cactus Jungle website. Phew!

cactus jungle website

We have over 1400 plant pages and over 4000 images, so they haven’t all been updated yet, but the rest of the site is fully new and revised and the plant pages will follow behind over the next few weeks. 1400 is a lot of pages to update!

Next Up – Toys!

So this is Berkeley, so this is one of the toys we’ll be carrying at the nursery. The rest of the toys we carry are tiny things for terrariums, but not this one. This remarkable presidential figure is 4″h. The minimum order is 3, but I may get 6 what with this being Berkeley (did I mention that?) and a presidential election year.


Not What You Want to See

This is what an unsuccessful delivery to us looks like.

Note the Up arrows, one is up the other down. Clearly the worst of it was the box being turned upside down. Oh, and crushed too.

Now Open

We have ended our Winter Hours experiment (opening at 10a, closed tuesdays) and are now back to being open 7 days a week. Being alert at 9:00am is going to be tough though, but here we are, the gates are open and where are you?

Nursery Cart


Keith says we had the first baby using our new nursery cart. There is a spot for a kid like in a grocery cart, so it’s all good.

Nursery Gifts

We are expanding the gift selection at the nursery to include bird hooks and squirrel pots. Yes!

qualy bird hook

Bird hooks. We hang little planters off them. They work well with Tillandsias too and they come in Squirrel hooks too. Yo. Now please be sure to understand that we only add these as pure nursery goods. You won’t see us use these hooks for coats. No. Only for hanging plants and plants and other plants too.

self watering squirrel pot

Well played! This self watering squirrel in a log pot. We put a fern on top for fun. Fun.

Nursery News

It appears that Keith’s mousetraps have worked to stop the little critter that has been eating our organic fertilizers. I won’t share Ian’s photo with you, but let’s just say that the mouse did not decide to go for the bait in the no-kill traps.

Nursery Posting

We’re looking to hire a full time nursery sales person, if you know anyone who’s looking. (Resumes only, no calls please.)

Oaxaca Cactus


Join us for our upcoming art show, “Oaxaca Cactus” – New sculpture by Cathey Lopez.

June 4 thru July 15, 2010

Opening Night Party
Friday, June 4 from 4-6pm
at Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden

Obama in the Garden

It’s the continuation of our Obama in the Garden series from this past spring. What happened was that we sold out of all of our Obama figures, so that was that.

Until today!

Yes, that means that we have Obama figures back in stock. And for those of you who were wondering – No! They do not have any Romney figures available and you know we’re in Berkeley right? Liberal Berkeley? Oh yeah, now it makes sense.

Obama in the Garden

I see today that President Obama is hanging out in the garden in front of a San Pedro bloom. I’m guessing he’s not inhaling.

Obama in the Garden

It’s my last Obama in the Garden, as this is the last of our Obama toys for sale. We had a good run – 4 cases! 6 blog posts! – but I think we’ve seen enough of the Obama toy in our garden. Unless this one doesn’t sell this christmas season and then I may keep it and have him poke his head out in the garden for years to come.

Stop me!

With Austrocylindropuntia subuluta monstrose.


Obama in the Garden


Obama hanging out in a succulent garden with Haworthia, Echeverias, and some judicious use of Sedum.

Obama in the Garden


Cell phone photos get put through cell phone filters. It’s the way of the world now. Obama stands among succulents like Pachyveria and Sedum. Plus a horned lizard as it so happens. That’s also the way of the world.

Obama in the Garden


Echinocereus grandiflora “Sunrise Yellow”

“Childhood” filter by Camera fx.

September 2021

US Constitution


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