Berkeley Succulents

Grant Ave.
Aeonium urbicum

Low-growing ground cover, spreads pretty quickly. Lots of yellow flowers. You could plant a field of them, and then you’d have a succulent green field.

…You know, I’m trying to add more garden-writing-style writing to go with these photos, but really, all I want to do is add some wise-a** comments. It’s a real tension in my writing. Which will win out this spring in the great snark vs. garden-writing smackdown? Well, I think we already know the answer to that one.

For instance, yesterday I watched Mulholland Drive on DVD and it was less confusing than I had remembered from when it first came out. Back then I thought maybe it was all a dream from the last moments before the blonde woman dies, but now that just seems ridiculous. She’s confused all the way through. Even when she’s clearly imagining the world as she’d like it to be, rather than how it is, that doesn’t mean she’s dreaming. She’s just a little psychotic, that’s all. She really believes not just that she should be on the verge of becoming a star, but that she is.

Well, I have failed again. No snark at all in that paragraph. No garden-writing either.

Berkeley Succulents

Cornell Ave.

Here we have a Delosperma, an small iceplant, a low-growing groundcover, pretending to be a shrub. In fact, you may not even believe me that it’s a delosperma. Well, check it out.

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Berkeley Succulents


Jones Street Berkeley
Aeonium clump, low growing, click to enlarge so you can really see the whole thing.

Berkeley Succulents

I found a stash of old Berkeley Succulent photos. I don’t know how old they are, but they’re not posted on the blog, so maybe they were posted on my previous blog 5 years ago or more. So they’re new to you. I checked the archives, and they are from before 2005.



6th Street

Cereus hildmannianus, probably subsp. uruguayanus. Possibly C. repandus.

This particular plant I drive by every day on the way to the nursery, and I can tell you that this photo is a record of the plant at it’s prime. It’s no longer at it’s prime. In fact, it’s now dead. You can still drive by and see the wasted corpse of the plant if you want, but it’s not as pretty as this when it was thriving.

Berkeley Succulents


7th Street

Aloe arborescens

Continuing with  my series of succulent photos from around Berkeley that were taken over 5 years ago, we see the ActivSpace building had some pretty full blooming aloes back then. They’re even bigger and bloomier now. Maybe I should do some comparison photos. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Since that photo was taken, they opened a lovely and delicious french bistro that then closed, reopened under new ownership, closed again, and now a small sandwich shop has taken its place. The best I can say about the current sandwich shop was that the french bistro was delicious.

Berkeley Succulents

Stannage Ave.
Aloe arborescens

Everybody loves an aloe. You know you do. Plus, we have the plus of a scenic rock. Everybody loves a scenic rock.

Berkeley Succulents


Solano Ave. mixed succulents container in front of a salon. Hair? Nails? I don’t know.

Berkeley Succulents

Mabel Street

Gorgeous large Aeonium “Schwartzkopf” in summer-dormant mode, with a Crassula ovata and some Echeveria too.

Berkeley Succulents

<img width="432" hspace="5" height="324" border="2" src="/blog/uploads/cactus/grant02.jpg" /><br /><br />Grant St.<br />Aloe ciliaris<br /><br />

Berkeley Succulents

Kains Ave.
Agave attenuata

Everybody loves them some foxtail agave around here.

Berkeley Succulents


Page Street, Berkeley

Agave and Anigozanthos make for a nice drought-tolerant landscape. Colorful too!

Berkeley Succulents Revisited

The past 2 days I posted photos of a cereus and an aloe from over 5 years ago.

Today I have the pictures of them as they are today.


7th Street – Aloe arborescens – much bigger and fuller with more bloom stalks.


6th Street – Cereus – dead, behind the no parking sign.

Berkeley Succulents with Whippet

Mr. Subjunctive won the contest, naming the blue-stemmed cactus, but we can’t send him any award-winning plants yet since he lives in Iowa where the temperatures are still getting below 20F.

Here, enjoy a picture of warmer California where the Aeoniums live outside all year long and the whippets run free (on leash).

And just to be clear about it, we’re getting up into at least the mid-60s today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we broke 70, not that I’m showing off or anything. Maybe a little.

8th Street

Berkeley Summer Succulents


Cornell Ave.

These are some scrawny looking aeoniums from a picture I took last summer. they were dormant back then. Can you tell? I’ll bet if you went back now they would look different. The miracle of gardening.

Berkeley Yucca Garden

Heinz Street, Berkeley

A nicely blooming Yucca in the Aquatic Park Gardens with a beautiful red Leucadendron in front. Sweet!

Big Basket


Hap has been very busy. Here’s his big Basket. He potted it up recently. So many succulents!


Big Berkeley Cactus

Oy, that’s big.

Hi Peter,

Nice talking with you today about cacti. Here is a photo of the one I mentioned in San Leandro. It really is quite spectacular. If you want to see it in person its right next door to the Starbucks as you come off highway 580 at Dutton Avenue. If you know where to look you can see it from the freeway. Enjoy. If you want a higher resolution image let me know.




Big Blue Succulent Leaves

That’s an Echeveria “Blue Dude” right there! It’s an older style hybrid, so you know it’s back in fashion now. Hurry before it cycles back out.

Big Cactus News in Berkeley

Evelyn Ave.

Opuntia ficus-indica. A giant and edible prickly pear. Scrape the spines off the pads and saute and you have a delicious fried green vegetable. On the other hand, the fruit are sweet and tasty and make for a great desert topping or a jam.

But the big news today is in the financial sector where Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy while holding

$613 billion of debt

That is an amazing amount of debt. Outstanding. Holy crap.

Anyway, here’s another shot of the prickly pear. Read More…

Bloomed-Out Agave


Russell St., Berkeley
Probably was an Agave americana.

That yard between the apartments has no other plantings. I wonder how long they’ll leave the dead agave there as a centerpiece? What will they eventually replace it with?

Blooming Aloes in Berkeley


9th Street
Aloe arborescens

There are aloes blooming all over town. Everywhere you look there are winter blooming orange tubular flowers. The hummingbirds are very happy, so one can presume.

Interesting how well these South Africa succulents have adapted.

Blooming Black Rose


Pardee St, Berkeley
Aeonium “Schwartzkopf”

This one has enough rosettes that it will pull through the bloom period just fine, but many would not make it alive after the flowering.

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