Cactus and Succulents - Every 3 Week

Agave scabra

Agave asperrima

Structural Agave with thick grey-green roughly textured leaves that come to a long black point. Vertical rosette to 3’h. Will pup over time. Deer Resistant.


Aloinopsis rosulata

Small, jewel-like mesemb with the smoothest leaves of the Titanopsis group of the Ruschieae tribe of the Iceplants (Aizoaceae). Winter growing. Yellow flowers with red-striped petals. Will grow a thickened taproot. Prefers very rocky soils.

Aloinopsis setifera

Small, jewel-like mesemb with angular bumpy leaves. Yellow flowers in winter. Leaves turn purplish in full sun.

Ariocarpus retusus

Highly variable geophytic cactus, possibly through hybridizing. Slow-growing to 10″d. w/hairy center and summer blooms. Can take 10+ years for first flowers. Keep dry in winter.

Astrophytum asterias

Small solitary globular species, to 4″d.; yellow flowers; spineless areoles.

Astrophytum capricorne

4″d. to 8″h. with long and twisted spines, many yellow/red blooms. Highly varied patterning of white spots.

Austrocylindropuntia subulata

Opuntia subulata

Andean tree cholla gets 12 feet tall in habitat but can reach 25 feet in Bay Area, tubular leaves, long spines. Creates a very effective living fence. The fruit often drop and root in place.

Austrocylindropuntia verschaffeltii

Opuntia verschaffeltii

Shrubby to 12″; purple in full sun; small red blooms. Many low-growing wide-spreading green stems with purple leaves on new growth. Will form large clumps.

Austrocylindropuntia vestita

Shrubby, branches grow vertically. Tubular leaves are persistent. Hairy stems, red flowers. Slender stems 2-3ft tall.

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis

Abundant thin green pads and bright yellow flowers. Grows tall, tree-like with a large round trunk forming.


Bursera fagaroides

Bonsai tree, large caudex w/fragrant sap and peeling bark. Can grow 5ft tall and lots of wild branches. Deciduous in winter.

Bursera microphylla

Freely branching shrub, natural bonsai; papery white bark, small leaflet pairs