Foxtail Agave

Agave attenuata
Virginia Street, Berkeley

These seem to have come through our rough winter pretty nicely! Possibly because they’re up aginst a house, in a somewhat protected spot, under an eave. Good job!

Artichoke as Metaphor

Obregonia denegrii looks enough like an artichoke that some people call it the Artichoke Cactus, not to be confused with Agave parryi truncata which is known as the Artichoke Agave. Maybe instead of comparing unrelated plants to artichokes, we should call the delicious and valuable artichoke the Pulque Vegetable.

Red Echeveria

Echeveria “Red Baron” was only available at our Marin store. But now it’s in Berkeley too!

Buy now for local delivery? Yes!

Cape Aloe

Aloe ferox starting to bloom!

Origin: South Africa

Description: Single large toothy rosette on tall stalk, outdoor up to 8ft.

Temperature: Hardy to 20-25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Street Aloe, Berkeley

Aloe arborescens on 5th st in Berkeley has a nice big winter bloom stalk going for it.

Sunny Day Succulents

It’s a sunny day so it’s an Aeonium “Sunburst” but unfortunately it’s in the shade. Could I have moved out to the sun for the picture? You would think so…. 🤔 😉

Succulent Roof

Hi there, just want to share a sight from a walk yesterday. This is one of those free little libraries, but with an awesome roof composed entirely of succulents, on both sides. It’s off Colusa in North Berkeley.

Pretty neat, eh?


Big Blue Succulent Leaves

That’s an Echeveria “Blue Dude” right there! It’s an older style hybrid, so you know it’s back in fashion now. Hurry before it cycles back out.

Berkeley Yucca Garden

Heinz Street, Berkeley

A nicely blooming Yucca in the Aquatic Park Gardens with a beautiful red Leucadendron in front. Sweet!

Echeveria Garden 

That’s a beautiful Echeveria subrigida in full bloom! 

Dowling Pl, Berkeley 

Snowy Pudding 

This gorgeous Echeveria should be called “Snowy Pudding”

But no. It’s called “White Rose” 

That’s not right. 


Aeonium in Bloom 

Russell St, Berkeley 

Aeonium arboreum cultivar in full bloom with lots of little yellow flowers! 

Blooming Echeveria 

Echeveria glauca is the litte blue succulent with the big orange bloom stalk. 

Berkeley Succulent Garden


It’s small, it’s between the sidewalk and a brick wall, but it’s all succulent garden.

Grayson St, Berkeley

An Agave Grows in Berkeley


Agave americana

Alcatraz Ave., near the Berkeley/Oakland border.

Looks like they left just enough space for this monster to grow full size before it impedes on the sidewalk and stabs a young bicyclist riding by.

November 2023

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