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  • Haworthia cymbiformis hybrid

    Long slender bright-green nearly translucent leaves. Fairly large rosettes for a Haworthia.

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  • Stapelia gigantea

    (Carrion Flower)

    Large hairy reddish carrion flowers, to 12″ across.

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  • Pseudolithos cubiformis

    Rare Stapeliad with stunning clusters of small green and white flowers. Blob-like plant starts fairly square and cube-like but turns more blob-like as it grows to 5″. Watering is tricky – regular water in summer when hot and sunny, lower water in winter but not none – do not over or under water! More heat in summer means more water – can take very hot temperatures. Protect from Frost.

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  • Succulent Wreath

    These are all individually handmade wreaths.

    Available for pickup, delivery or shipping, generally in November and December, and sometimes into Spring.

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    Call for information (510) 558-8650


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  • Euphorbia lactea fa. cristata


    Euphorbia lactea “Crest”

    Crested form of columnar plant. Green and “Ghost” varieties. Some with bright red edges.

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  • Davis Studio

    Handmade Fine Porcelain cups and planters

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  • Sophie Allport

    Fine Porcelain Mugs, plus tea-towels, bags and more

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  • Cystorchis variegata

    (Jewel Orchid)

    Small Jewel Orchid from Indonesia. Beautiful colorful leaves, stays small – great for terrariums! Terrestrial orchid that prefers warm temps and some humidity, not too much water- fast draining orchid soil.

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  • Crassula “Buddha’s Temple”

    C. pyramidalis x C. perfoliata

    Miniature square-shaped vertical stems to 8″, drops bottom leaves.

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  • Curio Wolf

    Handmade Zips and Coin Pouches with colorful fabrics and patterns

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Tiny Flowers

Those are some very small, tiny, Crassula perforata flowers. So small that in person they just look like dead flowers. But no, up close they are alive. ALIVE!

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Road Kill Cactus

Consolea rubescens is the flat cactus known as the Road Kill Cactus … Because it’s flat! 😍 👏 🐝 🦋

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Interesting Framing

Aloe ferox at the Cactus Jungle on a sunny day. It’s all good. Common Name: Cape Aloe Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft. Hardy to 20-25F Full Sun to Part Sun

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