Full Sun

Beccariophoenix alfredii

Palm Tree

Gorgeous wide-spreading palm leaves on thick trunk, similar in look to Coconut Palm. Frost hardy, drought tolerant, fire-resistant, wind-tolerant. Can grow at coast or inland.


Bismarckia nobilis

Palm Tree

Large fan palm with remarkable silver blue leaves. Requires good drainage, especially in areas with cool temperatures and winter rain. Great in the landscape.


Brahea armata

Palm Tree

Stout trunk, blue leaves. Drought tolerant, water deeply on occasion. Leaves will persist around the trunk, can be trimmed off.

Brahea edulis

Palm Tree

Bright, green, palmate leaves. Large and broad before growing taller. Beautiful outdoor palm. Also makes a great container plant.

Brahea nitida

Palm Tree

Bright, green, palmate leaves with undersides of a chalky, white color. Beautiful outdoor palm. Also makes a great container plant.

Buddleia “Wisteria Lane”

Evergreen Perennial

Lilac flowers cascade in all directions off this small Butterfly Bush. Perfect for patio containers and small garden centerpieces. Prune back each year.

Buddleia marrubifolia

Evergreen Perennial

Dense stalks of silver foliage topped with round bloom sprays of small orange and yellow buds spring and summer. Butterflies.

Caesalpinia “Sierra Sun”

Semi-Deciduous Tree

Small vase-shaped tree with bright yellow and orange flowers fall through spring. Low maintenance and drought tolerant. Deciduous below 25F.

Caesalpinia mexicana

Semi-Evergreen Tree

Small vase-shaped tree with very showy bright yellow flowers throughout the summer. Low maintenance and drought tolerant. Deciduous below 25F.

Calandrinia “Ruby Tuesday”

C. umbellata “Ruby Tuesday”
Semi-Succulent Perennial

Stunning clusters of vibrant pink flowers rise 18″ above a small grassy semi-succulent clump.


Calliandra “Sierra Star”


This hybrid blooms on and off all year long with stunning red hummingbird flowers. Uniform, dense growth. Can be massed together for maximum impact.

Calliandra californica

Semi-evergreen shrub

Open, vase-shaped shrub. Tiny leaves, red puffball flowers. Hummingbirds’ favorite. Also pollinated by butterflies.

Calliandra eriophylla

Semi-evergreen shrub

Small grey-green leaves, shrub is undistinguished until spring when the spectacular pink fairy duster blooms appear.

Callistemon citrinus “Jeffersii”

Evergreen shrub

Foliage smaller and narrower than true species. Long, red, stiff stamens form a long flower that resembles a bottlebrush and blooms year-round, but bloom peak is in the early summer through fall.

Callistemon viminalis “Slim”

Evergreen shrub

A narrow hedge form with an upright habit. Long, red, stiff stamens form a flower that resembles a bottlebrush and blooms spring through fall. Great for use as a screen or in tight spaces.

Calothamnus villosus

Evergreen Shrub

Vertical shrub with soft pine-needle-like leaves. Good in coastal locations. Will form an effective low screen. Red flowers winter through summer.

Calystegia macrostegia

Herbaceous Perennial Vine

Long lasting colorful blooms for a good part of the year. Great for climbing on fences. Keep watered through the summer to keep green. Deciduous in summer if dry.

Casuarina glauca “Cousin It”

Evergreen low shrub

This low wide-spreading shrub is a dramatic specimen plant perfect for a tall pot or along a wall where is can cascade dramatically. The green needle-like foliage is stunning in a rock garden!

Ceanothus “Anchor Bay”

C. gloriosus “Anchor Bay”
Evergreen shrub

Spectacular dense groundcover shrub. Low-spreading with rich dark green leaves, dark blue blooms in spring. Deer-resistant.

Ceanothus “Antonette”

Evergreen shrub

Dense shrub 8 to 10 feet tall with elongated green leaves and frosted, violet-blue flowers emerging from reddish buds in the spring. Handles clay soils.

Ceanothus “Arroyo de la Cruz”

Evergreen shrub

Wide mounding shrub with bright green glossy leaves contrasting with clusters of light blue flowers in the spring. Very attractive to butterflies and bees.

Ceanothus “Blue Jeans”

Evergreen shrub

Erect shrub with small deep green leaves. A prolific bloomer with rich dark lavender flowers. Fast growing, little water. Seeds are favored by many local birds.

Ceanothus “Blue Ray”

Evergreen shrub

Fast-growing large shrub to small tree with clusters of beautiful dark blue flowers in spring.

Ceanothus “Concha”

Evergreen Shrub

Small dark green leaves, arching branches. Dark blue flowers through the spring. Easy to grow in California gardens. Deer resistant, clay-soils tolerant.

Ceanothus “Cynthia Postan”

Evergreen Shrub

Small glossy dark green leaves and medium blue flowers sweetly scented in spring. Slow growing. Handles clay soils.

Ceanothus “Dark Star”

Evergreen shrub

Small, textured dark green leaves with impressive displays of deep blue flower clusters that completely cover the plant in spring.

Ceanothus “Owlswood Blue”

Evergreen shrub

Fast growing tall shrub with dark green leaves. Deep blue flower clusters in late spring. Full sun in coastal gardens, not great further inland.