Cactus and Succulents - Every 3 Week

Mammillaria bombycina

3-4″ round stems form large clusters. Circular clusters of deep pink flowers are borne on the upper surface in spring and summer. Hooked spines, downy white hairs.

Mammillaria elongata

Long stems, 1″ diameter, clumping; tight star-shape spines. Small cream-colored flowers form a crown around the tips of the stems.

Mammillaria plumosa

Globular plants to 3″d. in dense clusters; covered in white feathery spines

Mammillaria prolifera

Large clusters of small stems with cream colored flowers and bright red fruit.


Mammillaria rhodantha ssp. pringlei

Occasionally branches; 4″d./12″h.; long curved yellow/brown spines. Blooms spring to fall with flowers that are a deep-pink to a purple color.

Mammillaria schiedeana

Small stems 2″ across x 4″ tall will form large clusters. Soft spines splay outwards. Creamy yellow flowers in summer and fall. Regular water in summer, keep dry in winter.