Adromischus maculatus

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Calico Hearts, Chocolate Drop


South Africa


Synonym: Cotyledon maculatus
Family: Crassulaceae

Small plant with thick squat branches, and flat round succulent leaves with dense red spotting towards the tops. Large plants can produce a very fat succulent base that could be considered a caudex.

Found in the Langeberg Mountains of Cape Province, South Africa, growing in rock crevices on cliff faces, usually at high altitudes.

This is a relatively slow growing plant that does well outdoors in part sun, and planted in extremely well draining media. It is from a winter rainfall region, but can receive water throughout the year in cultivation. Should be watered about once every 2 weeks, always allowing time for the soil to dry out between waterings.


Temperature: Hardy to 30F

Part Sun to Part Shade

Ultra Soil Blend

Low Water

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