Cactus and Succulents - Every 2 Week

Sarcocaulon patersonii

Monsonia patersonii

Caudex-forming spiny shrub can grow vertical and branches can spread wide. Bushy green leaves, pink flowers with yellow centers. Will grow in very shallow soils, can handle sandy soils.

Sarcocaulon vanderietiae

Monsonia vanderietiae

Small shrubby, spiny plant in the Geranium Family (Geranaceae). Light pink flowers. Grows low and wide to 12″ tall. Summer dormant. Water weekly when growing, less when dormant.


Schlumbergera orssichiana x truncata

Christmas Cactus will bloom for up to 2 months in the winter. A jungle cactus that grows in trees – needs bright indirect sun, or dappled light

Tips to get your Christmas Cactus to re-bloom every year:
1. August, September and into October: Use bloom food every time you water
2. September and October: 14 hours of darkness, with 8-10 hours of indirect light every day
3. November and December: bring out to bright indirect light and watch it bloom!


Sedeveria “Hummelii”

Sedum x Echeveria

Small blue rosettes with red-tipped oblong leaves and sprays of yellow flowers.

Sedum “Angelina”

S. rupestre “Angelina”

Small lime-yellow groundcover succulent with red edges, yellow flowers. Mat-forming, spreads 2ft wide.

Sedum “Aurora”

S. rubrotinctum “Aurora”

Green jelly-bean leaves turn bright red in sun. Great for rock gardens and hanging baskets. Pale yellow star-shaped flowers.

Sedum “Blue Spruce”

S. rupestre “Blue Spruce”

Vigorous, mat-forming groundcover succulent, long blue stems.

Sedum “Carnea”

S. spathulifolium “Carnea”

Fast growing hybrid groundcover; silver rosettes

Sedum “Chocolate Ball”

hakonense “Chocolate Ball”

Alpine species. Very colorful stonecrop, deep colors in sun, orange tips. Can be planted between pavers. Low growing groundcover.

Sedum “Lemon Ball”

S. rupestre “Lemon Ball”

Great for a fast growing groundcover, can handle sun or shade. Chartreuse foliage, tight rosettes in sun, lemon-yellow flowers in spring.

Sedum “Little Miss Sunshine”


Deep green glossy leaves topped with bright yellow flowers in early summer. Forms dense mounds, great for rock gardens and borders. Attracts butterflies and bees; Deer resistant.

Sedum “Little Missy”

Small button leaves creep along the ground. Makes a good hanging basket plant or plant between pavers, in rock gardens. Red edges in full sun. White/pink flowers in summer.

Sedum “Red Wiggle”

S. ochroleucum “Red Wiggle”

Groundcover stonecrop with tiny bright red leaves. Heat tolerant. Attracts butterflies.

Sedum “Turquoise Tails”

S. sediforme “Turquoise Tails”

An older variety that has gotten more popular in recent years. Long trailing stems with blue leaves. Pale yellow flowers.

Sedum “Voodoo”

S. spurium “Voodoo”

Mat-forming groundcover succulent. Red-tipped leaves, flowers