Aloe Babies

Succulents and More has a new crop of Aloe babies received from a fellow collector found on facebook. Wait, you mean facebook is good for something?

While buying larger specimens provides instant gratification, there’s something even more special about young plants,barely out of seedlinghood. I think of them as the botanical equivalent of babies and toddlers—so full of life and promise, virtually all their life still ahead of them.

Click through for the pictures of the bare root baby Aloes. Fine.

Fan Aloe

Aloe plicatilis

The Aloe plicatilis in my yard is as big as some of the specimens at the UC Botanic Gardens!

So many winter-blooming aloes…

Aloe Berkeley

Aloe arborescens Berkeley

Spruce Street, Berkeley

The Aloe arborescens are blooming up a storm all over Berkeley. Everywhere you turn there are those signature orange spikes. The hummingbirds must be going wild.

Cactus Berkeley

Opuntia Berkeley

Spruce Street, Berkeley

Opuntia species with a lot of ripe red fruit.

And here’s the ripe red close-up:

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit

Berkeley Agaves


University Ave, Berkeley

We planted these large Succulent planters along the upper portions of University, near downtown. They don’t go all the way up to the school, yet. Maybe next year there will be enough money to extend them all the way up.

Photo has been filtered. Berkeley isn’t actually those retro colors.

East Bay Succulents


4th Street, Berkeley
Mixed Succulents in a resin trough.

Out front of the new Artis Coffee, just up the street from us.

You may ask, “Did Cactus Jungle pot this?” and we might answer, “Yes.”

Succulent Wall Panels

Succulent Wall Panels

Succulent Wall Panels look pretty in the blazing red sunshine. (photo effects might apply)

Sunny Day Succulents

We have a lot of sunny succulents.







Wow, that’s a sunny day indeed. I’m not complaining, mind you. I quite enjoy it.

Succulent Terrariums


Nicole has been busy making succulent terrariums for the holidays.


Every single one gets a mini animal as well as a succulent.


Nice! Anne says the chicken is  a snow chicken. I doubt it. It looks like a Rhode Island Red to me.

Winter Growing Aloes

I see the winter growing South African Aloes are coming into season.


Snake head bloom stalk on an Aloe speciosa, the Tilt-head Aloe that will get up to 10ft tall with a single tilted head.

Succulent Terrariums


Yesterday was a how to for succulent wall panels. Today we present Succulent Terrariums. But I can’t really explain all that well in words how to make them. You know, you plant some succulents in a piece of glass. Add some charcoal at the bottom, and some toys on top. Woohoo!


And a big and fancy succulent terrarium, although it’s hard to tell from the photo how much bigger it is than the others above.


If you look close, you can see a little dinosaur there, and you can compare it to the one in the top photo for size.

Succulent Wall Panels


It’s a closeup, a detail even, from one of our own custom Succulent Wall Panels. 

We make them! Right here in the Berkeley California workshop we call a Cactus Jungle.

How do we make them? Well we start with the finest of recycled wood boards and make a box! 4 sides and a back, with a wire mesh front. The material inside is green moss, i.e. sphagnum moss, with a backing of rock wool. That’s it! No soil, never no way.

So then you lay the completed box flat on a table and poke the moss with a pointy stick, or a pencil if you prefer, to generate a small hole that you can stick a succulent cutting into. Lots of succulent cuttings. Sedums, Crassulas and Sempervivums work well. An occasional Echeveria but not too many.

Make sure the cuttings are healed over by letting it dry for a few days before sticking it in the box. So this may be a multi-day process.

Then you let the box sit in a warm sunny location for 4-8 weeks until the cuttings have rooted into the boxes.

We also use greening pins to help hold the succulents in place, because we do have to transport the boxes to our greenhouse to root, and then back again, but you don’t need to use greening pins if you don’t want to. However, after the box is fully rooted and you want to hang it up on a wall, then you might want to check to see if any of the succulents have been less than fully rooted at that point at which time you may want to use some greening pins yourself to help keep the loose succulents from falling out.



Winter growing Aeoniums are really starting to look fresh, especially in the California winter sunshine. And by winter I mean 55F.


Aeonium “Ballerina” is very shade tolerant. The leaves are a bit sticky. Well,  maybe more than a bit.


Aeonium “Whippet” is our own low growing cultivar. Fast to branch, it will grow 30″ tall. And very colorful right now too. That’s what it’s good for!

Berkeley Succulent Garden

Berkeley Succulents

Succulent Trough
Jones Street, Berkeley

It was a cloudy day so I amped up the colors a bit. Very colorful!

Berkeley Cactus Garden


Evelyn Ave. Berkeley

Beautiful street cactus! You’d think car doors might damage it a bit, but you’d be wrong.

Berkeley Succulents

aeonium berkeley

Aeonium subplanum
8th Street, Berkeley

Here we see the traditional mixing of the succulents and the palm tree. It’s a Berkeley tradition!

Yucca Blooms

We’re very excited to see that one of our large Yucca rostratas is in full bloom!


This is not really the largest we have right now, but hopefully this means the single head at the top of this 3ft. tree will start to split and then maybe it will be a 2 head Yucca! Or even a 3 head Yucca? Maybe!

September 2023

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