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Adenia volkensii

Grows thickened roots and a small caudex. Woody branches. Leaves palmate when mature.

Aeonium “Ballerina”

Red-tipped leaves in sunny locations, green in shade, with multiple 8″ rosettes forming a low mound. Great as a ground cover. Yellow flowers in early spring.

Aeonium “Berry Nice”

A. decorum “Berry Nice”

Forms full mounds of 4″ rosettes. Colorful leaves with red edges and central stripe.

Aeonium “Blushing Beauty”

A. canariense x A. arboreum

Dense clumps of green rosettes with a blush color spreading from the edges to the center with more sun. Yellow flowers.

Aeonium “Carol”

Aeonium canariense hybrid, discovered in Santa Barbara. 2 to 3 ft. tall. Broad 18″ rosettes.

Aeonium “Cyclops”

Large dinner-plate rosettes on thick stalk. Dark purple leaves with a bright green center in full sun. Hybrids available with many branches, but original cultivar is often solitary or with few branches. Giant pyramid of yellow flowers.

Aeonium “Emerald Ice”

Soft green leaves with creamy white margins, flattened rosettes to 8″d. Winter grower, bottom leaves may blush pink in spring before dropping off for summer.

Aeonium “Fiesta”

Dense clumps of brightly colored variegated green, yellow, and red rosettes with a blush color spreading along the edges with more sun. Yellow flowers.

Aeonium “Greyhound”

Very green leaves, medium rosettes are larger in winter. Shrubby, gets quite branched, to 3ft. tall. Soft leaves, almost fuzzy. Rosettes will be a bit cupped in summer.

Aeonium “Jolly Green”

Low growing staying under 1 foot tall with each stem ending in tight 8 to 10 inch wide green rosettes. The summer flowers are pale greenish yellow.

Name seems to be used for a variety of low-growing green Aeoniums, with narrow or rounded leaves.


Aeonium “Kiwi Verde”

A. haworthii hybrid

Small rosettes, shrubby to 2ft. Green leaves with a bit of red on the edges.

Aeonium “Kiwi”

A. haworthii hybrid

Small rosettes, shrubby to 2ft, with variable green, pink, and yellow leaves.


Aeonium “Mardi Gras”


Colorful hybrid with large yellow a green striped leaves with red-edges. Will show more color with more sun and with winter cool temps. Winter growing, summer dormant. Best with afternoon shade inland.

Aeonium “Pedro”

Rosettes to 18″. Pink edges in sun with white stripe down the middle. Reverse variegation sport off A. decorum “Sunburst”.

Aeonium “Pinwheel”

A. atropurpureum “Pinwheel” (Not A. haworthii, Pinwheel Aeonium)

Erect to 2ft., many branches. Dark purple in full sun/more green in shade.

Aeonium “Salad Bowl”

A. urbicum “Salad Bowl”

Low growing with large green 12″ rosettes and red tips in full sun. Shade-tolerant.

Aeonium “Schwartzkopf”

A. arboreum v. atropurpureum “Schwartzkopf”

Beautiful black rosettes, very dark in full sun, 3 to 5ft. tall