Berkeley Cactus and Agave, Together Again

Pardee Street

Agave attenuata of course and sprawling over the rock is an Opuntia littoralis, which is a coastal California native. I guess it’s a good thing this plant is near the California coast, then. And it appears to be well-protected, what with the ADT sign.

Berkeley Cactus and Succulent

Derby Street

Very nice large Agave medio-picta with a pretty nice Opuntia ficus-indica that probably has lots of fruit every year. And a bonus California fuchsia (Epilobium) in bloom at the bottom of the photo.

Berkeley Cactus and Succulents

Stannage Ave.
Some lovely potted succulents on the stoop, including a well-growing (i.e. ready to be repotted) Euphorbia mammillaris.

Berkeley Cactus and Succulents


66th Street

Opuntia “Maverick” and an Aeonium, probably A. subplanum. Plus a crassula and a small Opuntia subulata. The opuntia is a very fast grower, so since this photo was taken years ago, I wonder how big it is now? Hmmm….

Berkeley Cactus Fruit

Stannage Ave.

Opuntia ficus-indica, classic fruit producing prickly pear. You can see there are dozens of fruit on this plant, but they’re not ripe yet, so please don’t pick these spiny prickly pears, also known as tunas, yet.

Berkeley Cactus Garden


Evelyn Ave. Berkeley

Beautiful street cactus! You’d think car doors might damage it a bit, but you’d be wrong.

Berkeley Cactus Garden

<img width="290" hspace="5" height="432" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/cactus/milvia03.jpg" /><br /><br />Milvia Street<br /><br />

Berkeley Cactus Garden

<img width="324" hspace="5" height="432" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/whippets/milvia01.jpg" /><br /><br />Milvia Street<br /><br />

Berkeley Cactus Photos

McKinley Ave.
Echinocereus grandiflora

I caught this late in the day when the blooms are already starting to close for the evening. It’s pretty amazing what these hedgehogs can do. I counted over 2,000,000 blooms on this one, before giving up.

Berkeley Flowers

Aloe stannage ave

Stannage Ave., Berkeley

Very brightly orange colored blooms spikes on this streetside Aloe arborescens. Well-tended.

Berkeley Garden Sculpture

Kains Ave.

A nice mixed garden with Agave parryi, some aloe, cotyledon, euphorbia, opuntia and cereus. Oh, and did I mention the heads?

Berkeley Gardens

aeonium kains ave

Kains Ave., Berkeley

I see a large-headed Aeonium “Sunburst” in front of a whole mound of Aeonium heads. Lots of Crassula, some Agave, and a Lemon Tree. Delicious! Too bad its all hiding behind a well-stacked rock wall.

Berkeley Gardens

Ron and Doris are growing a stapeliad outside, and successfully, too! Semi-hardy in the Bay Area, it’s planted under the protection of a larger cactus.

Caralluma piaranthoides

These are some of the prettiest of the carrion flowers, and not too smelly especially when they are successfully blooming outside in the garden. You might find some beetles come find these flowers, but everyone loves them some beetles. And more blooms coming!

And here’s a bonus Echinopsis fruit from their garden. If those seeds drop….


Berkeley Kangaroo Paws

Mabel Street

It’s a yellow one, and quite prolific,┬áso maybe it’s Anigozanthos Yellow Gem.

Berkeley Potted Succulents

Talbot ve.

Aeonium schwartzkopf and Graptoveria x. Plus, of course, a Crassula ovata in the background, but I generally won’t bother taking pictures of Jade since they’re everywhere and I just don’t care to photograph them anymore.

But the grouping of pots is very nice.

Berkeley Spurge

Derby Street

Euphorbia myrsinites, also known as the Donkey-tail Spurge or I suppose the Myrtle Spurge. And a cat.

Berkeley Spurges

Cornell Ave.
Probably one of the Euphorbia characias varieties.

Spurges do well locally. There are some giant ones that we don’t like. Even some tree spurges around town. That’s just ridiculous. We like the low shrubby spurges that get 2 to 3 ft. like this one. Very nice. And deer-resistant too. Plus the butterflies love the blooms.

Berkeley Spurges

Kains Ave.

Euphorbias, don’t know which varieties. But I love the way they’re poking outabove and below.

Berkeley Succulent

5th Street, Berkeley

It’s an Aloe arborescens in full bloom behind the fence. I wonder what else is behind that fence. Should I peek?

Berkeley Succulent


10th Street
Puya berteroniana – It’s the Turquoise Puya! I wonder why they call it that?

Berkeley Succulent

Oxford Street
Dasylirion longissisimum
I don’t know if I spelled that right. I should probably look it up. What do you think, should I spell check plant names before posting them?

Berkeley Succulent – Umckaloabo


Carleton Street
Pelargonium sidoides

It’s a natural cough suppressent from South Africa, or so they say. I make no medical claims.

But it does make a nice mound for your front yard. And it does have an unpronounceable common name. And it blooms a lot too.

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