Blooming Echeveria 

Echeveria glauca is the litte blue succulent with the big orange bloom stalk. 

Blooming Succulents in the Bay Area

cotyledon stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

I see we have a large Cotyledon, or maybe it’s a Kalanchoe, I don’t know, and it’s about to be in full bloom. The Bay Area is home to many blooming succulents, just this one happens to attract aphids, so watch for them.

Blooming Succulents, Berkeley

Crassula Gilman

Gilman Street, Berkeley

Hiding behind a fancy fence is a very bloomful Crassula ovata, better known in these parts as a Jade Tree.

Cactus Berkeley

Opuntia Berkeley

Spruce Street, Berkeley

Opuntia species with a lot of ripe red fruit.

And here’s the ripe red close-up:

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit

California Aloe

<img width="324" hspace="5" height="432" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/cactus/oxford01.jpg" /><br /><br />Oxford Street<br />Aloe arborescens – these are in bloom all over town now.<br /><br />

Cape Aloe

The ongoing saga of the Aloe ferox blooms continues. Here we see the buds are in their last stage before opening, but not yet ready for the hummingbirds. Maybe tomorrow.


Cape Aloe

Aloe ferox starting to bloom!

Origin: South Africa

Description: Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft.

Temperature: Hardy to 20-25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Coast Aloe

Well the Aloe ferox blooms are still not open. But luckily the hummingbirds have found a suitable replacement for now.

Aloe thraskii

Dudleya / Echeveria

The cell phone photo wasn’t great so I’m hoping this Photoshop manipulation hides the problems.


East Bay Succulents


4th Street, Berkeley
Mixed Succulents in a resin trough.

Out front of the new Artis Coffee, just up the street from us.

You may ask, “Did Cactus Jungle pot this?” and we might answer, “Yes.”

Echeveria Garden 

That’s a beautiful Echeveria subrigida in full bloom! 

Dowling Pl, Berkeley 

Echeveria Hybrids


I see we’re growing some very colorful Echeveria Hybrids this time of year.


While it’s true they are very colorful, they’re not really this colorful. There may have been some filtering going on with these photos too.


But so nice…

El Cerrito Cactus

Apparently there’s a newspaper in the next town over from Berkeley and they have a cactus that blooms so it’s featured in the newspaper every year. They don’t know what it is, but they don’t stop over here and ask us, now do they? Reporters should call us you know, we’d answer all their questions for them.

Long-time residents know that the plants bloom once a year, subject to the vagaries of weather and traffic. At one time, there were more cacti in the group with multi-colored flowers, but so far this year we just have a single bloom atop one plant.

Gardeners will probably know the names of the plants, but for most of us, the beauty is in the patterns and the blooms.

Geez, don’t reporters have phones anymore?

Not sure what variety of succulent this might be, but it’s an interesting visual effect.

Oh, the humanity. Should we tell them what they are?

Emeryville Succulents

An aloe blooms on Hollis St.

In front of the Novartis campus.

2010-02-12 12.54.54

Aloe striata – Coral Aloe!

2010-02-12 12.54.27

Emeryville Succulents

I see the succulent planters are growing nicely at the mall in Emeryville. And what do we have here?

Why it’s an Agave beginning the bloom cycle. Too bad, very sad. Probably Agave vilmoriana, or hybrid thereof.

Also in bloom in back are all the great looking Euphorbia characias.

And the photo does raise the question, why pay more for 4g. The answer of course is selection. So there.

Fairy Tale Cactus

McKinley Ave
Echinocereus grandiflora

Here we have an arm from a cactus that had so many blooms, it broke under the weight. I feel like there could be a fairy tale about the cactus that tried to bloom too much. We could call the cactus Pokey; and the other main character, the cactus that bloomed just the right amount, we’ll call Pimsey.

Maybe we should have an evil Queen, Vordella, and a shining Knight by the name of Silmark. Vordella controls the Cholla Army while Silmark, speaking in cactus, requests the help of the Hedgehogs. A battle ensues, but Pokey is more interested in playing with the snails and slugs and doesn’t realize when Vordella, using mind tricks, convinces him to help the nasty Chollas gain access to the Hedgehog store of gold.

Well, you get the idea. You can finish the fairy tale in the comments.

Fan Aloe

Aloe plicatilis

The Aloe plicatilis in my yard is as big as some of the specimens at the UC Botanic Gardens!

So many winter-blooming aloes…

Fan Aloe

Some thick and colorful Aloe plicatilis buds.


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