How Many Agaves Can You Fit?

This customer has fit ten Agaves in the back of their truck.

They are 15ga. plants, and quite big for that, so it is a feat. Ten!

How to Grow Cactus

Line the seedlings up in a tray. Give them lots of sun, maybe some late afternoon shade. Water occasionally.


Pachycereus marginatus

Pachycereus marginatus, Organ Pipe Cactus

Cleistocactus hyalancanthus

Cleistocactus hyalacanthus

Oooohh, photogenic!

Icelandic Poppy

These are some very pretty Icelandic Poppies we got in.

Icelandic Poppy Candles, in a 2-pk.

In the Case of Spider v Slug…

Look what we found in among the olive trees.

There’s been a lot of spiders out this time of year. I carry a bamboo stake when coming in to the nursery first thing, to clear all the webs along the aisles. It’s starting to get to the point where they’re across the window on the car, across the front door at home, and they spin those webs so fast that you can clear an aisle and find another full web within an hour!

Maybe I should ask Keith to stop feeding them slugs so they’ll go away.

In the Newspaper

It’s Cactus Jungle in the SF Chronicle. And by inside I mean on the front page. Nice!

Photo: Liz Hafalia, The Chronicle
Laura Wehrley (left) looks for succulents at Cactus Jungle nursery in Berkeley, California, with assistant manager Jeremiah Harper (left back) showing plants on Monday, June 1, 2015.

California on Monday officially began its unprecedented push for water conservation in cities and towns, marching out orders for hundreds of communities across the state to make reductions of up to 36 percent.

The rest of the article is behind a pay wall, so if you are a subscriber you can read the whole thing! You know, some people even still get the newspaper delivered right to their front porch at home. Nice!


From the Irma García Blanco exhibit at the nursery, a couple of pots we’ve planted up.




Musical chickens!

It's a Party!

A mom brought in some girls with party hats and took a few pictures with cactus as the background. Here’s my picture of their pictures in the making.


It's a Preview

Here’s our new ad for this Sunday’s Chronicle Home + Garden section, and you get a 3-day early preview. Yay!

It's Our Latest Newspaper Ad

This one is a very timely and up-to-date ad I designed for the California market. It was to appear in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, in the Home and Garden section. But it got censored.

Weddings start this Tuesday all over the state. The new version of the ad can be seen in today’s Chron, just not this one, which can only be seen here on the web.

It’s the Cactus Pets 

Joy got the Cactus Pet bunny, “Hoppy”! 

And yes, we sell toys at the Cactus Jungle. Everyone loves a cactus toy! 


The <a href=";entry_id=1494" title="" onmouseover="window.status=’’;return true;" onmouseout="window.status=”;return true;">SF Chronicle</a> writes about the new Sundance Kabuki Theater in SF and features a photo of the bamboo we installed there.<br /><br /><div style="margin-left: 40px;"><span style="font-style: italic;"><img width="272" hspace="5" height="420" border="0" src="/blog/uploads/misc/dd_sundance12069lh.jpg" /><br /> Tall bamboo stalks rise from rusted steel planters in the lobby, which is finished with weathered, reclaimed lumber, stone and teal-blue ceramic tile. </span><br /></div><br />It’s a cold morning. I think I’ll start a fire soon.<br /><br />

Karsten Gets a Shout out


Karsten will be leaving to go back east for school. But first a blog shout-out! With Lisa in the background.

Keith's Bamboo Pots

Keith is cutting up the big bamboo stakes and making pots.


That’s a Leuchtenbergia principis in it.

Keith's Latest Terrarium

Here we see a classic use of the Chive Pill Terrarium.


That’s a succulent terrarium alright. I see an Aeonium, a Euphorbia and a Haworthia. Classic!

Keith's Latest Terrarium


That’s 3, count them 3, Parodia scopa’s in there. Keith insists he doesn’t like to add the little terrarium ornaments we have, so none in this little glass gem. He’s a purist that way.


Keith's Terrarium


Keith’s latest creation for a customer, to be delivered sometime. I wonder when?


Ian restocking the liquid seaweed after a busy weekend.



It’s our latest Gamago kids T-Shirt. So cute! I wonder why we carry things like this? They don’t have anything to do with cactus or succulents do they? No. But soooo cute!!!!!


Not only do we have a large selection of fancy glass terrariums at the store, we also have a small selection of cheap plastic terrariums too.

I know what I’m getting for all my nephews and nieces. Now you know what to get for your younger brother too.

Last Minute Terrariums

rainy day at the nursery

It may be a very rainy day today, but we’re here for you. Today and tomorrow we are staying open all the way to 5pm. Because we care.

airplant terrarium1

airplant terrarium2

airplant terrarium3

Macetos Para Ombligos (Pots for Bellybuttons)

We’re having an opening night party tonight for new work by Mexican Folk Artist Irma García Blanco. Come on by and we’ll have food for you. Wine too, from 3-6pm.


And just in time for Mother’s Day, Hap tells me I have to say.



Nicole got some Marigolds to add to a small organic container garden and she packed them very carefully for the ride home.

By the way, meet our latest Cactus Jungle associate, Nicole!


Mason's Congo Paddle

A large leafed Sansevieria, up to 5 ft.

Sansevieria masoniana

This is another one of the Sansevierias that we are growing, but do not have out for sale yet. I see 2 baby leaves coming out, so I’m hoping for spring. Grow, baby grow!

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