Aloe plicatilis

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Fan Aloe


South Africa


Kumara plicatilis

12ft in habitat (5ft. in Bay Area) with fan shaped leaf rosettes, a large thick stout trunk, and broad canopy.
Member of the Asphodelaceae

Restricted to mountainous regions in the Western Cape, South Africa, from northern Elandskloof to Southern Franschhoek. Grows in the winter rainfall region and is relatively coastal.

These plants can do well in pots when small, but do best in the landscape where they can grow in to a beautiful focal point of any xeric garden. They should be planted in well draining soil, and appreciate winter water during their active growing season. These plants require much less water in the summer, when dormant, and a well-established plant may survive without summer irrigation. This makes them an ideal plant for our dry Mediterranean climate.


Temperature: Hardy to 25F

Full Sun to Part Sun

Ultra Soil Blend

Low Water

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