Cactus and Succulents - Every 3 Week

Cumulopuntia boliviana

In the Opuntioideae Subfamily, similar to some of the South American chollas, with glochids and easily separated elongate stem sections.

Cylindropuntia bigelovi

Opuntia bigelovi

Mojave and Sonora Deserts. Classic golden-spined Jumping Cholla. Slow growing.

Cylindropuntia fulgida

Opuntia fulgida

Medium height tree cholla, 3′-6’h.; 1″ pink flowers in summer sun

Cylindropuntia fulgida v. mammillata fa. monstrose

A branched monstrose cholla that will often form crests. The new growth is bronze and fades to grey-green as it ages. It uncommonly produces magenta flowers. Prone to rot if wet and cold. Prone to rot if wet and cold.

Cylindropuntia imbricata

Opuntia imbricata

Shrubby tree cholla found throughout the SW and lower Great Plains.  Can grow to 10ft. tall. Magenta flowers.

Cylindropuntia kleiniae

Grows in the limestone flats of the Chihuahuan desert. Low spine cactus, shrubby, can form woody trunks. Will grow 3 to 4 ft tall, can spread wide.

Cylindropuntia spinosior

Compact, tree-like cholla to 6 feet tall and wide. Purple flowers. Grows in dry grasslands. The dried wood caness make for good long straight walking sticks.

Red spines fade to grey as they age.

Denmoza rhodacantha

Globose, 12″ x 4ft. tall. Variable spine color from red to brown to gray. Bright red tubular flowers.

Echinocereus laui

Columnar to 8″ with large vibrant pink flowers. Will form small clumps. Central spines are red.