Full Sun

Epilobium “Orange Carpet”

E. canum “Orange Carpet”
Semi-deciduous Perennial

Hummingbird plant. Light green foliage covered with orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers.  A lovely accent to any (native) garden.

Eremophila “Blue Bells”

Evergreen Perennial

Low growing shrub with slender silver-green leaves, flushed with tubular blue to purple flowers throughout the year.

Eremophila “Summertime Blue”

Evergreen Shrub

Spreads wide, arching branches with needle-like green leaves. tubular blue flowers from spring thru summer. Clay-soil-tolerant.

Eremophila “Valentine”

Evergreen Shrub

This dense shrub provides great winter color – tiny dark green leaves take on a red tinge and masses of pink and red tubular flowers through late winter. Cut back in early spring after blooming.

Eremophila hygrophana

Evergreen Perennial

Bushy shrub with lavender-blue flowers throughout the growing season.

Erica speciosa

Evergreen Shrub

Charming evergreen shrub of soft needle-like foliage and bright red tubular flowers with yellow tips blooming late Fall through Spring. Young plants can be pruned after flowering to encourage bushy growth and flower-bearing stems.


Erica verticillata

Evergreen Shrub

Charming shrub with soft green foliage and bright pink tubular flowers blooming spring through fall. Young plants can be pruned after flowering to encourage bushy growth and flower-bearing stems.



Erigeron glaucus

Evergreen Perennial

Clay tolerant, found on clay coastal bluffs. A great butterfly plant, mixes well with coastal sages and monkey flowers. Lavender flowers spring through summer when it could use a little extra water.

Eriogonum “Ella Nelson’s Yellow”

E. nudum “Ella Nelson’s Yellow”
Evergreen Perennial

Widely distributed from the Coast to the Sierra Nevadas. Small grey-green spoon-shaped leaves with 18″ tall bloom stalks and large yellow bloom sprays. Attractive to bees. Deer resistant.

Eriogonum crocatum

Evergreen Perennial

“Wooly silver white leaves that contrast beautifully with sulfur yellow to chartreuse-yellow flower heads that appear late spring through late summer and then turn a cinnamon brown color.”

Eriogonum fasciculatum

Evergreen Perennial

Sprawling, low growing evergreen native with pinkish white bloom clusters throughout the summer. Dark green narrow leaves, arching stems.

Eriogonum grande var. rubescens

Evergreen Perennial

Coastal native that will grow to 3 feet wide. Small grey-green, spoon shaped leaves stay at a foot tall while flowers grow to two feet. Can handle heavy clay soil and attracts butterflies!

Eriogonum latifolium

Evergreen Perennial

Small Northern California coastal buckwheat. Can handle sea-spray and wind. Attracts native insects and butterflies. Enjoyed by rabbits. Buff colored flowers on long bloom stalks. Deer resistant.

Eriogonum nudum

Evergreen Perennial

Small evergreen native with flowers that bloom white, pale pink, or yellow spring through summer. The mid-sized leaves have distinctly wavy margins.

Eriophyllum “Lucia’s Gold”

Evergreen Perennial Shrub

Compact mounding shrub with gray-green leaves. Bright abundant clusters of yellow daisy flowers throughout the spring.

Euphorbia “Helena’s Blush”

Evergreen herbaceous perennial

Narrow gray green leaves with creamy yellow variegation and a thin margin of pink.” Yellow/green flowers in late spring.

Euphorbia antisyphilitica

Semi-succulent shrub

Upright clumps of grey-green, waxy stems. Small white flowers in late winter. Tolerates hot, dry conditions.

Euphorbia lambii

Semi-Evergreen Shrub

A Dr. Seuss plant! Thick woody branches at all angles topped with clusters of green leaves in the spring and yellow flowers in the summer.

Euphorbia mellifera

Evergreen Shrub

Large, bright green foliage, honey-scented lemon-yellow flowers. Needs good drainage. Deer-resistant.

Euphorbia xanti

Open branched, deciduous succulent shrub.

Large perennial shrub with pencil-like branches topped with exploding small cherry-like pink blossoms in spring through summer. Can spread and form large stands.

Festuca “Elijah Blue”

F. glauca “Elijah Blue”
Ornamental Grass

One of the best of the blue fescues, works great into all kinds of drought-tolerant gardens forming classic tufted clumps. Soft narrow blades to roll around in.

Festuca “Superba”

F. amethystina “Superba”
Evergreen Fescue

“Intensely blue-silver. Remarkable and outstanding for the slender amethyst colored stalks – vivid in June.”

Festuca glauca

Evergeen Grass

Compact blue clumps maker a tough groundcover on coastal hillsides or borders. Looks great in containers, too! Deer resistant.

Festuca mairei

Evergreen fescue

“An underappreciated grass with neat mounds of flat gray-green foliage, topped by slender flower panicles.”