Friday Whippet Blogging

Hyperbole and a Half has a new dog that appears to be a whippet who is, shall we say, adorable.

She didn’t understand, but she knew she was supposed to do something, so she just started frantically doing things because maybe – just maybe – one of those things would be the right thing and the magical wizard cup would let her know where the treat went.

Friday Whippet Blogging

We think we might have found some of Benjamin’s progenitors.

benjamins other graddad

Teddy is a grandfather.

benjamins granddad striker

As is CH Surrey Hill’s Strike the Gold, or as he’s better known, Striker.

benjamins greatgrandmom penny

Penny is Teddy’s Mom, and thus is Benjamin’s great grandmother.

Benjamins uncle timmy

And here we have the irrepressible Timmy, Benjamin’s Uncle. Uncle Timmy!

He’s a cutey.

Friday Whippet Blogging

I did some research and found Jason’s parents.

It’s exciting!

Jasons Dad

This is Rion, also known as CH Karasar’s Orion at Jaama JC, also known as the “Dad”.

jasons mom

This is Dotty, whose longer and more formal name is Windsong JJ Stars in my Eyes, aka “Mom”.

Man, these are some beautiful parents that Jason has. Who knew? He could have been a champ, he coulda been a contenda.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Chanel wins hound group at Westminster. She beat out a greyhound named Erasmus. Apparently the last time a whippet won grand champ at Westminster was 1964. This year a scottish terrier seems to have won. Ridiculous!

Photo: Ch. Starline’s Chanel. Credit: Henny Ray Abrams / Associated Press

That is one gorgeous bitch. She seems to be looking right at me in that photo.

The one thing Benjamin just can’t seem to manage is getting those ears flat back like that. He has very expressive ears.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Ian has worked hard to make the blog. It’s been awhile. But he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams – he has made it to Friday Whippet Blogging! Huzzah!


He had to lie down on the gravel to get that angle.

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