Unhappy Whippets

This is another stormy weather-related post.

The whippets are going stir crazy during this series of winter storms. They go out for very short walks in the rain, and run back inside as quick as they can, but then they’ve had no exercise in a week. So they’re bouncing around. I hope the people downstairs don’t mind.

2010-01-20 07.49.17

Whippets at Home. They don’t get to play outside all day at the nursery in the wet cold rainy winter weather.

Friday Whippet Blogging

If it’s Christmas then the dogs must have new coats.


Handmade by Maggie.

I see it must have been warm out yesterday since the employees have all shed their coats. But not so warm for the dogs.

Friday Whippet Blogging


Jaxx is back and fully healed from his surgery after the run-in with the buck. You can barely even see the scars, and when the fur is all back I think you won’t even know.

Good boy.

Friday Whippet Blogging

It’s robot day at the Jungle.

Robots Only Friend email

And it just so happens that we have a robot dog!

Come to our Opening Night Party today 3-6pm at the nursery.

Friday Whippet Blogging

We have word from the Santa Cruz contingent that Jaxx is all better – up and running around and making a mess of the garden again.


And the stitches are finally out!


Friday Whippet Blogging

Dani sends along news that Jaxx is back home in Santa Cruz, recovering from his surgery, wearing a T-shirt (no cone!) while Amica cuddles.


Sunday Whippet Update

Jaxx is getting better, very little O2 leakage left. I hope he comes home today.


Lots of stitches across the chest there. Parker is happy.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Jaxx, Benjamin’s cousin who spends summers with us, is in the hospital. He was gored by a buck, and punctured a lung. The surgery went OK, but there is still some leaking, so we are waiting to see how he does. He looked strong to me, but he may need more surgery.

Here’s a picture from this summer of Jaxx (on the right) and Jason.


Friday Whippet Blogging


If I were to caption this photo, I would caption it “Jason Eats Breakfast”, but I won’t caption it, so you can’t hold me to that.

Friday Whippet Blogging

Special Redfoot Tortoise Edition


Micah underneath the Abutilon palmeri

Micah’s eggs are still incubating, but it’s getting about the time for them to have hatched, so if they don’t hatch soon we assume they weren’t viable. She is still quite young to be laying eggs, so maybe it will be a few more years ’til she has babies. But I’ll keep you posted if anything hatches.

Friday Whippet Blog

We’re back from the East Coast, and as you can see Jaxx is happy to see us.


Benjamin too.


Friday Whippet Blogging


Jason sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. I may have to teach that dog how to be a good nursery dog. I wonder how I can teach him to be a good nursery dog? Benjamin was just a natural.

That’s a Heuchera I was going to photograph.

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