Oakland Succulents

oakland succulents

Telegragh Ave., Oakland, CA

You never know where you’ll find a few succulents hanging out. These succulents are in Oakland, which is not too surprising. And in the Temescal neighborhood, which makes sense and all. But as a hanging basket of Crassula and Sedum in front of an outdoor seating area at a pizza joint? Shocking!

Just go to shows you can find succulents anywhere these days.

Berkeley Aloes

5th street berkeley

5th Street, Berkeley

Aloe saponaria coming into bloom and Aloe arborescens.

I’ll need to come back in a week or two to check out the full bloom spike when open.

Blooming Aloes in Berkeley


9th Street
Aloe arborescens

There are aloes blooming all over town. Everywhere you look there are winter blooming orange tubular flowers. The hummingbirds are very happy, so one can presume.

Interesting how well these South Africa succulents have adapted.

Mixed Succulent Pots


Joseph’s latest mixed succulent pot in a Urban Farmgirls hypertufa pot.


Ice Plant Mixed Pot Hypertufa


The Delosperma “Fire Spinner” is in bloom in the lovely Urban Farmgirls trough. The plants are so very green. The flower is practically too colorful.

Berkeley Gardens

Ron and Doris are growing a stapeliad outside, and successfully, too! Semi-hardy in the Bay Area, it’s planted under the protection of a larger cactus.

Caralluma piaranthoides

These are some of the prettiest of the carrion flowers, and not too smelly especially when they are successfully blooming outside in the garden. You might find some beetles come find these flowers, but everyone loves them some beetles. And more blooms coming!

And here’s a bonus Echinopsis fruit from their garden. If those seeds drop….


A Crassula Blooms in Berkeley

Crassula falcata and Agave attenuata

Fortunately it’s just the Crassula in bloom. Up the street a number of Agaves are blooming all at once.

Berkeley Succulent Garden

Ashby Avenue

Some really nice specimens in this garden. Well tended, too.

Too many different species for me to go about naming them for you, so you’re on your own.

Berkeley Blooming Succulents

Aeonium subplanum
9th Street

This is a pretty significant bloom spray off this plant, which will be the end of that plant. All gone.

Berkeley Succulents


Just off San Pablo Ave. Aeonium atropurpureum and Aloe ciliaris, together in one tidy planter. At least until the Aloe starts climbing 4 or 5 feet up the window.

Berkeley Cactus

We delivered some new pots to one of our regular customers and while there I took photos of some of their cactus pots we set up for them a few years ago.

I see the plants have grown in nicely. Maybe a bit TOO nicely, if you know what I mean.

No, you don’t know what I mean? Oh. I mean it’s overgrown – that it’s time to start pulling a few plants out and propagating some of them and replanting them with more space to grow again over the next few years.

And this is a stunning specimen Opuntia saxitilis in the almost-sunset light. It was a mere baby when it was planted. Now look how big its grown.

Ruby Hedgehog


Echinocereus pectinatus v. rubispinus

We took another plant off the windowsill to the nursery to take lots of cuttings and had to replace it. I chose this little cactus.

This window overlooks the backyard that yesterday I cropped out of the seedling picture I posted. You also can’t see the backyard mess here either. I’m tricky that way.

The photo was too backlit to be useful so I used an Instagram for Android filter or two to make it more mysterious.

Emeryville Succulents

I see the succulent planters are growing nicely at the mall in Emeryville. And what do we have here?

Why it’s an Agave beginning the bloom cycle. Too bad, very sad. Probably Agave vilmoriana, or hybrid thereof.

Also in bloom in back are all the great looking Euphorbia characias.

And the photo does raise the question, why pay more for 4g. The answer of course is selection. So there.

Berkeley Succulent Pot

I think I took this picture on Solano Ave. It looks like a hair salon. I see Aeonium and Sedum. I can’t really tell what’s going on with that pot. Odd thing.

Yucca vs. Moon

The moon sure looked bigger this morning behind the Yuccas than this photo shows.

I wonder why we see the moon as bigger in person than it clearly is in reality as depicted in this very photo right here?

Nice urban Yuccas, too.

Berkeley Succulents


Pardee Street
Aeonium arboreum in a nice metal planter. The vignette blur effect was achieved with my cell phone photo editing software, a free add-on from photoshop so you know it’s good.

Too bad the great early spring is over and some winter weather has come back, though we do need the rain, but fortunately I took this photo last week when the weather we still nice. Nice run-on sentence!

Berkeley Succulents with Whippet

Mr. Subjunctive won the contest, naming the blue-stemmed cactus, but we can’t send him any award-winning plants yet since he lives in Iowa where the temperatures are still getting below 20F.

Here, enjoy a picture of warmer California where the Aeoniums live outside all year long and the whippets run free (on leash).

And just to be clear about it, we’re getting up into at least the mid-60s today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we broke 70, not that I’m showing off or anything. Maybe a little.

8th Street

Berkeley Aloes


8th Street
Aloe striata in bloom. Looks nice against the rock. Granite!

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