Cactus and Succulents - Every 2 Week

Ruschia uncinata

A winter grower forming a dense mat several feet wide. Rounded grey-blue stems that send out blooms of small 1/2″ purple and pink flowers in the spring. Great container plant or in rock gardens.

Sansevieria “Boncel”

S. cylindrica v. patula “Boncel”
S. “Starfish”

Tight fans of thick spear-shaped green and white leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light.

Sansevieria “Fernwood”

Also sold as S. “Fernwood Mikado”

Long variegated tapered green leaves. Grows in clumps of fan-shaped stems.


Sansevieria “Laurentii”

S. trifasciata “Laurentii”

Brightly colored clusters of striped leaves, grows 3-4ft tall. Bright light to deep shade, very low water. Great for indoor without too much light. Also available as a low-growing “Bird’s Nest” variety.