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  • Pseudolithos cubiformis

    Rare Stapeliad with stunning clusters of small green and white flowers. Blob-like plant starts fairly square and cube-like but turns more blob-like as it grows to 5″. Watering is tricky – regular water in summer when hot and sunny, lower water in winter but not none – do not over or under water! More heat in summer means more water – can take very hot temperatures. Protect from Frost.

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  • Davis Studio

    Handmade Fine Porcelain cups and planters

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  • Succulent Wreath

    These are all individually handmade wreaths.

    Available for pickup, delivery or shipping, generally in November and December, and sometimes into Spring.

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    Call for information (510) 558-8650


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  • Euphorbia milii

    (Crown of Thorns)

    Shrubby, height varies; large green leaves, thorny branches

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  • Euphorbia lactea fa. cristata


    Euphorbia lactea “Crest”

    Crested form of columnar plant. Green and “Ghost” varieties. Some with bright red edges.

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  • Crassula “Buddha’s Temple”

    C. pyramidalis x C. perfoliata

    Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 8″, drops bottom leaves.

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  • Kalanchoe tomentosa

    (Panda Plant)

    Small clumps of fuzzy leaves to 10″

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  • Euphorbia characias ssp. wulfenii

    (Mediterranean Spurge)

    Evergreen Herbaceous Perennial

    Early summer large, dome-shaped, lime-yellow flowers tower above lush green foliage. Deer-resistant.

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  • Euphorbia pachypodioides

    Spiny Euphorbia, smaller spines densely grouped. Short stems slow growing to 20″. Blue-green leaves with purplish undersides. Inflorescence on erect stems with red cyathia. Slow growing. Endangered in habitat where it grows in rocky areas.

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We Get Sick Cactus Questions

hey there…. i was wonder if you could help me with my cactus…. we had mealie mites and i used a insecticidal soap. then this started to happened and fast. could it be corking? i don’t think its root rot. i dealt with that before. is there something we can do to save it? Could… Read more »

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Cactus Cupcakes 

Are you wondering why no nobody in New York has offered a holiday cupcake party with a cactus and succulent theme? Cupcake Decorating Workshop by The Sill has you covered, if you are available and in New York next Tuesday only. Nice! I wonder if they teach you how to make delicious cupcakes, or just how to… Read more »

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Berkeley Succulents in Full Bloom

Aloe arborescens in full bloom 7th St., Berkeley Oh, those winter blooming South African Aloes! They do come and bloom at an auspicious time of the year.

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