*** Chartreuse Bloom ALERT *** (spurge edition)

Euphorbia characias c.v. “Bruce’s Dwarf”

It’s the dreaded chartreuse blooms. Everybody asks if there really are any chartreuse blooms, and I always tell them no. No there aren’t any chartreuse blooms. But I’m lying. Not only does this spurge bloom chartreuse, but so does the Echinocereus viridiflorus.

In case you were wondering what chartreuse really means, considering that there’s a picture right above that you might not believe your own eyes, here’s the wikipedia traditional chartreuse sample for your perusal.

7 Years Later


Here are some photos of the nursery back in 2006. We were a lot smaller back then.


You can see we had space on the retail floor for troughs of cactus that were growing. Those have all been moved offsite now to make room for more plants to sell. Some people miss the display gardens, but what are you going to do.


Our first Rare Plant/Houseplant Greenhouse was pretty lightweight. In fact it fell over the first winter that we had a heavy wind.



I miss the Little Red Wagon.

Acacia baileyana purpurea

Pulled! Off the floor. They are causing a really bad allergy attack for me all of a sudden, so no more. Off!

Accuracy Counts

Well I’m embarrassed. This plant has been mislabeled all along at the nursery.

We’ll be calling this Cotyledon orbiculata v. oblonga from now on.


We’re going into our winter ad campaign in a couple weeks, and that means one thing: Succulent Wreaths.

In the meantime, our summer ads telling people to stop watering their gardens don’t seem all that relevant once the rains have started. So I quickly came up with an intermediate ad before the holiday rush.

African Antelope in the Garden

This particular African Antelope happens to be the same Lesser Kudu of another recent posting on this here cactus bloggy.

Lesser Kudu in the Garden with Aeonium “Green Star”.

African Safari Toys in the Garden

Lesser Kudu in front of the Kalanchoe pumila.

In case you were wondering it is called the Lesser Kudu to distinguish it from the Greater Kudu. Not that the Greater Kudu is “greater” in any subjective way. Only “greater” in the purely objective criteria of size. The Lesser Kudu averages 60–100 kg while the Greater Kudu is 190–270 kg, so a big size difference. But it turns out that these are also not just smaller and larger relatives.

One of the most ancient species, the Lesser Kudu at one time was thought to be a smaller version of the Greater Kudu, but now is considered to be a more primitive species.

African Violets

It’s taken a few months but the Saintpaulias are in full bloom again. Yay!




We’re working on growing more agaves. This here is an Agave “Blue Flame” which is an A. attenuata hybrid but about 5 degrees hardier, so it is a very good choice for the Bay Area. Last year we brought in 15 ga. plants and they were quite popular, so we got tissue-culture babies and have been growing them, but all we have so far are 1 gallon size plants. And at this size they’re not as pretty, hence the closeup picture. I guess this means we’ll have lots of 5 gallon plants available next year.

Air Plant Terrarium

I’m making up a bunch of last minute terrariums, some with air plants, some with succulents. All have a little mini animal in them.

Airplant Terrariums

These Airplant Terrariums have been very popular this year. So here’s more!

airplant terrarium

Airplants Wall


Angela has been very busy today putting together our biggest Tillandsia selection yet.

Airplants for everyone!

Alert the Local News!


It’s an agave coming into bloom. Agave funkiana. It’s still on the floor at the nursery, but I took the price tag off and moved it out front for display. The bloom is growing fast. Soon it will finish its cycle and die. Oh how we will miss you, funkiana, my friend.

Ant Farm

We now carry ant farms at the nursery. I was so excited I just had to tell you.


And it comes with seeds and tools and things too!

Art Opening Tonight

Harriet Love – New Pottery
Opening tonight, April 18, 4-6pm at the nursery.
Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden
1509 4th Street, Berkeley

Please come and share our wine and cheese and crackers, ’cause if you don’t we’ll be very sad, and we’ll eat too much and drink too much, and then maybe we’ll have fun anyway. But really, you know, you should come.

Art Opening Tonight

We’re having our 2nd Art Opening tonight at the nursery, and you’re invited.

Phyllis Pacin
Ceramic Tile
July 18 – August 31

Friday, July 18, 4-6pm
Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden

Art Preview

Coming this November to a Cactus Jungle Nursery near you.

Little robots_email

Lipson Robotics! You may ask what this has to do, thematically, with cactus. Well, let me tell you, robots and cactus have a long history together in the science journals from the turn of the 18th century, and if you don’t believe me, check it out. Primitive, for sure, but still quite remarkable.


We have a lovely new crop of baby cacti and succulents. I’m photographing them today, and should get them up on the blog over the next week or so. As the nursery has grown, we’ve had to regularize the crop cycles. So here’s one group of small cute plants coming your way. I’d watch especially for the baby Old Man cactus – oy, it’s to die for.

Barack Obama Toy

So we went ahead and ordered the Barack Obama Toys. We have a lot of toys from this company for terrarium ornaments because everyone loves to put little ornaments into their terrariums.

[caption id="attachment_12354" align="alignnone" width="315" caption="Barack Obama"][/caption]

And now you can also decorate your terrarium with the President.

Or play with him all by yourself in your quiet and contemplative living room or with other friends in their home, since he’s portable.

Or I suppose some of you would put him on a shelf.

In case anyone was wondering why we never carried any Bush Presidential toys while bowing to the communist socialist fascist liberal pressure to carry Obama Presidential toys, it’s because we’re liberals. You know we live in Berkeley, right? BERKELEY for crying out loud. Anyone here who doesn’t like Obama is because he’s too conservative.

Bearded Dragon in the Garden

Our latest in high tech naturalistic lizard toys for the garden is…

Bearded Dragon in the Garden, among the Thymus praecox (Red Thyme).

How accurate is this physical representation of the classic dragon? Here, look at these to compare.

They do a good job with these reptiles.

Big Eye Dummies

My brother makes these toys, see, and he sells them too, and we sell them at the store too, and I put together the website, and they get reviewed.

I don’t know who the kid in the picture is, but he sure looks happy.

The mailman came the other day while Ryan was diligently helping me plant my garden. What he brought tore Ryan away for the remainder of the day. He brought a Big Eye Dummy, and to be specific, we received Milton the cat. I have to be honest, I was surprised this cute little plush doll could keep Ryan’s attention for as long as it did. It has been hours total at the least.


Big Eye Dummies and Otto

Otto came into the store today very excited about getting a Big Eye Dummy. He went right for Slicka.


And here he is pulling Slicka’s eye right off! Shocking!


It’s a good thing Otto’s a friend.


Keith sent along this photo of a bird on Hap’s shoulder. I’m not at the store today so I don’t know what it means. Maybe Keith will explain it in comments.


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