Echinopsis x “Grandiflora Hybrids”

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South American and North America


South American and North American Hybrids

Hybrid Hedgehog cacti with dozens of large, fragrant blooms in many colors. We have been growing these for a number of years and have chosen our own cultivar names. They may also have other names at other nurseries. Trichocereus grandiflorus (The Red Torch Cactus, or Echinopsis huascha) is the inspiration for the name above. Echinopsis, Echinocereus, and formerly Trichocereus, Lobivia and Helianthocereus species have been hybridized to create the wide range of varieties.

They will have a large bloom flush in late spring or early summer, depending on when we get our first warm temperatures. They will also send out a few more blooms through the summer and can get a 2nd large flush in the fall.

Stems get 3 to 5 feet tall, and can splay outwards as they get crowded with new stems. Mature plants can have hundreds of blooms, but even small plants can bloom every year.


Temperature: Hardy to 20F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Ultra Soil Blend

Low Water

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