Cactus and Succulents - Every 2 Week

Bulbine latifolia

Clump-forming shrubby rosettes, w/yellow blooms attractive to hummingbirds

Bursera simplicifolia

Slow growing shrub, natural bonsai; rare; caudex with peeling bark. Can get to 10 feet tall.

Calibanus hookeri

Large caudex, 1 to 2 feet, with grassy leaves, winter-growing, outside in Bay Area

Caralluma baldratii

Orbea baldratii

Narrow-stemmed Stapeliad with deep burgundy starfish-shaped flowers.


Caralluma socotrana

Whitish branches, spreads readily, lots of red flowers on the tips in summer. Bare stems look like bleached coral. Large clumps 10-12″ tall. Rot-prone in winter makes it difficult to keep alive through to spring.

Ceiba speciosa

Bottle tree to 50 ft. in ground with dense thorns on trunk. Deciduous.

Cephalopentandra ecirrhosa

Caudex develops “pimples,” or fissures, as it ages. In the Cucurbitaceae family, forms wild-growing vines with large lobed green leaves and large yellow-green squash-blossom flowers.

Cissus quadrangularis

Freely branching, 4-sided stems, small leaves at the joints. Has been used medicinally since ancient times. Great for hanging baskets.

Cissus tuberosa

Caudex-forming vine in the grape family; aerial roots, small fruit

Cleistocactus parapetiensis

C. azerensis

Slender columns, 3 feet tall, with lots of short gold spines, branches low, many tubular red blooms

Clusia orthoneura

Tropical succulent – it can have porcelain-like flowers any time throughout the year. Grows shrubby, 2 to 3 feet potted, but can grow 8 to 10 feet tall in habitat.

Commiphora schimperi

Flaking bark; small flowers appear before the leaves in spring. Fragrant sap is used for perfumes. Will develop a thickened caudiciform trunk and spiny branches. Keep dry in winter.

Corallocarpus bainesii

Tuberous caudex with leafy climbing stems, hairy; tiny red fruits, edible roots. 10 inch across, vines to 6 feet.

Cotyledon “Flavida”

C. orbiculata v. oblonga “Flavida”

Fast growing, with large narrow chalky-white leaf. Long elegant bell shaped peach blooms in late Summer/Fall.

Cotyledon orbiculata

Thick stems, elongated round waxy leaves, white with red tips in full sun, green in shadier conditions. Mounding to 4 feet.

Cotyledon orbiculata “Silver Star”

C. orbiculata “Silver Star”

Thick stems, elongated round waxy leaves, white with red tips in full sun, green in shadier conditions. Shrubby growth habit.