Cactus and Succulents - Every 2 Week

Puya berteroniana

Large terrestrial bromeliad; stiff leaves with fragile teeth. Blue blooms on tall stalks

Puya x.

Small hybrid cross-breed; thick pointy leaves, subtle variegation

Raphionacme flanaganii

Deciduous, tuberous rooted vine to 3’h.; expose caudex as it grows. Tiny yellow flowers.


Rhipsalis burchellii

Epiphyte that grows in the forest of Brazil near the Atlantic. Readily branching. Pink berries.

Rhipsalis cereoides

Thick triangular stems, semi-erect, will form pendant clusters. Small white flowers.

Rhipsalis oblonga

R. crispimarginata

Pendant to 8ft long with sparkly white floers along the stem margins.

Rhipsalis pilocarpa

Small and bushy, pendant epiphyte, 2 to 3ft long. Flowers at branch endings only, white. Green stems develop short hairs.

Rhombophyllum dolabriforme

Low growing Mesemb will form a densely branched small mound. Grows in rocky formations. Grows from cuttings and seeds. Can handle more water than other mesembs, less rot-prone, easy to grow. Yellow flowers in spring and summer.

Ruschia karrooica

Green stems, prominent joints, small lavender flowers on the tips of each stem.

Ruschia pulvinaris

Sweet smelling small magenta flowers on the stem tips, especially in spring and autumn. Trailing stems good for rock gardens and hanging baskets. Can form a mounding field.

Ruschia uncinata

A winter grower forming a dense mat several feet wide. Rounded grey-blue stems that send out blooms of small 1/2″ purple and pink flowers in the spring. Great container plant or in rock gardens.

Sansevieria “Boncel”

S. cylindrica v. patula “Boncel”

Tight fans of thick spear-shaped green and white leaves. A compact snake plant makes a great low water houseplant, moderate to bright light.